I was with him very shortly when we became pregnant with my daughter. We had a rough on and off relationship for about 3 yrs. He cheated on my constantly but i kept going back to him because i loved him and thought that if i just changed this way or that way he would love me too...but that wasnt the case the more i went back and keep going back the more he finds ways to hurt me. He tells me all the time that his love for me is to complacated...he says that he loved me but doesnt anymore. Can u just turn ur love for someone off? I feel that i am stupid for keeping going back but how do u leave the one that makes u feel complete heart and soul?
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I have the same issue. Read "The Gift of Fear" and in a part of the book it talks about abuse. About how women stay with men thinking they'll change and the men keep the control cause they know the women will never leave. It helped me a lot getting over a cheating, toxic relationship

Thank you for sharing your story we all have something to share but everyone is not willing. I gather from your story this is not true love , your child is your only connection apparently. If you could allow yourself time to really look at this relationship and if he just wants someone to be there for security or does he need professional help maybe he doesnt know how to love.

Sounds like me and my son's father except evertime i think i'm going to move on he shows up and tells me how much he loves me and wants me back. The last time was 3 years ago and I was with someone else. Now i'm single again and my heart keeps going back to him even though i have no idea how to find him. Love is so very cruel.