In Love With My Teacher

I realize that everything I write will seem extremely insipid and cliched, but that doesn't make my thoughts any less sincere or true.

Let's just get the facts out there: I'm sixteen, and my teacher is about 15 years older than me. I've honestly never felt this way about anyone before. He's absolutely perfect, I love everything about him - his unfathomable intelligence, his sweetness, silliness (he really is a boy at heart), liveliness, and overall loveliness. He's ridiculously smart but not patronizing; his mischievous, sweet smile has the ability to melt my heart, his eyes are so keenly searching and inquisitive yet at the same time wholly empathetic. Everything about him is just absolutely endearing. I can just watch him do the most mundane actions, such as write on the chalkboard, and see a million beautiful things about his posture, his stance, his excitement, his pauses in the lecture, his words, his sighs, everything.

I purposefully try to go where I know I will find him. I ask him questions when I already understand the answer just to be near him and to hear him speak and to gaze into his exquisitely blue eyes. I can't focus when he's near me. Whenever we make eye contact I feel like we are communicating tacitly, exchanging our feelings.

The good thing is that my grade in his class is really high, since I want to impress him and all that.

The bad thing is that I can't stop thinking about him, ever. I am utterly obsessed. And I know that my dream of our being together can never come into fruition: even if I did ever reveal to him my feelings (which I will probably never do, especially not before I graduate), I know he is too morally upright and principled to ever take advantage of me or to encourage my affections.

Thus the dilemma. What should I do? What can I do? My feelings for him are exacerbated by the fact that I see him everyday; I am continually taunted by what I cannot have.

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i have a crush on my yearbook teacher... I am 18 and a freshman in highschool ;) My teacher is 52, and he is the most handsome man on the planet plus he has a 12 inch penis!!!!!!! I dream everyday about sucking his penis then taking it up the *** while he makes animal noises and calls me his papi. I told him i would suck his **** for a klondike bar anytime. What should i do

I am a boy,and I'm falling love with my male biology teacher!!!I'm 17 and he is 42 and I know tghi is so so crazy byt I don't know what to do with my feelings! I have tried so much to be his friend or best student and finally I am!but,every step I take, I think I want something more,something bigger,being just normal friends don't satisfy me....I know this is crazy.... I feel like a fool.... But....all of me loves all of him.... His posture... Smile...hands..eyes...his glamorous voice....Oh my gosh he thinks I'm so smart and he has such a respect to it....but no feelingsmore....this is the thing hurts me most.I cacan't stop wishing that I was a girl instead of boy,Then at least I could officially love him....not like this....I'm always ashamed of my feelings and my self....

Omgg I literally feel the same ....!!! I'm 16 and I love my LS teacher who is 15 years older than me..however, I feel shy to talk to him when he is near me... But I really love him... What should I do?

I have the Exact feeling with my art teacher....EXACT. about the posture, and everything. but one day i said her that i lov u,she asked me that u are not of my age and she not accepted but i still love her

Oh gosh I was the only one but reading this helps me a lot. I have a gym teacher who i think i'm starting to like I think about him so much and i cant get him off my mind. I hated him at first but then all of a sudden its all changing. no matter how many times I say that i hate him I still end up thinking about him and today when he smiled I started smiling out of nowhere. Why is this happening to me. i know that nothing can happen so why? I don't want to think about him. he just got married like a two years ago and he belongs to someone else. i am really confused and sad.

dude Im in love with my gymmmmm teacher as well.... omg I love him so much.

You have described most of my stories and basically all of us are having the same situations. I'm 16 years old and my teacher is 11 years older than me. He was my teacher last year and he's not my teacher anymore this year. We had a personal teaching lesson last year, so he was my personal teacher. And by this year, he's not my personal teacher anymore. He's a science teacher and he's so special to me. I don't know why I'm saying this but the thought that me and him will be together is so overwhelming and sad at the same time. By just smiling or saying hi to me, he can make my whole day. He's really helpful and he always laugh at my jokes. His face will turn red every time he smiles. I don't know why am I so attracted to him. My friend thought that I hated him. But no. I like him. It has been a year from now and I have been thinking about this and about confessing to him after graduating. But I don't think it will make things better.

