She Loves Someone Else ..and I Know That ...still I Love Her...

there are billions of people around you,a few you know a few you don't...out of those so many ,there is one special person whose smile makes you happy and whose sorrow makes you sad.yes i like any normal human ,have that special feeling for one girl,one girl who causes butterflies in my stomach when i hear her voice or ever see her.i always want to see her ,i always want to talk to her and i do talk to her on facebook every second day ,she is a good friend but i cant move or think any further...all my feelings shared above also come to her ...then whats the problem??...hehe..she has these feelings for someone else...someone i know from childhood and she loves him long before my realization...he has better physique ,sense of humour and everything else a girl sees in a boy than me..but still i feel bad when i see IN A RELATIONSHIP status on facebook...we were classmates in school and i love her since the 1st day i saw her in our school bus in 8th grade...its been 6 years now and my love increases every passing day.i know i would never get her.AND i dont want to tell her as it might hurt our friendship.i feel dejected sometimes but then as they say IF U LOVE SOMEONE TRULY U SHOULD BE HAPPY IN HER HAPPINESS and her happiness lies in someone else lap...i just hope i also get someone who would love me some day as much as she does to her love and i do to her......

as they say.........THE WORLD LIES ON HOPE..:)
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Its sad to see someone whom you really love is happy in another's arm. But if you love her, you better do that sacrifice and let her go. Because the most important thing is that, she is happy... That is love...

what song would relate to this story?

Mera hal bhi tere jaisa hi hai brother. I also suffering from same thing and same fealing. It hurts me so much

My story is a bit different... I love a girl, she loves me but she has a boyfriend and she loves him too... She mean the world to me, she's my everything... I love her a lot... Buh her heart is confused, she can't choose any one between us... I told her that i am going out of her life, but she says no... She loves me, she wanna breakup with her current boyfriend because he dominates her😠 But her cousins are not allowing her to breakup with that guy... She's really confused... I love her a lot and i don't wanna lose her... I will end up my life if i don't get her... Can y'all guys please help me out by giving any suggestions, either to make her cousins understand my feelings or else some suggestions for her to choose the right guy between us... Guys i will be waiting for your replies... Thank You

same story... knows I loved her still she had another guy and went into relationship. Keep on telling me I am confused . How will a 23 year old will be confused for his actions ? Loved her like anything, but still she loved another guy. this taught me a big lesson never to have hopes when it comes to emotions and feelings. You'll die loving and caring but ultimately end up being Second person. All the happiness all my feelings starts from her and ends with her.
" thousand tears rolled but non was seen , with just a broken smile I've always been " . Still I wish that where ever she is she stays happy . " worst feeling is to see someone you love , loving someone else " .

Maybe a bit same as the main story. It's my real life.
We were together in a relationship and we broke up suddenly and we were waiting until this year's july for going into a relation once again... We loved each other so much and I don't know from where that third person came. I don't blame him for all the incidents happened. We had a fight so we didn't talk much for a week and I noticed some changes in her. Finally, all of a sudden she told me that she is in a relationship. I don't know what to say, it's like everything ended up for me. I can't explain how it feels. Now she totally loves that guy. All that love for me was gone and I didn't even knew. It's now about 5 months since then. Still I can't move on, I can't study, I can't concentrate on anything. I wish that she love me that much that I do. Moreover, I can't really talk to her cox I don't want to create a problem in their relationship but still my heart beats only for her.
So I prefer to call myself as a LOSER!

Hey my story is same ...I love girl who is my classmate .i still love when I know she love some one .. I don't get him .so I am felling very bad ..when I saw her in class 9 I like her i love him but she doesn't understand so love increase second by second .. What I do give suggestion ???I don't forget her ..????

its hurt alot to narrate this story of mine. Yes love hurts in the verry verry bottom of the heart.
I loved someone who whereve i see her my heart is pleased and when am sad shes the one who confort me we had good moments and i gave her all of me just to c her happy but she left me because of her fisrt love.

