Bennies Gone

well how do i start  ok! 10 trs ago i found the man i knew he was it,he went to prison i waited everone knew i was waiting for him all the usual big dreams we get back u know the story anywho.came out we pick up up where we left off or so i thought,u know how u get that feeling somethings not right,well i got it and others around me did too.he never loved me he used me ,oh did i forget he has H.I.Vthats how much i loved him unconditionally now tell me is that not a mind **** sheep in wolves clothing oh! dont let me leave out he is now with my best best x friend he used me to get to her.... thank you for hearing this....
36-40, F
2 Responses Feb 28, 2007

Djuna: thanks for your message to me. I am sorry you are in pain. Actually, that person was never your friend, otherwise she would have preferred friendship to a relationship with someone who lacks loyalty.<br />
My best sincere wishes to you, take care of yourself, stay healthy, in the end, without life we cannot love and be loved!<br />
Mother Theresa

Thats terrible! You excepted not only that he was in prison but he also has HIV!!! Well now he is your ex best friends problem let her deal with his deceptions and lies! You deserve better and you will get someone much better too all in good time!