I Feel Lost.....

i met john a few years ago and he knew i liked him. i was too shy to say a damn thing though ,so i let it ride.we became good friends and always happened to live a few blocks apart from each other. i love him ,he s the most exquisite human that i know. his heart was broken before i knew him and maybe thats what makes me  vulnerable to him ...pain is such a universal language. last april i saw a personals ad and thought that it was so like him i was freaked.i should have said something about it being sent to me...then months later i saw pictures of him on his trip to greece on it!!! hes back now and we seemed to talk more when he wasn't here than when he's here.im getting good at this unrequited love thing , but i still wish we were together.who knows , but im giving up.
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3 Responses Oct 16, 2006

he did. but now we are best friends.its awesome. no regrets. i love him more now.

Does he know you love him? D:

He went to Fiji and same thing ...we talked more when he was not here.So i did give up...im done holding out for him!