I Scared to Love After This!

I was actually going out with this guy so i was allowed to love him!! it has been the only guy i have ever fell in love with!

At the beginning of the relationship i wasn't very committed and slept with 2 guys while still with him!! Both times he had made me really upset saying i cant go out with my best friend! i had known her alot lot longer than him n he was jealous!!

I then stopped seeing her as much as she also got a boyfriend at the same time so i became totally committed to him!! dropping all friends and family events etc to see him!!

He then went right off me as he said it i was getting to obsessed with him! n that he needed space once in a while!! but it was him who made me like that!! if you remember back to the beginning i was never fully into relationships!!

I felt like my life was over but i was the one to dump him oh it was also on his birthday!!But he didn't care as i later found out from my best mate (which was his house mate) that he had been cheating on me too!!!

But it took a while to get over it all but i haven't been in love since!!!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
Mar 25, 2007