Does True Love Exist Or Is It All Just A Fantasy?

In regards to true love in relationships does it really exist or is it all just a fantasy that has been enbedded into our heads since child hood stories?
We all have tried so hard to be really loved by that special someone just to be kicked to the curb due to their fantasy or gain in the relationship.What are they really searching for? They knew how we were as a person after being in the relationship with us. Or did they? Or did we really know them? Who,what or where changed the situation?
I have been for years trying to figure out all the answers to what I just asked. The answers keep changeing depending on who your dealing with. Too all complicated to me. It begins to turn into everyone being in a paper doll world trying to dress or undress some one and trying to change each other. Why is a real good question?
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3 Responses Aug 1, 2010

A recent 20 year study came to the conclusion that the reason most couples who never separate, divorce or leave each other is a combination of 3 simple things. <br />
1st, they maintained the illusions they had about each other and their lives together. <br />
2nd they forgave or overlooked anything that they could so as not to endanger the joint future. 3rd,Their love was conditional, as in both of them had to be working towards these same goals in order for the conditions that made their love to continue.<br />
So NDDog is right!. <br />
<br />
But look around you you probably don't know too many or any people like this.<br />
The media has all but destroyed our ability to choose what we want to see or to shut out or block someone else business or dirt or whatever. So now we feel need to know everything. But we don't "need" this. Hundreds of years of historically long loves cannot be wrong. The love was sustained as much by what was known about another person, as whatever mystery was preserved.<br />
<br />
It's really sad and slightly sickening to know that our quest for knowledge has brought us to a place where life long love is dying because it is considered blindness and stupidity to want to think the best of another person. Or to always view them in a flattering way in spite of what other people think. Makes it harder for those like you and I who fall in love and the person can't reciprocate simply because you don't live up to their expectations when ever they happen to change........<br />
<br />
Love can be constant but only if change is accepted.

Why?<br />
Quoting a truism..."The only constant is change".<br />
We all change.<br />
If we don't change together we move part.<br />
I've no knowledge of your history and sympathize if you've been "kicked to the curb".<br />
As our lives change our needs change.<br />
Expecting a relationship to remain constant is a serious mistake.<br />
Continuing to be connected, loving and passionate with a partner requires effort from both (all?) parties in the relationship.<br />
If one or both of the principles is not actively engaged in working to sustain the relationship. It will inevitably die.<br />
The demise of a (hopefully) loving relationship is sad, very sad.<br />
But as we grow... sometimes apart.... we all have the right to seek out happiness.<br />
In a nut shell... people check out because they are not happy.<br />
That may not be what was promised but it is the honest truth.<br />
So... I ask the question:<br />
"Should a person stay where they are not happy or should they leave?"

Great post and ohhhh so true :)