We Made Plans For Months

Well, I've been deployed for nearly 7 months now. See my blogs and such for further back information.

Her and I have been eagerly and enthusiastically making various plans for when I come home on mid-tour leave. All sorts of plans - small plans, big plans, and everything inbetween. We coordinated on plans up to and including the last day I was overseas before my midtour leave.

Now I'm on my mid-tour leave and every plan has been cancelled and she is coming up with every reason not to see me. She's been unemployed for the past month or so and she is telling me she is broke and she doesn't want me to spend money on her. She now has two job interviews that happen to land right on top of some of our plans and she feels the need to prepare for the interview for days ahead of the interviews... stepping on even more of our plans.

I have offered to cover her cost of the plans.  I have provided low-budget alternatives to plans.  I have done everything I can to provide a solution to the problem and every possible compromise I can make.

She isn't returning my calls. She isn't responding to my text messages.

This honestly makes me want to just go back to the sandbox and never return. She was the only reason I looked forward to coming home on mid-tour leave. There is nothing left for me here.
GIAnonymous GIAnonymous
22-25, M
Jul 28, 2010