Well I've been in the same situation. I met this girl in school and we've been friends almost 2years. We are in the class and we hang out a lot together during school hours .we've had our ups and downs but we are still friends. Its last year of sem of school and I asked her out but she says she has a boyfriend, it really hurts very badly but what can I do? I guess I ll get over her yes I will and if its really meant to be , then so be it. I really love her and I hope she's happy as we part ways after school.

im 19years old . i feel in love with girl in facebook . but never said her . den we had contact in whatsapp later on . she said she had brkup with her guy . afta dat she used ti b sad fo reason her bf loved some1 else .. i use to make her always and keep her happie ..she loved that.i proposed her . she said she need month to think. but finally afta 3days she accepted ma love . and proposed me .. later on i came to knw shez elder to me she was 22 .. but we had confident dt we vl b together forever :) i promsd her dat ill marry her as i finish ma studyz . even she promisd fo wait . we loved each other to core . awwe awesome .ill not get love like her.
:( 1month ova fo relation den 2month ova
but on 2month 1st day on wards she started to hate me without any reason .... she said her dad is hving breathing problem and she has to listion him . her dad had searched a guy for her. she listioned to her dad . she agree fo dat guy ..
:( but she did not think a lil bit of me . she started to ignore me .. even i wanted her dad to b proper but i never wanted her to b other den me . .. she started blocking me in whasapp .. for nw ma messages are irritating her . ... m feeling like give up ma life coz .. i love her so much n so true :(
nw i knw ill not get her back .. but shez not understanding me .. i need her cz she was ma life . coz ma dad had expired b4 nly . i was nly wid ma mom . ma love came in ma life n i was happiest person ... but now she all wanted to breakup .... not even she want ma friendship .. guyz plz help me
i cant forget her
..... i wann her bck o i need her frienship atleast :(
plz suggest me

Can i get her back?

Me and my ex girlfriend have been in a relationship 1 yr so 2 months ago she was acting distant and you know like she didn't want to be with me and all of a sudden she started have all these friends that were boys , but before all of this we got into 2 arguments that set the tone for this breakup and i regret it everyday the first argument was about me telling her she would look nicer in certain clothes ( not liking the clothes she wears or how she looks in the clothes she wear) i was just saying what i think . the second one was not writing a 1yr anniversary text i explained to her i couldnt because i was realy busy doing a project for my class and if i didnt go it i was going to fail( i am in college). So now 2 months later we still arguing and then she tells me i want to be friends and we may go back out if i change my way and that she talks to someone else he just got out of a relationship so their might not rush anything .

Before i forget i have sickle cell and she knows and she hasnt came to see me once ever since i had it i seen her about 1 time for 2months i mean i know i messed up but did it really need to go this far?? is this boy a rebound? Am i wrong for stating my opinion to her? I know she loves me and i love her i really want her back so what should i do

( she starting talking to the friend for 1month)

Hi everyone
I met a girl through my sisters ex about 4 years ago. She started doing work experience with him with something she was passionate about. I fell in love basically the first time we met. Butterflies the whole 9 yards. Anyway I expressed my feelings about 6 months later and was told that we would never be together. Unfortunately the situation I put myself in meant I saw her on a regular basis and couldn't stop being in love. Anyways I love her as much now as I did then. I have ticked all the boxes, bought thoughtful bday and Xmas presents, give her compliments, be the shoulder and the ear she needs when time is tough, shared very personal info with each other etc. long story short she is now with my sisters ex and he is a self absorbed peanut who in the 4 yrs has done nothing except bring this lovely human being down. I know we love each other but I can't help wonder why the universe hasn't given us the opportunity to make each other happy. She said that this bloke makes her happy but he also makes her sad more often than not. Pretty sure in the 4 yrs we have been friends the only time I would have made her cry would have been last year with a bday present that I gave which was personal and very thoughtful. I've tried dating other woman etc but can't help my feelings for this beautiful soul. HELP!!!

hugs for u...