But I still have one lesson per week with him which will take 30 minutes and it's not a personal lesson. And it's hard for me to erase my feelings towards him because he's always there in my school. He's always there. He always jokes with me and he always notices things. I really don't know why I'm doing this to myself. I know that I'm just hurting myself because he will never like me.

He's the only greatest thing that will ever happened to me.

Same with me.Exactly .
My name is YKS ,from the country Myanmar.My love is my English teacher who is 16 years older than me.I m 15 years old .I came through many situations ,good and bad ones .I never had such kind of feeling called love before.Some time,i m very sad n tired. because of him .He is very polite,gentle n stable .I m just jealous about his female pupils n his first love(although i don't know about her well)His one word makes me depressed or happy.I m like a fool.EverydayI m suffering from many sorts of feelings .But there is the fact we can't lie.i.e,he cares me a lot n i m an exception for him who gets his forgiveness(he doesn't mind me though i don't study his lessons,like this situation,he beats or scolds his students ,but he hasn't done it to me,so some time i wanna get his anger haha).However,i m intelligent n so he considers me as his best student n guesses me to get highest marks in my final exam.These days,he forces me too much about that.So,i m trying for his wish .

I have the Exact feeling with my art teacher....EXACT. about the posture, and everything. The other day he caught me staring at him, and instead of being creeped out, he winked!!!!!!

I think with the age difference and this is only my opinion , you should wait until you are of legal age and mature , for several reasons one you love him , idolize him , so you don't want to see him loose what he's worked hard to achieve rt??! ??? And it could be just your very first real crush ,,,, myself , I married an older an at age of 17 he was 36 ,, as I grew older so did my interest in life , I went back to school made my own living ,& realized that I really had changed from being a school girl to a young woman by the time I was 25 ,,,, I will always love him , but I wanted and missed out on alot of things bc I was married at a young age , my friends they hung out , I had to stay home it was all good at first but as years went by I realized , I had cut myself short , and maybe even him , long story short ,,, all things come in time ,& instead of rushing into things just kinda float along and see how it goes , people are cruel ,& can do and say things about the 2 of u that u never dreamed of !! For me I got sugar daddy all the time , and for the truth , I signed a prenup after we were married! Plus it was not any good by the time I divorced him ! Bc we had a child ,& 2 I was 17 my dad signed for me to get married , the legal age was 18 then but needless to say I took nothing but my child and clothing and photos when I left ,,, but again people don't see that they see age diff ,,, I hope this helps u think some ,, if not I'm sorry , I just thought I'd share my experience and thoughts :@) good luck best wishes

My story is a bit hectic I got an educators number from the care taker at the school I'm currently attending I'm in matric and 18 years old, at that time there were no feelings towards this particular educator it was a joke to me so I decided to send a text to the number and he replyed frequently each time I sent a text a reply came back at that time I was not sure if it were the educator or someone else because the messages were pretty personal and (open) so we carried on texting each until I had some idea that it was the same person so I reveled my name and surname in a text message after that the messages came back shorter so he told me in a reply to keep this a secret and I did just that, he taught me in grade 10 I was sixteen years at that time, so he gave me a call the same day and told me that I should visit him so we could discuss these messages so I went to school the next day and after speaking to each other we kissed not once but quite a few times that's when I started having feeling towards him there after it all turned out ugly cause the principal had found out about us and we had to attend a hearing were we had to testify against each other and I did just that . over all of the above mentioned I'm 18 and he is 56 I'm so in love with him that three years has past but I can't forget him, I got his house address, tried to explain to him how much I care and love him I wish he could understand( life is so unfair) please help

I need help... I am 13 years old (obviously im way too young.) and i don't kow what love is like but i've had dreams of a very tall, gentle man with soft pale skin and dark hair (the male version of snow white teehee) and im "in love" with him. hes 30 and my friend says that my "crush" is marrying someone soon. Its too late. i know. but i cant get him out of my mind. IVE WRITTEN 12 SONGS ABOUT HIM AND MY BAND'S BEGINNING TO SUSPECT SOMETHING!! !! i already figured out what my goal in life is and that is merely to see him again and become a chemistry teacher (he is a newly 30 year old man whose a social studies teacher.) but how do i keep in contact with him. and more importantly, what on earth would i do? ive never regularly talked to him (only about music and such) and i dont have him as acedemic teacher. he is the STAGE TECH CREW supervisor and i would join but im in a rock band and im the only bassist and singer we've got. what should i do... im so utterly confused...

