One- Sided Love

Its so hard to love someone with all your heart and soul.....and to have them not return it...hurts more than anything else in the world.....I should know I been there....Here is my story...

When i was 16 ......i feel in love with with a guy who is related to my cousin but not me....he was 21 (lets call him kevin)...and we used to talk on the phone all the time....but didnt get to see each other much. Little by little i found myself falling really fast for him ....i have never felt this way before with anyone ...and i had a few bfs before but it was never like this....whenever i was around him....i had butterflies in my stomach....i was so nervous.....alwys stuttering....and it was ambarsing but there was no way i could control the way i day i finally gather the courage to tell him how much i love him in a text message......and  was estatic when he said he loved me too....i was jump with joy ...literally....I felt as if all my dreams are comming true...because i taught he was the one..

Being a virgin still i didnt want to move too fast with him...and he never pressured me in anyway major reason i love him so much....

One night I began talking to one of my old classmates online ......and to my surprise she asked me if i knew kevin and i was like yea ...i do do you know him....and she was like oh HE's MY SIS's BF.(let me add she was 2 years younger than me) ..i was so shocked ..i immedately signed off...because in my heart i knew it could be true...i tried to contact him but his phone rang out...and he wasnt online...... .i was devasted and i broke down crying....i didnt want my mom knowing what was going on so i went to the bathroom and sat in the shower for 3 hours straight.....i didnt sleep the whole night.

The next day i call him and he answered....when i asked him he swore it was a lie....i was so blinded in love i forgave him.....but i knew deep inside that it was true ...i guess i wasnt ready to face reality at that point .....coincidently, me and the girl went to the same school but she was a freshman.....I just wanted to beat the ba-jesus outta her everytime i see her.....

one week later, i got an im from a strange number......the message was like "***** stay the **** away from my man" ....i knew instantly that it was from her.....i was pissed ....the next day me and a couple of my friends wanted to jump her......but she wasnt in school....she gets to live one more day in peace ...lucky lucky her.....

I went home and call kevin and told him what i was going to do......thats when he chaged ....he then started to say that he did know who she is and they been together for 2 months......and that she is his baby.....In tears i asked him ...." If she is your baby then what am i?" .....and the ***** was like" well your my baby too.....I dont mind having 2 babies" ....i hanged up and cried my heart out for 2 weeks before calling him again.....

I tried to forget him but at the time ...i just couldnt i decided  .....that i would rather share him with some one else than live without i went back into his live to be happy.....but he made me more miserible than i was without him....finally with the help of some really good friends i was able to pull away from him .....but no matter what i couldnt stop thinking about him ....for 1 year I cried no-stop everynight......until my brithday mom threw a big party ...and because he was a good family friend.....she invited him and...he came....i was happy again cause i was hoping that maybe he had changed .....(i heard he had broken up with the girl) .....he was gonna be at my party, cutting cake with me....i was happy ....i couldnt have asked for a better birthday wish....

I couldnt stop counting the hours, dressed up in my finest clothese.....i was waiting impatiently for him.....he arrived a bit late...but i didnt mind cause he was HERE...To my dismay he didnt even wish me happy birthday....he hardly looked at me....because all his attention was on my best friend's 14 year old sister..annie .....(she looks older...and well was preetier and had a better boody than me) ........when i was 16 he alwys told that i was too young for him ...but here he was checking out a 14 year my surprise ...Annie.who was also one of my good friends....knew how much i love him and wanted to be with him again...well she ..was flirting back with him ....and the two of them danced all night and exchange phone numbers.....Now i couldnt hold it in any longer......i ran to my bed room and broke down again.....for the rest of the night i tried to put on a smile cause all my family was there and i didnt want to ruin their night....even tho mines was .....i was so relieve when everyone lefted .....i finally got the chance to let out all the pain i had been building up the hole night.....i buried myself into my pillow and cried my heart out ..... i finally realize that he never loved me ....because if he did he wud never hurt me like that....i knew that i had to get over him ........that night i begged god  to free my of the pain because i couldnt take it anymore.....and slowly he did just that.... I couldnt have kevin or his love.....but what i did have was my biggest high school of the most popular and hottest guy in the school....who showed me what giving and recieving love is all about....he has given me so much love during the past three years....more than  some people dont find during their whole lifetime.....indeed i am lucky...i finally found my prince charming.....

