What Do I Do?

I'm happy but sad. Angry but joyful. My feeling for him are so confusing... The horrible thing about it is.... He has a girlfriend. From his neighborhood.... So I don't have any idea who the hell she is. The funny thing is my thoughts on this relationship is the like the Visa-Versa of Kris Humphrey and Kim Kardashian's relationship. I don't think that Kim is like a very good roll model but I like her show, 'Keeping Up with the Kardashian's' and her other two. I wanted their relationship to last a long time, but I want Knox and Britney's relationship to last a while.. You know, long enough after I get over him. He may be a sweetheart but he is also a a$$ load of sh!t and garbage... The funny thing is since he is such a douche bag that I won't even miss liking him. 

Also a couple weeks before he got his GF Simi and Claire said, "Knox is so weird, he will probably won't get a girl to like him." (which was when I still liked him.) I thought that was hilarious but whatevs... His new GF is really pretty though and she seems good at heart. And I did promise myself, "If he ever found a girl that REALLY made him happy, other than sexually, I would get over him." Since it was a promise I cried for a few hours made a new video to my youtube channel and got over it... But, what I noticed was that now i HATE him... And its stupid. HE NEVER DID ANYTHING!! Why get mad for a person that isn't aware that they have hurt you. Emotionally. I actually convinced myself that there was a chance that he was racist... Which was stupid. I barely know him. Now I have to work on not hating him. Which will not be hard at all. Just cannot fall into that same stupid a$$ sh!t... I need guidance to get him to talk to me. Like seriously......
HopelessinGA HopelessinGA
Dec 13, 2011