I feel you. But the age difference in my situation is about forty years. I don't love him for his looks, though he does appeal to me, personally. It's his intelligence and stability I'm attracted to. I find it impossible to have a satisfying relationship with a teenage boy. I want someone who already has life figured out. I've been utterly obsessed with my 9th- 10th English teacher for three-four years now(I'm a senior, and eighteen years old). I spend my time in class thinking of what I'm going to say to him at the end of the day; I meet him at three everyday and he talks to me about art and music, the occasional complaint about his hag of a wife. He taught me to paint and to have a deeper appreciation for literature and nature. He also tells me how beautiful I am and asks me what I am to do when I graduate and am unable to talk to him everyday... He tells jokes with me about sending him adult oriented pictures, so he can remember me when I move away (you would have to understand our relationship, he isn't being a jerk). we have everything in common, our timing is just off, impeccably. He is beautiful. I was born in the wrong place at the wrong time, and it's highly unfortunate, because had I not been, I could be inevitably happy. I can never be with him, they say it never hurts to try, but in all honesty it does.
Of course I would never act on these emotions. There is too much risk involved, and you have to realize that before letting your feelings get the best of you. In an ideal world, age and social status would not matter, but our world is corrupt and full of small minded people who can't accept what's real.

that is exactly what i feel, i think you should get closer to him

Thank you, someone that has the same situation as me, I have A HUGE CRUSH on my 30 year old band Teacher, he's cute, but not very very attractive, But, it's his boyish quality that actually sets him apart, He's really good at teaching, and he's the very person that actually makes school fun, Sometimes, when I get really bored, I go to him at lunch and ask him questions that i already know the answer of, just to spend time with him, one time my bestfriend discovered this by me accidentally writing in my note book his first name with my name with hearts all around it, I had to pretend that Troy was just a character in my fanfiction story, everytime I see him I will just blush like crazy, he has a core class that I really want to be in, but that's the grade that's directly above me, he's I think single and he has this one thing that I don't know what it is, but, I'm falling head over the heels for him. He has inspired me to be a band teacher and also I want to go to a high school that can make me a co-op student so I can be a co-op student there at my school.

Im in kind of the same situation as you I really fancy my teacher and everything he does is amazing. I would say you have it slightly easier than me because his wife is also a teacher in my school and she is pregnant at the moment and i am finding it hard to deal with. The advice i would give you is to find distractions such as people you like on television because it does help and when i'm in his lesson i know i have him for the whole hour but then i go to hers and it's just a constant reminder that i can never have him.

I've been keeping this a secret for quite a while now, it has probably been about 2 years since I fell for my art teacher. I am 15 and I suppose he's about 27, I heard he has a girlfriend and is planning on an engagement soon, which breaks my heart terribly. Schools about to end in a couple of weeks, and I will truly miss the sight of him. I never intend to confess or let him know because I acknowledge that deep down he had never seen me more than just a student...I liked him because he was the only teacher that saw potential in me, I felt that he really cared for me. He tells me that he gets really worried whenever I was absent from school and that brings an instant smile to my face. Recently he went out of his way to help me pass my art assignment and honestly just when I thought I couldn't fall any deeper. I was told by someone else in my class that he was constantly asking for my whereabouts because he was so worried that I wouldn't pass and even asked if they knew my number.

I'm at the point where I could stare at him for hours if I could. But the thing is I'm not confident enough to look at him in the eyes and engage an genuine conversation with him, which saddens me. He isn't the most attractive teacher out there but there is definitely his sense of humour and intelligence that attracted me in the first place. He's such a dork too, adorable I say. I secretly hope that he will be my teacher next year, I know that the longer this drags on the more pain it would be forced on my self, But everyday knowing that I would get to see him for at least an hour makes me happy and have something to look forward to.

