How Will I Go On?

A year ago, one of my friends introduced at school to a group of people at the playground.
Between them was a girl, that was not so special at first sight.But after a couple of weeks,when I knew her very well and I saw something more, something mysterious and beautiful at the same time, I started to have feelings for her.

For three months I didnt talked to her about my feelings, and finally, on the second of July, I tolled her how I feel for her.She said that she had feelings for me to, but did not want to start a relationship or anything because she didnt feel like it.I was broken, and I didnt saw or spoke with her for over two months.

Until two weeks before the vacation was over, she started to text me and talk to me on chat. She asked me if I still had feelings for her. I lied to her, and said no. It was then the thirty first of August and a day later, I saw her for the first time in two months. It was one of the most greatest moments I ever had. But following that precious two days, came the worst school year in my live.

It was a year with few ups and lots downs. I knew that she would never feel the way like I do about her, and I to know that you can not make someone love you. And still there was not a day that I didnt drop a tear because I knew that. Every time she talked to me about her new boyfriend that she had met two days ago, I wondered what he had, that I didnt had. I know I'm a little fat and I'm not that good looking. But does that count for so much?

An entire year I loved her, and I still do now.I tolled several people how I felt about her, and they all said the same thing. Forget her, search someone else that will love you like you love her. Easy said. I just can't abandon my love for her. And two days ago I found out that one of the people I tolled about my feelings for her, tolled her how I feel for her. And that she knew this for over two weeks. During that period she showed me a lot of pictures of her kissing her boyfriend. With the purpose to get me to tell her how I feel.

This is a really hard story for me to tell. I still love her with all my heart, even though I know that she will never feel like I feel for her, my love won't fade away. It hurts so much. And I know that I must let her go. This is what I'm trying to do. Hopefully, you will someday read a story about my true love.
The one that loves me like I love her.
Snemer123 Snemer123
18-21, M
Aug 1, 2010