I Love Some One and I Dont Think He Will Ever Love Me

well it starts off when i was 15 we meet and i was in love, He was not my first but we had so much in common we dated on and off for a while then at 19 i got pregnant, then at the age of 20 we separated which was not my idea besides from my son i have never loved some one so much.He found someone strait away but i did not, i had offers but i was not interested , then he got engaged i tell you all i wanted to do was break them up i know that sounds terrible but that was how i felt but i knew i couldn't do it, well the fell apart any way and i was so happy when out of the blue he calls me to tell me i don't know why he rang me but he did and i was the happiest i have ever been , then he started to come over all the time to see our son and sometimes me it was so hard to see him all the time but then he says we should live as a family and me being me said yes i thought every thing would be great i thought we would get back together well i was wrong he was sending dirty messages to other girls but then one day he just stopped and said lets be a family again and i thought that was great till the day i said to him that i loved him and he can not say it back and the next thing i know he is kissing my best friend well i am still Trying to get over it but i know he will never love me but at least he lets me hold him sometimes

tania3348 tania3348
Apr 3, 2008