I pretty much suffer from the same problem...we are on exactly same boat..

it cant be helped....only way is try to focus ur energy in productive works...follow ur dreams...

make some distance from her...but be there...u are her friend too...

its complicated and it sucks...a few things are not meant to happen! Just try to move on...if not with other girls...then follow ur dreams and get successful...put all your energy there...:)

hugs again! wishes!

Hi i m a girl, i know i m interfering with ur conversation, but i really love my mybf, and my best frnd know about him, and now he says he loves me, and tried to take advantage in his absence but when i realized that he loves and want to kiss me i just shouted on him and said that i will never ever meet you but he said sorry and tried to convince me again he did that same thing and again i just shouted and said him to find a gf or try to love somebody else as he already know about me that i cant cheat my bf, bcoz he trust me and i love him so much. I stopped taking to my frnd and i blocked him but i still care for him, he is msging me and trying to convince me. What should i do ? If i will start talking to him he will think that i also love him. I just want him to be happy and forget me, oh its so difficult to convince himpl help me guys.. thank you :)

I know its not so difficult for him bcoz he has his frnd circle but i have nobody not even a girl friend or family, i have nobody to whom i can share my feelings, my care for him but i it doesnt mean i love him, i want him to love someone else but he is so stubborn.

umm...first thing first...without your consent, any guy can not even touch you. If the girl I love isn't comfortable. If I am making her uncomfortable, then, maybe I just lust her. Love is a different thing altogether. If he lusts you and you dont like it. Let him go. He will lust someone else later.

As far as you are concerned,dear, things are not that simple. If he has feelings for you, you should not expect him to be your friend anymore, not like before, to be around you and not do such a thing again.
You need to find other friends. Let him go.
And dont worry about him. Spend a happy time with your bf. Stop thinking.

Hugs and love
Take care

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I have loved this girl for two years now i helped her out of severe depression and weve had our rough patches but weve always come back she broke up with a recent boyfriend about 4-6 months ago and we got much much closer pretty soon people were thinking we were together and i felt great and my love grew stronger she then met this guy who is an unbelievably bad influence on her and only brings her down i told her my feelings about him but she got closer and closer with him recently a lot of my close friends have been telling me i need to leave her and get out before i am hurt but i didnt listen because what we had was something i thought was special until recently she has just revealed to me that she and the guy are dating it took her a week to tell me for fear of how i would react and it didnt go down well later we talked for hours about what to do because she knew i loved her and that id been crushed she then told me that for months she had the strongest feelings shes had for someone with me but the more i told her the guy was bad news the more she went to him and now we dont know what to do i have dedicated two years of my young life to loving her and she told me i may not have missed my chance and that for now he makes her happy but she realises that for so long thats what i have done i dont have anyone to go to because all my friends are against her and she is keeping her relationship secret i just need some advice she loved me once can she again because i havent stopped thankyou reading this and any advice at all is greatly appreciated because i dont know what im doing anymore

hmm...first calm down...its happens...i am going through a similar phase...

keep patience...its very important to have patience in these times. believe in ur love.

and for the time being, minimise ur contacts with ur other girls, casually. If you are destined with this friend of yours..ultimately you will be with her...dont be depressed!

hugs! :)

Love is a weird weird emotion. I was in a relationship with this girl for 7.5 years. While she was the most amazing of lovers, I was the worst kind of boyfriend any girl can have. I was young, immature and used to neglect, humiliate and used to make her cry. I was going through a rough patch with parents almost divorcing, mother being a schizophrenic and father diagnosed with kidney failure. Until we parted ways, I thought I could get over her. But I was wrong, I tried to move on with a girl but I just couldn't connect. I contacted my ex girlfriend to say how sorry I was for thing things I've done and that I've realized how much I love her. But it was too damn late! She now has developed feelings for this other guy. They can't be together as that guy is married but but ex girlfriend has developed a deep feeling for him and all her feelings for me is gone.
Now every night I got to sleep crying. I talk to with trying to explain how I feel but she keeps talking about her feeling about the guy and how she doesn't love me anymore. She is set to move to USA with her family in 20 days. I call her every night and talk for a bit, my heart breaks every night. But I still keep talking to her thinking these are the last few days I'm hearing her voice.

