Painful Reality

for 4 years am in the relationship thats full of lies and betrayal..i know the real score i know that he dont love me anymore but i still holding on am still clinging hoping and dreaming that he will see my worth but i am disappointed because the more i hold the more he pushed me away..thats how bastard he is..but am moving on.
angkelz angkelz
26-30, F
3 Responses Mar 30, 2011

dont waste your time on somebody that doesnt deserve it. i spent months & months being physically sick over a breakup & 2 years later, i find myself comparing that relationship with my current one. thats unhealthy for one, but also he isnt worth the time of day i gave him. i wish him the best, but i got over it because HE hurt me & HE was wrong. glad ur choosing to move on! Stay strong!

Its like the grains of sand .. if u try to hold it in your fist it will always slip away in between your fingers...just move on....its better to adjust with someone who loves you rather than compromise with someone who doesn't know your worth .

Four years is a long long long time. You have shared so many moments together. ^^, Good thing you are now moving on.