I am 15 years old and I wish I could stop thinking about my history teacher, I do. But some days, I don't know if I like him, or love him. But the connection I feel for him is strong, I just wish he would like me as a person, it would make me feel better. Since I do know, he is a teacher and I am a student. He is also married, 32, and way to respectful and wise to try and take advantage of me. I sometimes feel like he is another father figure to me, but then I get butterflies and a surge of happiness whenever I see him. Love works in mysterious ways, and I hope we can all work it out.

I'm beyond happy i found this, it makes me feel like there's hope. Okay, so my story starts in December of freshman year. My best friend had him for an algebra one teacher and got extra help in his room a lot. I just started to tag along. I'd heard of him a lot before because 90% of the people in my grade had him. I unfortunately didn't have him because i was in sophomore math. I started to go there everyday after school. We didn't talk much, i didn't think much of it. I don't remember when i started talking to him more , but i did. My english class was across the hall, i started coming over to his room to "sharpen my pencil" (an excuse to come talk to him). At that point I don't think it was because i liked him, i just liked talking to him. I started coming early in the morning and going to his room. We talked ,but not about much. I just started wanting to be with him as much as possible, I didn't think about it at the time. There was one day when i had a substitute in my english class and after completing my work i asked if i could go there for extra math help (which i didn't really need). We were talking and i don't even remember what i was talking about but i was crying. The way he dealt with it just captured my heart. He was awkward and didn't know what to do, but he was trying his best to make me feel okay. I think that was the first time that i realized he meant something to me. We continued to talk and he honestly became one of my best friends. When i was upset, he did cute/funny things to cheer me up. He joked around, when his jokes were stupid to other people they were the funniest thing in the world to me. I found myself talking about him all the time, and had to stop myself a lot. The end of the school year came and we continued the same until the last day of school. We said goodbye to each other and didn't think too much about it. That summer i missed him so much. I was miserable. I remember thinking to myself 'you need to stop, you can't be in love with him'. I found myself crying over him, trying to imagine i was with him and just missing him more than anything. My only relief was when he was in my dreams, which only happened 2 or 3 times. When he was in my dreams, i would wake up and cry because it wasn't real life. I couldn't wait for school to start, so i could see him again.School finally started and on the first day I had to wait until the end of the day to see him. When i saw him i got butterflies in my stomach, i was so happy. I had to leave school for a week or so because of medical issues. But when i got back i changed my schedule to be in his class, even though it was below my skill level. I'm happy i get an 75 minutes with him everyday. I feel so obsessive, like if other girls are flirty i get so angry and jealous. I would never tell anyone about this. I live in a small town and if anyone ever found out about a 16 year old girl liking a 27 year old man , I'd never hear the end of it. I wish he was gorgeous so i could say i just like him because of his looks, but there's no way that's true. I know it is mean to say, but he is chubby, geeky and not my type at all. He still lives with his parents and is a total geek. I know he'd never like me back. He's talked about how creepy he thinks it is when teachers have relationships with students. On top of it a group of girls in my grade decided to start a rumor that he was a pedo. He loves his job and i know he would never risk losing it. The fact that we will never be together depresses me to an extreme extent. I cry almost every night. Not always about him but some nights i just wish he was there next to me so bad. After reading these I've decided to tell him that i love him on the last day of senior year. I know he would never love me back but i think that he should know. I hope everybody figures things out. (: ps. sorry for my bad grammar.

Wow! Your story is so moving! :')
Will you be sharing what happens after you tell him you love him?

