Best Friend Or Best Liar

I met this man at a point in my life when anything with a penis was pure evil and was NOT to be trusted, especially if they had an internet connection.  We talked for 9 months and I finally met him, and it was all over by that point.  He was already my best friend, the one I turned to when I had a bad day, when I needed to vent, when I needed to share great news, when I had nothing at all to say, but needed to hear someone's voice on the other end of the phone.  We wanted to date, but his children were still having issues with their parents divorce, especially his daughter who was a daddy's girl, through and through.

We agreed to keep it as friends and gradually try to bring his daughter around to see nobody would ever come between the two of them, whether it be me or anyone else.  Feelings continued to develop, and we hung out as much as we could.  After waiting around for more than a year and a half for his little girl to be okay with him dating again, I moved on, but we remained best friends.  I met someone else and things were wonderful.  I hadn't spoken to my best friend in months, but when things went south with the new guy and I needed my friend, he dropped everything to be there for me.  He stepped up in a way I never thought anyone would do and everything I had ever felt for him came flooding back.

We saw each other a lot more, we were always together, things were wonderful, and then I'd have to leave and I was miserable.  The line between best friends and dating had become so blurred, it was nearly invisible.  We both said we were just best friends, but that we both loved each other, it was only his kids holding us back.  I made myself sick over the confusion he caused and he didn't even realize what he was doing.

Fast forward to late this summer.  Something happened and he snapped.  He told me I was a sorry person, etc. and generally made me feel like ****, with no amount of apologizing (for doing nothing wrong) could change his position.  Then, not a month later, he has a girlfriend.  Mr. "I'm a martyr for my children and will be single for the rest of my life because of them" had a new chick.  I was crushed that I had been lied to and fell for it for three years.

So you see, I had been told I was loved, I felt loved, but it was all a terrible, horrible lie because he didn't have the cojones to be honest.  In the end, I know I've lost nothing, he is the one who lost something.  A piece of *** that was worth losing a friendship as great as (I thought) we had over...  Hope he took care of that little impotency issue he had so at least he can enjoy it.
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I'm Sorry for the pain these Internet guys do to women that are willing to be friends or maybe more, they lie and I guess they figure they can't see you,so it's easy to hurt you, with out pain to them... I know it is hard to understand but I learned that dating on the net is a joke, You just have to meet someone in person to see if the chemistry is there, that is the best way to meet not over the cold hearted net... you all take care of yourselves and give your self a hug because you know that you are truly loved by someone that won't heart you and ripe your heart out and stomp on it.... if you love yourself then you will know that you are worth more then these jerks every will....

I had a similiar experience just recently after four years of freindship and companionship he just ran away almost literally and started seeing some other women then after three months of nothing I hear from him so he can talk and complain to me about him & the her well I listened for a while but couldn't take it anymore. When I told him why I didn't want to hear it He says he didn't know. What makes a man act like that?