I Loved Someone That Didn't Love Me

I loved someone that didn't love me and it hurt. And it still hurts. It hurts every second.
Dayzed Dayzed
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Oh ya! I still miss Trish after two years, every single day, and I still think she is the most sexy, beautifull woman I'v ever seen. But she doesnt make me sad now, I use that feeling now to remind me that I can not settle for less than the one I'm looking for. I'v found close, but the one, will be my friend, and not broken, and will make me forget all about Trish. That one who can do all this for you is out there, just figure out what she looks, like

Dayzed, well brother, I'm not sure I agree with the first post of you wherent meant for each other? I know where you are comeing from, and I know a few questions that may help you in the future. I was once someones Knight on a whit horse. I was so in love, I know she loved me more that words can explain. She was broke, she had been broke by her Dad, and eventually she caused me to fall out of love with her, I stuck with her for over 20yrs. My wife was broken so she used booz to hide, and when she quit, she found another man on a different horse. I was injured, but durring the time I was with her, her best friend would help me with our kids from time, to time, and although I never acted on it, I fell in love with Trish, her friend. Pryor to my divorce I'd been over seas for most of three years. After my divorce I found that Trish was also divorced. She decieded to look me up, I had decieded since my kids had not all grown to adult hood, I would not date. Trish was like my kids second mother so I went and asked them if it would be weired, and they all said they Loved her, and said in thier own words " she is like our mom, heck ya!" . Well I realized after a few months that Trish needed time to not be married befor we got together, she needed time to be single and decied if she wanted me, or just wanted a man to be married to. I went back over seas, and a year later we came back to gether, I was always in Love with Trish, she was my everything, she was and is still the most beautifull woman I'v ever seen TV included. Not one time in my life for the last 18 yrs have I gotten excited or thought of sex, or had sex when I did not think of her she was perfect to me. Then I found out she was always cheating on her husband from the first time I met her, and all the time we flirted with eachother durring our marriages, she was sleeping around. She was cheating probably withing a year of our engagement, and she was cheating on me the day I left her. I know she loved me, but for some reason I picked broken woman, who are not fixable. Trish and I have been apart two years now, and she was married two months after I left her. She was a very scared, insecure, angry at the world person, who could never have enough of anything. We had a larg new home that was never done being remodeled, two new cars , just for her, and she was always looking for new ones or new stuff to go on them. She had one bedroom turned into a closet and two other walk in's that where full and no room for more, but shopped every day fo new clothes, she was picking a next vacation befor we left for a cruis and well I wasnt enough "men" for her iether. She had to take every man up on it! if she could get them to want her. Its not possible to make her content, I'm good friends still with her first husband, and she was that way with him as well. So my question to you Dazed is are you picking broke women? and Are you acting like things are OK with you when you start, cuz you want it to work out, are you saying ya, cats are fine, when your allergic? are you saying living on a farm is OK when you desire the beach. Do you know what you want? what you must have? and what you will not be able to take? untill your sure you do, you will keep picking these woman. Its up to you bro. The kind of woman you want is out there, but are you picken the others instead?

i thnk yu shouldnt go in to a relationship expecting too much,wait a little bit until yu certain that this person luvs yu,then yu can open yur heart. it wil save from heartbrk and dissapointment!<br />
try it! Wish yu all the best.

everyone i love fails to love me in return. its my curse. I am doomed to give my heart and have it crumpled and thrown back until I die.