I have a very similar cliche experiance. I got put into a welding class this year to replace math. I was very nervous going in from the start, as i have never thought of working with metals or machines. I soon felt very different, as welding became my favorite class of the day. I had the sweetest man in the world as a teacher. I pointed out to him that I skipped his class less than any others, and he said he already noticed. we always had really fun, deep conversations afterschool. I feel like we must have been friends in a past life. he makes me feel like I can do anything. I am now graduated, and only have fond memories of some sweet and romantic moments. i mis his gentle voice, and his sense of humor. I never realized until the day I graduated how much I really looked forward to seeing him everyday. I have a wonderful boyfriend now, but I can't seem to get over my feelings for this teacher. I hope one day I can appriciate him for what he is, my teacher. and less of a hot sexy sex god that i just want to ****. lol

Let me simply say this. The fact that he is fifteen years older than you is not a show stopper. There are many people who have appeared in this place who are separated by fifteen years or more in their relationships. The stickler in this, as you are probably well aware, is that he is your teacher and you are the student. Any involvement at this point could prove disasterous for his career, and it wouldn't do you a lot of good in the end either. The thing to do is to simply finish out school. Once you've graduated, the issue becomes a non-issue. If something then develops, then fine. If not, that's life. But I would submit, as someone who feels like he's older than dirt, the age gap can become an issue in the later years, but I don't want to douse your fire at this point. Just approach things with some patience and some wisdom, and who knows what might happen? Just my thoughts. Bye now. :)

i'm the same i fancy a teacher shes amazing but i'm girl which makes me a lesbo!! i really like her dunno what to do i'm not telling her cos i dont want her to find out cos it will crap mine and her friendly relationship together. i feel the same way with all the words u put about 'HIM' but i fancy my support staff member! x

i'm realyy happy tht its nt jst me who has those feelings for a sir!
its the same with me nw i'm 14 nd i really like a teacher who's in my school. Well, he nvr thaught me but he teaches french to my frnds. He ws new to my school nd my frds got tht sir to teach them French, my frnds usually used to tell me abt him. One day i nd 1of my frnd ws outside when he passed by us, my frnd smply pulled me so tht she could show him to me, the first tym i saw him..he ws nice. Nd later i used to see him everyday nd gradually i strtd to like him then i strtd to LOVE him. He's wayy cute. Nd when ever the school ends i usually see him nd he always turns back to see me

Somebody made a comment before to not let the teacher get to you. Becasue since he is older, it would be huge consequences if your district found out how far you wanted it to go.

It's great we're all supportive here, because I too am painting a colorful page of feelings for this one older teacher, and it hasn't been the first.

Call me gross, but in fourth grade, I was in love with [approximatly] 40 year old. I look back, and i'm like "Oh my dear, what was I thinking."

Now, im in highschool, and it's my foreign languages teacher. I don't know, but something about this man just triggers a pulse in my brain of happiness (Dopamine) every time I see him. The intelligence maybe?

I have two answers for this kind of love.
1.) It's because we are daring teenagers, and we want more out of life. Maybe it's becasue teens our age, (15-17) are stupid and idiotic. Mature men, teachers, are the people we see almost every day that are mature, honest, intelligent, and better than any guy our age.
2.) We could also be looking for love. My excuse was attraction and desperation for my teacher in fourth grade. In fact, I saw that same teacher (the one I liked in 4th grade who WAS about 40) and hes the same. Tall, lean, old, its aganizing to not say hi. But anyways, it's desperation for your heart. Everyones heart needs to love, so when we see a lovely figure (a teacher) we love it, and go for it.

well I've read all your stories now and I'm amazed that people feel the same way as I do! so I think it's time to share my story now......

I just turned 14 a few weeks ago and I'm in grade 8. I'm falling for my English teacher. there is a big age difference but I don't care. but... I think he likes me back. he always tries to catch my eyes and always tries to stand near me. He teases me and jokes around with me. There have been rumours that he went out with someone after they graduated. I don't know what to do. I've liked him for some time now and just realised that I actually love him.

I just want to say to everyone out there:
IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT WHO YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH. you can't help love and who you fall for. Yes they might be alot older than you, yes they might be a teacher or the same sex as you, so what? it's called love...

