I had been going down this road for a while, i had to stop myself. I had seen the end of this road before, allowing myself to like him would only lead to more grief. Well I wish I had taken my own advice. As I saw it I had two chooses; the short cut, get it out the way, at least if I could then move on if nothing came of it, or the scenic route. This involves: wanting to tell him but can't and hiding your feelings from everyone incase it gets back to him. Well I prepared myself for the worst and took the risk. I told him. Well I was glad I prepared myself, the friend card was pulled out, and I agreed, defense mechanism. I have to act like I am ok with it, watching him with other girls has to be the hardest. It is getting easier though, I know I will pull through, I decided to leave looking for love. Wait for it to find me.
BlindPromises BlindPromises
18-21, F
Mar 19, 2007