Non Reciprocal Love

Straight into college I fell for a bad *** who was a few years older than me we dated...but not long...I loved this guy so much but he took advantage of me...I felt powerless against his charm...these charades went on for almost 4 was constantly a push and pull thing and I finally realized that although he "says" he care for me his ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN HIS WORDS I changed my number and haven't talked to the ***** in almost a year...but every now and then I still gush about him....sad I know...but trust me he was a hard habit to break

waterlily86 waterlily86
22-25, F
1 Response May 5, 2008

A matter of pride, my friend. I don't mean not to see him, but just to leave the whole thing behind. And if you think is more easily said than done,you're wrong. "there are no revenge nor forgivness,the only revenge and the only forgiveness is oblivion" J. L. Borges.