Oh dear! I do understand your situation very well and can only provide solace and sympathy. Its a terrible terrible thing you are going through.
Please try to move on brother if possible. I understand its easier said than done but even water of a lake rots if it stops moving on and so does life. I say this from my personal experience, keep her love in your heart and move on. If not with another girl than with some work you like. Get super busy. And respect her feelings for this guy too. If destiny desires, you will end up with her.


am in love with a girl and have been for a long time. We used to be best friends and I was able to relate to her in ways I never have with another woman. She lived with me, slept in the same bed, told me she loved me every night before going to sleep, even though we were never intimate.

I was at a rough place when I feel the opportunity for me to turn it in to something more came and went. I was 20 years old, battling depression, drug addiction, unemployment, still living with my parents, as well as my parents getting a divorce. I was scared to death of losing her as my best friend so I never pushed the issue. She left and hooked back up with her ex and got married, had 3 kids, but recently got divorced. I tried to move on and have had other relationships but have never been able to feel what I felt for her...

We recently started talking again and now she is single, and it turns out she ended up going through a lot of things that I had been dealing with. I'm trying to mend this relationship and hopefully build it into what I have always dreamt of, but I have no idea how to go about doing this since I'm just now getting my life back in track. I'm worried that if I wait til things are going well for me that she will meet someone else and I will lose her forever...

I think life is giving you a second chance. I feel the love that you have for your woman. I believe, you should give it a try. You gotta get this girl Sire. Don't let her slip out this time.
thanks for sharing. It is never easy.

Hugs and regards! :)

True that. Not at all necessary that if you love someone they love you back.. After all love is not about possessing the one you love, it's always giving (;

When I was a freshman in high school, I meet her the girl who would cause me pain and suffering the one I love from then and probably forever. She laughed at my crummy jokes in geometry, thanked me for every time I helped her in French. We stopped talking because of a new seating chart in both classes I was to nervous to talk to her and her well she was too. In June she "bumped" into me on the way to geometry for finals she said now I finally talk to her again we laugh then go inside. After finals I was going to give her my # and ask her out, but she was with her friends I didn't want to get nervous and embarrassed if she rejected me so I went outside of the school building to wait. She didn't come out sadly I looked up at the clouds then she comes out with her friends. She sees me and keeps her eyes on me even when her friends are taking to her and seeing her not looking at them. As if she knew about me wanting to K.I.T with her and ask her out. Like an idiot I didn't react nor did I look away. Recreting that moment all of summer I was looking forward to going back to school and asking her. Third period French 2 i saw her walk in with a group of friends (I was sitting in the back) and almost all desks were empty but she takes the one next to me. :) Her friends sit on the desks in front and on the sides of us. She talks to her friends and also talked to me. A month later our French teacher tells us where we'll be sitting as she made a new seating chart (and frankly my class was and still is noisy). Her other friends are talking to one another but get this she turns to face me and says this to me and only me "You know what this is the best seating arrangement i have ever had for any class ever!" Was I red as a cherry that day! We didn't sit together but very close to each other like 2 rows away same seat i wanted to talk to her but me being a big chicken i didn't talk to her for 3 months just saw her in french and world history honors and sometimes i catch her looking at me! But alas i guess she knew i loved her with all my heart and she probably loved me too and wanted me to ask her out but I didn't probably making her think that i didn't like her because on November 19th of 2013 on the way to second period i saw her kissing another dude muscular, taller, and probably smarter than me too in the hallway. And she didn't have a boyfriend before because someone told her in geometry freshman year if she had a boyfriend and she said no. Crushed and depressed i looked away and went to class. We still don't talk because of it i lost her to someone else and IT'S ALL MY FAULT! >:'( Still feeling pain because of my stupidity and shyness i will never find any one else a special as her (believe me i tried) she was smart all honors class with the exception of French and she's so beautiful. Here i am depressed and angry over myself for my poor decisions in the past that caused me to lose her...