Today kevin is basically a loser in my eyes and i wonder what i saw in him 4 years ago.....his present girlfirend is really ugly.....and i have bloosomed into a butterfly .....and now he is constantly trying to get my attention by hitting on me, sending me gifts and flowers for me ....i have learnt my lesson....and i know better.....

Thank you guys for reading my story....please feel free to make your comments....

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I have someone that idk what i feel for him? Is it love or just an obsession? I be a good friend with his girl, and i just know that my good friend is his girl, and he knows that i hurt, he felt sorry to me and then he talk to me and now idk i was so rude cause he talk to me just because he felt sorry? But idk this feeling, did i have to hate him too or what??

ur ******* dumb u little **** i dont care about ur life **** off

Literally after reading ur story my eyes were wet, the guy kevin will never get love in his life n I m glad that u have ur right one

u lucky.... some things gives u lots of thing to learn

very inspirational....

why do we guys never have butter flier in our stomach !!
no matter , what we love , how much we love .. no butterflies ?

lats time i had rats in my stomach , when i saw some nice buRgeR's to eat and i was on a diet .


I envy you, your happy already, but me, so miserable. i dont know how can I move on. It always hurts me everytime I see their posts in facebook how happy they are already!! :(

this is exactly what I am going through. Unfortunately, I'd been so blinded that even if he's hurting me for ignoring me personally still I like him (I don't wanna say I love him, cause it's so stupid to fall in love with someone so stupid to let you fall in love even though he won't catch you) So stupid of me, for how many months, we shared sweet nothings thru phone calls, and SMS and now after seeing a very beautiful schoolmate of ours, i was dumped already!! And now, im suffering from an emotional stress and sleeping disorder.

your story is really very painful, same thing also happened with me towards a girl over phone, i always think why people choose feelibgs to play

your story is kind of same.. but it was a gurl who did that to me...
but by disappointments.. you can be MOTIVATED..

these stories make me cry they r so painful stories.

these stories make me cry they r so painful stories.

these stories make me cry they r so painful stories.

these stories make me cry they r so painful stories.

these stories make me cry they r so painful stories.

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frd i have something 2 share with u ........ " i loved a guy who lived near by me but we don"t say sumthing 2 eachother due 2 some family boundation.. but we saw eachother from our house.......he live in front of my house ..........about 1 - 2 yrs acrossed ... & he go agra f4 studies when there r some vaccation he come 2 home & day he phone call 2 me & give his introduction & many more.......& he asked me f4 frifndship........i said yes .....& talk eachother every day && late night also ..... he lives in hostel ......& about 2 or 3 weeks passed & he proposed me & i said nothing 2 him that time.......& we talk as a frds ........<br />
one day he said we can't talk 2 each other i have a problem..... then i realize & said him that i like u<br />
so much ....... that we should continue ...f4 future by day passes one day he 2 meet with me........i said nothing........but after some time passed & said him 2 met me........ i went f4 the college & meet him on that day ..........he is 2 yrs yonger than me & also tall then me.....we talk 2 eachother....... but i m little nervous bcoz i never talk 2 a boy before like this .......then after 2 hours ...... i went from there he said 2 drop me but i said no...& i went from there .......then next day we talk 2 each other on phone.......after 6 days he said 2 me that we should stop this relationship bcoz we have no future due 2 difference i n caste.......... i said ok we remain frds he said no we can't remain frds also..........& i cried f4 him & he said don't cry ...& bye then cut the phone ....<br />
but i still luv him about about 3 month crossed after that ......we he come from agra 2 his home...... & we saw each other i pretend 2 him that i am good & forgot him......... but i still love him............. "......<br />
frds <br />
plz tell me how 2 forget my relation with him.........but at the same time we also know that there no future in this relationship .......but still i can' forget him <br />
plz tell me the solution for that........ *-*

