It Was Never Meant To Go Anywhere

Just after I left university me and my long term girlfriend split up. We both knew it was coming and that big change in our lives finished the realationship off. A few weeks after that I met up with a friend I'd been at uni with who told me that the same thing had happened to her. We spent a long night together consoling each other over a couple of bottles of wine when she suddenly kissed me. I was over the moon, I'd always liked her even when I wasn't single. It really felt like things were working out. She told me she didn't want a relationship but that she did want something a bit more casual and I thought I agreed with her.

We spent the next year together in the loosest sense of the word, sometimes we wouldn't speak for a month, other times we would stay in bed for several days. It was great fun we both said, someone to be with but without the crap a relationship brings. Spending time with her was always amazing and it was probably the only thing I looked forward to the whole time it went on.

Without realising it I fell in love with her. It took a few months traveling, away from her, to make me realise this. When I came back to England I planned to go and see her straight from the airport, to tell her how I felt. On my way there I found out that whilst I'd been away she'd got a boyfriend. I never told her how I felt.

That was three years ago, she's still with the same guy and I still love her.

Insular Insular
22-25, M
Jul 26, 2010