The Shippy

Well, the shippy came. And yet again, forgot about me. I happen to realize, as time goes, that nothing can make you feel worse than a love that wasn’t reciprocated. Or even the fact that you aren’t cared about anymore.
I will hate myself for giving in all my energies in writing those mails for him, because he was alone on ship, to make him happy. Getting up at odd hours to check my mail, just to see if he had replied, selecting a tattoo design, telling him all about places he was about to visit…and not even one call from him, a good conversation  asking if I was doing good or not. So he just wanted those mails on that he had other people to turn to, I was forgotten. How can people be like this?
Akanksha asked me the other day, if there was any instance where he did not make me feel like ****. It was only Jaipur that I could think of.
Men like him will only shake up my confidence in  having a happy future with the man I’ll eventually marry. My dad was no different. Are all men like that?
The thing is, should I stop dreaming about the beautiful family I had imagined always. Why should one ******* failed relationship have to affect me so much.
There are times when I feel like braking down so bad..only want to be held tight and hugged.
I type texts to him , and end up deleting them . what will I do?
Please help.
Amyrah89 Amyrah89
26-30, F
Aug 10, 2010