Heyy there! (:
Well, as for your situation, I knOw it's really hard to pretend. Well, I think that it's better if you'll confront him with your feelings but be polite upon confronting likewise, talk to him nicely. If he still loves you, well, I think the feelings are mutual. But be sure. Don't go into a serious relationship if you're not sure
Because if you are not sure, pain comes along.but always remember, everything happens for a reason. If something bad happens, I am sure there would be a side effect sooner or later. Acceptance is the key that will make everything straight. The best is yet to come. (: that's all. Adios!

can you plz help me with ur experience there is a girl n a guy they both were in a relationship for two years but i also loves the girl, i took aside when i came to know shes already in a relationship but now ive know that that guy is a jerk like KEVin ... what should i do now i've once straight away have told all the things abt that guy to the girl but she didnt belived me shez blinded and i cant see her like dis ...

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I know it's really painful not to be loved by someone u really love from the bottom of your heart............I am also going through the same situation..........Acc. to me you should love that person "who loves you" not the one "whom you love"................If you can love someone so dearly,,,,,,,,,Just imagine if you will find another person who loves you more than anyone else in this world..........Just rewind your life a little bit back and try to think who was that person who has loved you so much................I am sure there would be someone............just go for one else can give you more love than he do..............try it...........It will surely help you out....<br />
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Well, all I can say is , that's not love at all, infatuation maybe. When you really love someone, expect nothing in return. (: Love is all - seeing. Accepting every flaws, moment, pain and everything. Love comes to you. Imperfectly but equally. story is similar too......i luved a my coll.....then one day i proposed to her.....but she rejected me......she said she already has a bf named (raghu)......but i could not move on from her.....i still luved her.....she used to daily talk to me saying she wanted to have me as a day she said she is in luv with me.....and i felt so happy just i thought i got my girl.....but there was a problem.....she said she luvs her bf (raghu) and me too....i could not say anything but just agreed to what she said.....i used to look at her everytime expecting she would look at me and give a smile......she used to spend 99 percent of her luv on her bf raghu and a 1 percent luv on me.....but still i luved her.....i did everything wt she asked....i was mad and crazy abt day she fought with her bf raghu....she was crying.....but i could not see her in tears....i prayed to god that they both get together and wished a smile on her face......and then god did do his magic they both got together......i cant forget her smiling face when she was with then i realized that she didnot luv me at all she said she luved me because she wanted to see me slowly i began to go away from her life....i wanted to see her happy and her happiness lies in raghu...i changed my mobile house adress....moved far away from her....but i still get to hear abt her from my friends.....she is very happy with hm..and i think wt i have done was correct.....still now i luv her....and will be loving her only.....its been nearly 5 yrs but still i get to see her smiling face in my dreams and i decided to spend all my life single in her dreams....god bless her where ever she is.....

ur story made me cry bro :)
u r the true lover of dat girl !!!~~
n i really respect that gal that she never tried to hurt to u :) !!
but still my wish is that u both should start talking with each other...i cant understand,how u can be live widout the person u love so much :(

i dont believe it the same is happening with me the only difference is im in class 12nd she dont told that she loves me but she always tells me that she want a friend like me

Im going 2 another place very far from here where noboby can come

I'm happy with what you Did taht I think is right, you deserve better. Be patient and wait. (:

Oh sweetheart, I am so sorry to hear that you went through such a painful experience. :( <br />
I know how you must have counted those days before contacting him again. I've been there.<br />
<br />
Awww I am so happy that you found prince charming!! <br />
And what better revenge, than you turning into a butterfly, and Kevin now pursuing you, but you not giving him the time of day! Ha, what goes around comes around...amd now he can wallow in regret, that he lost you and can never have you, now that he wants you. <br />
<br />
It's that whole saying, you want what you can't have. <br />
<br />
You seem like you're a very strong young lady! <br />
<br />
I am happy to hear that you finally threw him off his pedalstool, he did not deserve you! <br />
<br />
And I am glad it had a happy ending. <br />
<br />
Sometimes, when you're stuck in the situation, you can't see it rationally. I know I have been there. I think I will do the same thing, distance myself from the man that I love. That way I can take him down from his pedal stool, and stop seeing him through rose tinted glasses. He did not want me, so it's better I distance myself in order to clear my head.