Just Been Dumped

I just left a little social gathering today, and was told by his friend that he preferred this other girl to me....Its like having your heart ripped out or being punched in the stomach
It all started months ago, i met two guys through my housemate and i got on with them really well, i would go round their place and watch metal videos etc and it was such a laugh. One of the two guys i really started to like. He was tall, dark haired, fantastic sense of humour, polite and like me, socially awkward. I really started to like him but I never NEVER let my true feelings out, I'm very shy and have always been the jester i.e. i never take things seriously but underneath i'm crying for help and am so very alone. We got very close but it was purely platonic then we met another girl who was nice and he really like her as well, so one drunken night after countless shots of tequila, we had a menage a trois...
It was pretty good, but i like him so much and didn;t want her around but it was the only way of getting closer to him. And as it turns out he preferred her over me and got his other housemate to tell me this while he was sleeping with her in the other room.
Now i just want to die. I've never trusted anyone that much and what worst is I thought he was such a great person, but as it turns out he was like everyone else; you know when you love someone for who you think they are and then they suddenly change into this other different evil person. He almost took my virginity the previous day and had he done so, today would have been even worse. Apparently i missed my chance and should have went for it sooner but surely if he had liked me as much he would not have went for this other girl.
I feel humiliated and i feel like ****. I just want to die. I'm sitting here typing this crap because there is no-one else to tell. I sit in my room and i have to stifle my crying because i'm in a shared house and the walls are paper thin. I am never getting close to someone again, its too painful, my heart feels like its about to burst...
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I am gonna give this to you straight. <br />
Dont effing waste your tears or your time on some retarded guy who has no ******* clue how to work his ****. He clearly is emotionally retarded. I have been through exactly the same. The guy you have dealt with is insecure and going to end up alone. Everyday gets easier to a point where you'll be humiliated that you actually gave a **** about this class A arsehole. <br />
I agree with Dreamer.... just think about all the things that you didn't like about him...it makes it way easier. If he had a small penis or any other weird bodily things.......dont tell anybody just keep it in your mind. So that he knows that you know but he isn't sure if your going to tell :) And if u ever see him again...you can either be super polite and sweet to him...or u can do what I do.... 'i'm sorry your dead to me.' :) <br />
M x

Currently, i feel ya. I've been sitting on my ba<x>sement couch watching sad love movies...bawling. But thats not going to help the pain. Just get out there. What really helped me..was writing down all the things i DONT like about him...it was MUCH longer then my "like" list. :)

I know the instinct is to never let your guard down again. Never believe that someone might feel for you. Just get on with life alone, and ignore any feelings you have for someone. Don't let that happen. <br />
<br />
Men, fortunately , are not all the same. They don't all just want to get in your pants, although obviously your guy there is a bit of an ar*e. He obviously knew how you felt, and didn't care. Well that's that. Now you know, and you can get on with your life without wondering 'what could happen'. It's always better that way. The thing is, if you let yourself believe that every guy you come across will do the same, or just wants to 'release', you could end up meeting someone great and throwing it all away just because of this jack*ss. Don't let him win.

I know it hurts but its not all bad, as you said it could be worse. At least he has shown his true colors before you got more involved. <br />
Don't be afraid to cry, you need to let go of the bad feelings. <br />
It is hard to find someone you can really trust and rely on, but there is always hope so don't give up because of one jackass. <br />
<br />
@baldkate Wow, so all men are the same are they? That's a ridiculous thing to say :/

i understand how you feel also but i agree with nikkib; you will make it through although it must not feel that way right now. ((((hugs))))

I know how you feel.... so much..<br />
I know the pain and its horrible.<br />
You'll make it through don't worry! =(