been  lonley for 10 years because i had to raise my 2 kids by my self no time for dates.but my girl left 2 yearsago and my son this year i dont know what to do with myself.  someone help me out i have no mom nodad no bros or sis. i need a frind please help if u can.im 48 retired.
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don't worry robert u r right place ..u will find plenty many friends here..<br /><br />

hi, my case is also identical 2 u. add me as your friend

Hi Robert! <br />
I'm very sorry to read that you are feeling so lonely...you are definitely in the right place though...ep is wonderful for meeting new people...you will find some great support here I am sure and there will be those who will be able to relate to your situation. All the best to you.

I don't think you are completely without resources, as you seem to indicate, unless you are totally incapacitated or homeless. You are just in a valley period of your life. I have been there too, and can tell you that if you will just stay open to love, it will come to you.

Its ok love when all the kids are finally the house you can have sometime to get high.. Just on weed none of that funny **** just weed.

hi always need more friends so hop on the train if you want we could chat some time i use yahoo msger