By Tomorrow

I know now you'll never find me and I can not escape this dark cavernous fate. if only I could have seen your familiar face one more time, and found my last hope in your perfect eyes, but such dreams where not to be for me. thus, my salvation was destined to lay unclaimed in a single kiss upon those cherished lips, that too often go unnoticed. no more prayers echo forth from my empty heart, for the only angel I have ever known can not understand the words of this broken tongue. now silence and shadows, silence and shadows have become my flesh and bone. though one thing is for certain, that even as it is to late to save me, you are at this very moment reading this ghostly testament etched into the cold grave stone of my ever devoted soul. my dearest beloved from the breathless above, I ask only that you let go but one single tear upon the seed of my memory, burried in the soil of this sorrow. do this one thing for me so that it may begin to grow, and then forget you were ever here by tomorrow.
CopperCoil CopperCoil
36-40, M
3 Responses Jan 19, 2012

I are incredible. I dont know what to say that would fit and measure up to what I just read.(Nothing that I have read here on EP could measure up to the things I have read from you...) Beautiful and I ,again, understand.

thank you so much for reading and complimenting me so glowingly, i really appreciate it.

wow ... that is really beautiful.

thank you!

I almost feel like it is ridiculous to keep reading you and rating you up. But your writing is hypnotic. Your stalker will no stop bothering you.

*now - stupid typos!

thank you my friend.