I am in love with a girl who loves me but is with someone else. It's easier to say than to do, but, I would suggest you do your best to find someone else. It has been six years and I am now at my breaking point. My emotional condition is that of a child. I find myself crying and hiding to do so. It happens two to four times a week, sometimes even more often. I look at the most attractive girls, and they do nothing for me. I find myself neglecting my responsibilities and my family. Her boyfriend is very ill with a deadly heart disease and has a short time to live. But I am conning apart at the seams. She tells me our time together will be after her friend passes, but it is too much for me to take. I know that the stress it is creating is taking years off my life, and I want to break away. Love can take the smartest individuals and turn them into complete fools. So here I sit beautifying for someone to pass. Pathetic!

Hmm...god bless you...wishes

Well i dont know what to do anymore. I met this girl 2 years ago , she was married back then , after an year she left him. I love her more than anything on this world , but a few months back we kind of had a fight. I think i screwed up things a bit , i'm trying to fix them now. she met this other guy , and after a month or so it looks like she loves him . i told her my feelings , she knew them and still she didnt talk to me. it hurts me each time i see her talking about him or left him msg on skype/fb. my heart hurts like hell when i read that or see it. i dont know what to do anymore , i want to win her back , and try to be with her :( Last month i was trying to think of something and it was just hurting me more and more , but i still want her even knowing that she is kind of with him atm ... Any kind of advice would be great :( Thanks...

dear one...please try to move on at said she was married and then left her husband...and right now she is with this other guy...see...i have been through exactly same phase...and yes it hurts a lot...but she doesn't even care for your existence...for your own life..just get her out of your world..delete her contacts..block her on skype n facebook and all...just throw her out of your life and sight...and be open to other friends...keep talking to will take a month or two but you will eventually move me...just try from your side...whatever your heart rigid on your decision of not contacting or seeing her...she doesn't exist for you....hugs and blessings...take care.....:)

i used to talk with a girl alot, and simply fallen for her by just her voice, our relation got very deep, she become my best friend and then i got to know that she was in relationship with a boy of her college and it just hurt me like hell. even then i told her that i love her alot. few months after she accepted, we become bf gf but she also told me that she can never forget him. it was okay with me cause that time i could see love in her eyes for me and that was enough. we were very happy. but the friend of him never have left him and people of her college know them as bf gf only. we then started fighting about all this and she said she will leave him after she will leave the college, but she never did.
she prioritise him as her no. 1, and eventhough he hurt her, she loves him only.
now she says leave me because she loves him and he loves her back.
i dont know what to do, i truly love this girl, i always have given this girl my top priority. for 4 years we know each other and for 3 yrs we were bf gf. but now that the boy agree to marry her, she left me, although i was always ready to marry her.
i dont know why she loves him, he doesnt even care about her.
what should i do
i am really possessive about this girl and no one knew about our relation except my family and few friends.
i really love her but then i think that she love someone else, so its better to leave her.
what should i do, i have become addicted to her, i care about her, think about her all the time.
plz tell me what should i do,
i cant even focus on my career because of this dilemma of my life.
what should i do so that she knw that i truly love her. i did everything for her only
plz help me

I really feel for you dear...I completely understand your pain and dilemma...but from my personal experiences, if your girl loves that other man...let her go...she will never love you back...its difficult but that's the only way to help may end up waiting for her and trying to persuade her but if she doesn't feel for will keep getting hurt and she wouldnt even see that...

