Enduring Pain

Maybe it’s wrong but I’m starting to love him.

His Voice is like music to my ears, his smile, his laugh

And the way he play his guitar, this, I fell in love more.

It’s pain to see him hurt because I love him, it’s wrong but I love him, it’s

Wrong to love him because he’s crazy in love with my friend and my friend felt the same way too.

 If only he’s mine, then I promise, I promise I’ll treat him right, I’ll treat him the way he never imagined, but the truth is, the truth is, that will never happen, that will never happen because

He loves her, he loves my friend and I have to accept the truth, the truth

That he only see me as the friend of the girl he wants to be with now and forever.

And all I can do is accept the truth, but this is me praying that one day,

One day in a right place, in a right time a right guy will come, a guy

That will help me forget all the pain, but right now this is me lying

On my bed trying to endure the pain.

MorieKris MorieKris
26-30, F
Mar 25, 2012