I Loved Someone Completely Unattainable

When I first entered high school as a freshman I had some friends but not too many very close ones. I was really fat, and didn't bathe that often now that I think about it, which didn't exactly make me look much better. I joined the Art Club since I like to draw and that's where I met a lot of my very good friends... and the guy. I met Bob at the end of the table. He was drawing a dragon and I thought it was really good so I said so. He smiled and invited me to sit next to him instead of away from everyone like I was used to. It really surprised me that someone thought I was cool and so we became friends and did everything together.

Well, we got to be really close and he would pay all sorts of attention to me like hugs (something I had never gotten from non-family before) and compliments and just generally treating me well. Most of my friends are male since I get along with them better and we have hobbies in common like gaming and comics versus makeup and perfume, but none of them treated me like Bob. I developed a massive crush on him which turned into what I thought was love.

I decided to lose weight so that he would like me more and eventually lost 50 pounds. This made me look a LOT better than before. Despite that I was afraid to tell him that I liked him and my misery went on for 2 years.

Well, turns out that when I finally came clean that was about the time he came out of the closet! We tried to stay friends but he grew far apart from all of his highschool friends to hang out more with his new gay friends. He completely changed the way he looked and talked practically overnight and my friend was gone forever.

I miss him sometimes but I know that it's better for both of us not to talk to each other anymore. I still have a problem with falling for male friends, though. Men talk about "The Friend Zone" all of the time but I believe that men can place girls into the Zone as well and it sucks.


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maybe the best is the next one!