I'm so happy to not be alone in this, everyones stories are just like mine but I think this man might be older than all the ones spoken about here. This man is in his early 50's but believe me you. He surely didn't look like it. You would mistaken him to be in his 40's like I did. My story is still in progress but i'm going to break down what's happened so far.
This teacher I have known since the beginning of my sophomore year and it is now my junior year. He is my German teacher. He is really from Germany he came to America along time ago. He has gorgeous blue eyes, short blonde hair and he always dresses professionally, (always wearing suits, Im not going to complain he always looked extremely handsome in them) hes a very very attractive man, I believe him to be single. He doesn't have a ring on his finger and never mentioned a relationship before. Students ask him alot and I believe He said no. Anyway, I've developed feelings a month or so after I met him, hes so down to earth and he has always given me great advice about things in life, we have had some conversations of our own but nothing major. This year, everytime I see him he would smile at me and wave. He is my last period of the day which is great for me. Every morning I take the long way to pass by his classroom, he always stands outside the door holding it open like a gentlemen and says hello to certain students who would greet him. He would see me and he would instantly get a big smile on his face and wave at me. I would walk past him and say hello and be on my way. He also is in my lunch period with other teachers to watch over the lunches if fights were to start. And he would instantly have his eyes glued to me as soon as I walked in and we would make direct eye contact as I made my way to my table to sit, smiling and waving at me...we have a connection I can feel it, I'm completely in love with this man, on several occasions he has given me his jacket to wear in class because I was always cold, he always smelled amazing, everytime he smiled at me I would go weak in the knees, I would get butterflies in my stomach..if I heard his voice I would get a chill up my spin in excitement, his jackets were huge on me but I didn't mind at all, I just loved sitting there and smelling it, he smelled amazing! a few weeks ago, I was bored and so I wrote a 'love' letter for him, it
was perfect but I never planned on giving
it to him.. But I realized it was missing, I
kept it in my German folder with my work
and notes, I suspected that it got mixed
up in my work and I turned it into him on
accident..since then I have been very
distant and afraid that he would talk to
me about it and reject me.. I haven't gotten a smile her wave from him at all in the past couple days , I'm talked to a friend who told me hes probably just flattered, she used to be close with him so she knows some things about him, I was very upset on Friday after school because I couldn't take the distance anymore. But after I talked with my friend I'm much more confident. She thinks he might actually have a thing for me. When I walk through the halls he always seems to be looking around, searching for someone until he sees me and makes direct eye contact, as if asking for me to go talk to him. I gives me butterflies but I still avoided. He does flirt with me though. I'm going to flirt abit more coming Monday. I decided to let the letter incident go and continue to flirt with him. I will soon update if can on what happens in the next 2 weeks.

Wow! I'm so glad a lot of other people feel the same way I do!
I had a teacher last year... He was truly amazing. Every student loves him, because of his extrordanary ability to teach the material in a way that is comprehensible. At the first of the year, I was a little intimidated by him, so I never went out of my way to see him or make conversation. But after a couple of weeks, I got pretty comfortable around him, and we started becoming friends. As I look back on those days, I realize that nothing could compare to our seeming meaningless conversations. Something about him is different than anyone else. He isn't extremely attractive, but he is super smart and so easy to talk to. I started to actually develop feelings for him around the mid year point. I tried to convince myself it was nothing but a dumb crush and that everyone feels the same way that I do, but it didn't work. As the year went on, we just got closer. At the end of the year, I got him a present and surprisingly, he got me one too. (something he didn't do for anyone else).
Summer was horrible! We emailed quite a bit, but I couldn't bare to not see him. He made me really enjoy school. So this year, I came back and even though I have new teachers, I visit him most everyday. We always have things to talk about. Usually things relating to math, but sometimes we talk about things more personal like family or friends. This is my last year in the building, so I won't see him. I'm dreading leaving him. I never want to say goodbye. We have a relationship unlike anything I know, or will ever know. I have seen him sad, happy, mad, excited, depressed, pretty much anything you can think of. I look past his imperfections because I love him. I know we could never ever be together, and that doesn't bother me. I actually hate if any 'sexual' topics are brought up in relation to him, because I think of him more like a father. I say that, but then I get butterflies when I see him, and I feel so in love with him. He is so different than anyone I know. He's so imperfectly perfect.
He is married. I've met his wife and we are friends. I would never ever ever think of doing anything to jeapordize his career or marriage or anything. My main problem is getting over him and moving on, because I know I won't see him and I can't just live my life depressed.

