Can Anyone Help? :(

I have been in love with this girl for about a year and a half now, but when i told her before that i felt something for her, she said she didnt feel the same as she was interested in someone else. Then a few months later her mate and i had a thing that didnt last, and now im single again i have realised that me feelings for her have never gone away, they were just locked away for a while. I told her last night that i still think about her all the time and that i still feel something for her, and she said to me that it will never be because of the thing i had with one of her mates. Now shes decided to inform me that she has feelings for my best friend :( Can someone give me some advice...
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For starters, I offer you my utmost sympathy and hope that you know that it is absolutely not your fault. I have been a victim of unrequited love and, though I know, I really know, that it hurts, you've got to try and move on. You really have got make yourself aware of the fact that there is someone out there for you who will be able to love you far better than her. You'll find someone who really and truly deserves your love and the only person who deserves your love is someone who returns it. Again, I'm truly sorry for what you're going through and I really do hope that you feel better soon. :)

Well I know how it feels loveing some1 that didnt fell the same way,Well forget about her and trust me I was in the same thing like u and still r..(BUT) find some1 better,Like me I was like that 2 my ex-boyfriend didnt like me and 2 years later my 4 year crush I dated last year I dated him for 2 months and he cheated on me and dum me I dated him this year a week and done the same thing yeah cheated on me with my best friend,Dose your Friend know u like her????? If he dose (THAT IS NOT A FRIEND) My friend done me the same way......

Let it go... You will DEFINITELY find someone else to love you. This, I am sure of - 100%.

Sounds to me like this girl may be giving a little pay-back on you for hooking up with someone close to her. Or it may have started as a pay- back when she hooked up with YOUR friend, but now she might really have feelings for him. Either way, games are damaging! One or both ends up hurt, or carrying alot of baggage for future arguements. I agree with Cmost. Time for you BOTH to move on! Who knows, with some space and alot of time, you two might still have a future out there. It stinks, and it takes time to move on even in baby steps, but it's the reality. I hate these kinds of moments! My heart goes out to you!

Just believe that there is someone else out there that you will fall in love with that will love you also. I know it hurts but in time you will get over her. If it is meant to be then she will come back around. In the meantime move on the best way you can.