I would suggest buddy that for your goodness sake, just get away from her...let her know and move on from her keeping your dignity a man...go out for a nice vacation on some shore, find another girl for you and just don't contact this young lady of yours...let her live her own life and start living your own...your own life which doesn't include her...hope that helps...and do keep in touch...hugs! :)

@anuragch11 I am deeply touched by what you said even I am not the writer of the problem. I am an international student from China and arrived in the United States 4 weeks ago.I loved a girl for 8 years during which day and night all my mind is her. It was ten years ago when I first saw her. However, it was 8 years ago when her rich father abandoned her mother and remarried a young women who can be her sister that I started the special feeling about her. Father said man is strong man doesn't cried but I cried when she was seriously ill crying in the corner of the hospital. I wanted to hug her but I failed to move. I am a student with normal grades at that time born in a middle class family with normal looks. In contrast she shines like diamonds. I tried to do everything I can to be excellent. Eight years passed and I won the scholarship from China Scholarship Council to study in the University of Florida. On the airport when I left China I couldn't resist telling her that "My heart started to die the first time you cried and I truly deeply love you, Sweet Honey." She knew at that moment and then she declined and told me she already had a boyfriend. But what she doesn't know is the countless things I secretly did for her and the diaries I wrote buried in the places where the clips of memories of friendship between I and her remained. But she doesn't need to know. I took her as my sister and had never desired her love back because I feel she deserves this.I will not go for that girl because I used to love her. She is the first girl I ever wanted to protect with my life.
Now I have a lot of American friends who are really friendly and nice to me. They help me in life and study. And I am really happy and gradually recovered from the sadness and sorrows. Last week I went to Tampa and really had a good time there everything gone with the winds.
My suggestion for such situation is that when you love love deeply; when she wanted to go live your own live and live fantastically. Don't hesitate. Just do it.

thanks are a very brave man. and you did the right thing at the right time..:)

god bless! thanks for sharing...hugs! :)

Thanks brother. I baptized here. May the god be with you. My phone number is 3522757690. Hope I can be friends with you.

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I'm having the very same problem. I've been in love with her for some time but another guy has her attention. What's worse is that the other guy is ny cousin and we have many of the same classes. They are besties and whenever I see her laughing at his jokes or having a long conversation together in crushed. I just wish I could make her laugh as much as he does but I'm a quiet kind of guy so jokes don't even come naturally to me. I really want to be with her but she just doesn't feel the same way

its okay....according to reports 90% of men around the world don't get the girl they love..we are in majority...;)
and if her bestie has her attention...its fine...just confirm somehow if he is just her best friend or they also have a mutual feeling...rather ur girl feels for him or not...if they are "just friends" should try your her whats good about you...if they like each other, you should just move on...there are 6 billion people around the world and half of them are will find another...everybody does...;)

wishes and hugs...take care....:)

Although I am young, I know exactly what it feels like to love someone who doesn't love you back. I can reassure you though, that you will find someone who loaves you as much as u can love<3 u just have to stay strong and believe.

thanks for the reply dear...:)...I know that..:)


I can't even begin to tell you how much I feel for you.. :/ Ive had the unfortunate luck of being like you in the sense of being in love with someone that is deeply in love with someone else... It really stinks and sometimes it's just really hard not to think selfishly and then you remember that you love this person and that like you said you find happiness when that person is happy.. You just with a that it could have been with you.. To be quite honest this very thing is happening to me right now. The mother of my children and the only woman I've ever loved in the last 7 years has recently fallen for someone else..:( I became a different person when I went through depression because of a loss that took two years to recover from, and I'm still not 100% and god knows if I ever will. But I have hope that I can, she's fallen out of love with me and into the arms of another who apparently makes her feel perfect.. But doesn't want to be in a relationship with her.. So it's all kind if messed up I cry over her and I'm there when she cries over him..:/ it's all really hard and sometimes I just feel so lost. I don't know how to act of be for her to realize that I still love her with every ounce of passion in my body. I just don't know how to make her feel like the beautiful amazing person she is.. I need to learn how but I feel foolish sometimes because it's like fighting for a list cause, not to say she's not worth it but for the fact that she loves someone else... I know I can make her realize that I'm still someone she can truly love but I could really use some advice on where to even begin... I love her with all my heart and there are no limits to what I would do to make her happy.. If I must let her let her love someone else, I will if that's what it takes to make her happy.. But if I can still save this please share...

