I Feel So Stupid But To Find Out You Never Loved Me In The First Place

Big surprise: I have been with someone for a year now, I dont know what to call our encounter but I thought I loved this person and at the end he ended up not giving a F##!@$ about me. I mean I loved him i told him plenty of times and for some reason he couldnt find the words to say it back. Yeah he treated me like S#$ but I was sooo blind to see that he didnt care. He faked and smiled but all along he didnt want me. He came over my house spent the night and never called but I was getting so comfortable being treated badly that I just wanted him to love me, I wanted him to like me I got to the point where I didnt care or really paid attention to how bad he was really doing me because I just wanted to be next to him and ect.You may ask how can you want someone like that or that treats you in that way? I cant tell you the answer because I didnt know, until one day he showed me that he really didnt care and I stepped back and said Im not messing with him anymore this is it and then I started to see everything LOUD and CLEAR..I feel so stupid and I feel bad for men that treat women with no regret to anything. KARMA is a B@$#t
diamondluv32 diamondluv32
Nov 7, 2011