i have made a lot of mistakes. I keep going out with guys who end uo being jerks. I thought this guy really cared about me,but I was wrong. Everything he said to me was a lie. He said he loved me and wanted to stay with me forever. I found out that he wanted to get with someone else. He told me that I cheated on him and broke up with me. Turns out to be that noone told him that I cheated. It was all a lie. Now I have to see his lieing face every day ! I want to hit him across the face every day.
NationalGuardChic101 NationalGuardChic101
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1 Response Mar 21, 2007

I know what you're going through. I think that most guys are like that, and they don't care about other's feelings, they just want to do what's in their mind, even if it meant lieing or even cheating. Well, I hope you've got through what happened, I can't even believe that you see him everyday! that has to be so disastress for you. Anyways, I think that you can still go looking for guys that really love you and care about you, because there are some nice guys in this world, but you have to deeply search for them.