And I Know It Hurts

earlier this year (actually about two months ago) i dated a liar of a boy. he was a friend turned boyfriend. and i felt like it was love at first sight personally. he seemed to feel the same way, and that made me feel better about it. i thought he was the sweetest guy, and i loved him more than anything in the world. until i found out the truth. the whole i never loved you thing. the day i met his other girlfriend. and the other girl he slept with. that made me realize that it's hard to find true love from a boy like him. one who swears the world, and yet doesn't even care. it's one of the most painful feelings. and i hated myself for caring for a second.
debbiianii debbiianii
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 12, 2007

I am sorry he was a *****. He was a pla<x>yer. Don't believe all guys that are nice are like that. I am usually a very caring person and I know who cruel the world can be. Hope you can get over him.