Love What Is Love

I don't think my love relationship is what most are writing about... this is not about a g/f, b/f, lover, partner, mate, marriage. My love relationship started when I was born. When you have parents that don't love you there's no chip to conveniently pull out to get back the love you give. There are no programs that say "Danger, Danger Will Robinson do not love these parents, these guardians, they are harmful to your health"
OK you know the story. Why go through it all you know the outcomes too. No one has to tell you smart people I missed out on lifes lessons on trust, love...yadayyaaaa. How to pick winners who'll love back. I was so needful of love and had huge holes inside me I had no idea how to fill them myself and couldn't believe ayone else would. The ones who were suppose to love me had that job but hey not all parents give a flying leap about their off spring. I don't care what Hallmark say on mothers day!

LET'S NOT GET ALL DEPRESSED there is a positive side to all this. It's cheap, simple and available everywhere. Friends carry this around with them all the time! Friendly advise...get out of that bad relationship!!!!! but there's also another cheapie and that is....  being aware of who I am what my needs are, my passions, dreams and desires. Filling in my holes and being aware there is no human on this earth that will ever know the who, what, why and how of me as much as I will/do!

It stinks to high heaven waiting on others to respond back and filling in my painful holes. So I am doing that job myself and the tide has turned for the better! Miracle will never cease!
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@Smokinhotblonde.... No I'm not really 70 (but I will be one day).

I am positive you don't need a news alert to comprehend that kids who've gone through horrific experiences either become old wise souls or become insanely hateful and/or needy people. Getting help is a must and a life changer for a happy life.
Thanks so much for the comment.

you make so much sense.. omg...
i totally like your sense of humor.. are you really 70?
your so very intelligent and your parents should or would be proud ... lol

█┼┼☀┼ I don't think it matters how old we get it will always be painful ┼┼☀┼█<br />
❤────Depending on when we got on the path to healing ourselves ───❤<br />
❤────how fresh the wounds are it will always hurt in varying degrees to time of recovery───❤<br />
-:¦:-•:*'"*:•.-:¦:Getting help makes all the difference:¦:-•:*''''*:•-:¦:- <br />
⌒♥ ⌒♥ ⌒♥because we are able to get it out,♥ ⌒♥ ⌒♥ <br />
➽ ●(↘Examine it↙)● <br />
※٠•ø¤~get NEW perspectives~¤ø•٠※<br />
٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ ̡͌l̡̡̡ ̡͌l̡ and decide what we want to do with our BRAND NEW LIFE ̴̡ı̴̡̡ ̡͌l̡̡̡̡٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶<br />
●~◈ƒ ๏ℓℓ๏ω ƒ๏ℓℓ๏ω ●~◈ y๏uя dяeαm ●~◈ ƒ๏ℓℓ๏ω η๏ω●~◈

i don't understand your story,but i want to know about how you feel..