Here's also one that is hopelessly fallen in love with her teacher. I'm nearly seventeen and he's about 13-15 years older than me and he only has a girlfriend, no children thank god. I really don't know what to do since this is the first time that I'm in love this deeply with someone. Oh, why it has to be my history teacher? I don't even know how I ended up falling for him. It just happened few weeks ago and since then I have had just pictures of him in my head and it's so annoying when the same pictures just keep coming back: his lovely blue eyes, his cute smile, his cute way of walking... <br />
<br />
It's very creepy how I stalk him around school. I always go in front of his class while it's break because I just want to see him. We don't talk much but when he looks at me while passing by I feel like the time stops and my heart starts racing. And afterwards that moment keeps coming back over and over in my head until something even better happens. And I even can hear when he's coming just by listening to his steps. My ears haven't mistaken him for another person ever. And my eyes are constantly searching him from the corridors and I do it without thinking!<br />
<br />
And when I'm home I just want to go back to school because he's there. It was like a pure torture when he was away couple of days and we had a replacement. I was still looking for him even when I knew that he wouldn't be there and that during those few days my eyes wouldn't find him. That nearly killed me. I missed him so much and I was just thinking about him and our past interactions. They kept replaying in my head torturing me without mercy. And when I finally saw him after he had returned I was so happy and restless for the next couple hours. I wasn't capable of listening the teaching nor was I able to concentrate properly. It was very hard not to stand up and run in front of his class. I nearly couldn't sit still. I was constantly doing something with my legs or hands or I was looking at the clock. It was very very tough. Luckily I had two of his classes afternoon so I got to stare at his perfect body, his cute smile and amazing eyes and listen to his soft voice.<br />
<br />
This is really something that I haven't felt for anyone. I have had couple of crushes but they are nothing compared to this love. I'm wise enough not to tell him at least while I'm in school but who knows what happens when I have to leave him. I don't even know what he feels for me (probably not anything romantic) but still I can't stop loving him. I don't even know if I want to because this is kinda nice to be in love like this. Of course I'm aware of the fact that I can never have him and that I just get hurt in the end but still...

I can relate totally to all of your stories. I fell in love with my teacher when I was 14. He was 17 years older than me. I was a nightmare and was totally screwed up over him because I wanted him so badly. He knew how I felt about him and things were quite awkward at school for a time, as I made my feelings quite obvious towards him. He has always been there in my heart and my mind as my first love and I will never deny how I felt about him all of those years ago, for so many years. 14 years ago I married someone else, but this guy was always there in the back of my mind. Apparently he came looking for me the summer I got married, but when he heard that I was getting married he stayed away. I have since split with my husband 3 years ago. Nobody every seemed to compare with how I felt about my first love. <br />
All of the stories I have read on here I can empathise with as I could never see a way forward or how I was ever going to get over this man. But unlike all of you 16 year olds on here, I am now 38 and I have been in a relationship with this man (the teacher) for almost 2 years now! Yes, I got my man eventually and we are very much in love. So there....a happy ending! My philosophy in life is...if you want something bad enough...go out and get it!! But wait until you have left school first, you don't want to be the reason why he is locked up!

well maybe its not love and its just that his really hot...of cousre you cant go tell him you in love with him thats crazy **** but maybe talk to him about things and dont try to get to comfortable with him his a teacher but just be normal.the fact your grades are already high i know for a fact you probaly his favourite student in the class right now!!!:)

I am 15 almost 16 and madly in love with a teacher at my school. problem is he is 47 and is married with 8 kids and is a religion teacher at my catholic school. we are super close and we talk about all kinds of personal stuff. he tells me everything and i tell him eerything. i spend an hour with him everyday after school and we talk whenever we see each other in the halls. also he makes me promise to go see him the day before holidays and the first day after them. he even turned down a job offer because i got upset that he was leaving. <br />
<br />
if he wasnt a teacher id be positive hes into me but because he is i doubt he likes me like that. hes just being nice. <br />
<br />
but i love hi and want him so bad

