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Whats With Kids These Days?

actually despite my age i find myself wondering... i see the boys acting like there all that, sagging their pants, beating up others. useing girls. i see the one guy, i love him. i love him i love him so much. but every day he walks by, waves and leaves. thats it.
hes just genreally nice and cool.
he has a werid gimmick. he wears an alligator hat. a really cute funny hat. :)
hes smart.
the only guy whos not a duche. (pardon my language)
of corse he doesn't love me back...
gingeriscute22 gingeriscute22 13-15, F 3 Responses Mar 15, 2012

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believe in yourself, if u like him show it. flirt with him and research body language, if the signs are there ask him if he wants to walk home from school with you or if he would like to come to the beach with a group of friends, show him your interested. if you still cant tell, tell him you like him and if he doesn't feel the same way better to be able to move on rather than waste time then wonder what could have been.<br />
Good luck x <3

in many cases they are just a window into how the family is

Perhaps he is not the right one. Best of luck to you and your crush.