I have sent you a private message...hope that helps...wishes...:)

I know how you feel I like a girl for 2 years now and found out on a special day for me that she's in a relationship for half a month now. The way I felt was horrible :(

I can absolutely understand that...thank you for sharing...hugs...:)

all the best brother...even i am in the same boat


It's a miserable situation...I'm sorry you dealt with that.

I have moved on...much better now...dont worry...:)

Okay :) glad to hear.

Same situation here and same way I just enjoy her being happy , long stopped even hoping for anything to happen... but nevertheless sometimes you just yearn for it a lot... even though its imposssible.... You just want to be in the other guy's place!

very true....:)

Awe youre so sweet :')


What happened with me too, was that, i loved a girl truly and i was ill of not being noticed by her. She pleased my eyes everytime i saw her, but once i dared to stop her car and asked her to call me, she called, i never expressed the love i have for her but she told me about her personal relationship and i was broken like glass, i dont know where is she today, but finding her again sometime will be the best time of mine... I love her forever... I Love you Nitsimrat...from Rupinder....

thanx a ton for sharing rupinder....may god hears your prayers....:)....wishes...:)

Honestly, you very strong person.Because, normally its very hard to see someone you love with other person.But, your love is truly a true and selfless love that you let her to go and feel happy seeing her with another person.BraVo!!


i loved her when i saw her.i loved her more and more as days passed.but one day when i expressed my love she told that i love a was a shocking to me,that time i realized that she saw me and smiled at me, it's all an illusion of mine.i didn't want to force her.i also fought with my friends who teased her.but now i feel all alone.even nowadays iam walking and studing among her surrounding i which her smell of love is filled.i will be like this for my entire life finishing my duties.I LOVE U MY DEAR forever................................................................................................

dear...I am sorry...I had not noticed your the late reply..*apologies*

let me tell you a thing dear...sometimes in life...what we want is not what we need...there is a person waiting somewhere for everybody...the right one....for you...for me...for every one...just keep patience...and hope..your partner will find you...and keep the warmth of love alive in your heart....god bless...hugs...:)

Sad story......heartbreak happeneds though :/

just that fate is not always generous..

dont want to live with a a repaired heart any more

dont want to live with a a repaired heart any more

thanx ......hugs..:)

Right. never give up on your love. Your love is not that weak. make it strong and make it bold. seeing someone u love, loves someone else is difficult but we as humans are made to make sacrifices.isn't it. I pray that you get your love soon.


yup i know that and now i dont even think too much about the girl...yes i talk to her,and i take care that she is in a relationship whenever i talk ,she is a good girl and loves someone truly...i am happy for her but still i cant ignore her or swap that special feeling away bcoz it was my first love and that too since school days,and most importantly i never told to her about anything like that so she has no fault either,i knew she loves another guy but then if love had to happen after so much thoughts it wouldnt be love....there would be that special feeling always but again i never let it to overpower me or my thoughts....and it never will....

heaps of thanx dear ones for all your good words and wishes..:)

awww!<br />
i would also just say - KEEP UR HOPES ALL UP. i am sure you will meet the person you want for youself sooner in life, and as already stated, in a very unexpected manner. so, keep looking up for your surprise...for it can spring up on you when you expect it least. and i think you are to have this girl atleast at your friend rather than have an uncomfortableness lie between you two. <br />