I can understand all of you. I have a huge crush on my French teacher, I'm only 13 and he's like 34 or something. He's not exactly sexually attractive but he's so sweet and kind, caring and nice, funny and cute. He's always smiling and occasionally winking at me and my friends. I sometimes think he's scary when he's angry but now I love it, I find it cute. Seconds after that angry fit, he's back to the nice happy person he always is.<br />
<br />
He's intelligent by far, he corrects me kindly and even said he'd help me with extra classes if I need them (which I don't but want to take up). I'm sad, this is my last upcoming year here at public school and I don't know what to do, knowing that I'll never see him again unless I come to visit. I never told anyone about this because I'm scared too. He has a new girlfriend and it's sad knowing that he'll never see me in the same light as I do him.<br />
<br />
When school is over here for me, what will I do without him? Will I only have the could be thoughts left, I don't even have a picture of him. It's summer here and I miss him sooooo much. I wish school - no matter how much I hate it - would start up again just so I could see him.<br />
<br />
This one time in my 2011-2012 class, I accidentally wrote his first name with a heart next to it and he teased me about it. I lied that it was someone else and I erased it from the paper, my friends tease me about it and now I have this whole lie that Kevin is this cute person when he doesn't even exist. I'm slightly depressed here and don't know what to do at all. :(

I could not have put it into better words. I am precisely the same word to word with my english teacher, but he left last week before the holiday. I'm now going into my last year, and I cannot bare the thought of him not being there next year, he meant everything to me. We gave him a big send off, I bought him a gift, and wrote him a poem since he teaches english, but I regret that day so much. As it was the last day of term, I pretty much had free lessons as our courses were finnished, so I made time with my friend to go and see him and chat etc, and then we said goodbye, by which i cried when i got out the room. But, throughout the day, I purposly kept bumping into him, and I acted so impulsively. As soon as I saw him I kept stopping him and found myself saying 'no you cant go' or 'please I can't-' you know just general pleading type of thing... It kept getting worse and it happened about 5 times that day, by which he had never seen this crazy side to me before so he probably thought i was a bit of a freak, but I literally couldn't help it since i knew it would be the last time I ever see him again, but he wouldn't understand. I just wanted to tell him how I felt but i knew I couldn't. Then, last lesson, I cried the whole way through, thinking of his face and the time he held my hand the day before telling me to try to forget about him leaving because i was fretting. People were staring at me, but it was just me and my friend who knew what was wrong with me. I was completely drenched and dying of tears, I felt like there was a hole in my heart, and that i could die any seccond and no one could help me. The bell rang, and we said goodbye to friends etc, then as I left on my way to the gates, he was there. I was still slightly wet-faced and red, and he walked past me, smiled, and i attempted to hide my face, but he saw, then stroled away with his hand on his chest and looked back at me once again. That was the final look and the final time I would see his face again. I still cry and feel alone without him, even though he is just a teacher and nothing would have happened in the first place. I was sensible about it, and never showed my self up until that very last day. But the way he looked at me when I kept stopping him was heart breaking, I cannot tell you how much i regret it, and i wish i just kept the goodbye with a shake of his smooth hands... I just want him to remember me for the quiet kind girl he knew, not the desperate freak he last saw. If only he could read this and understand, but he's gone forever, and no one understands. Additionally to what you described, he was everthing to me, and I have never felt like that for anyone before. I doupt I will find another like him, and It's hard to forget the past. Man it's better to write all that down. I could carry on typing for hours since i have so much to say, but i think my hands could fall off... ;) x

I am also 15 and am also in love with my teacher. the only problem is, im a female, in love with a female teacher. she is my year head. and i have told her that that, aswell as me being attracted to boys i am also attracted to girls. now, some of you will be thinking why would you ever tell your teacher such a thing, but the honest truth is that i just needed someone to talk to, and who better to talk than the one i love? she gave me support by giving me counselling classes to deal with my feelings but i didnt need counselling classes, all i needed was for her to comfort me.<br />
I think she knows that i like her now because i am so obsessed withher i know her schedual of the day, such as; where she is, what classes she is taking, and even if she is on lunch duty... as she is my year head i have to watch her take assembly every monday morning... i cant help but stare at her. i am afraid everyone may look at me as a creep because they do not pay attention to her at all! It is now summer time and i will not see her again for another 2 months. the only thing i have of hers is a few pictures, her favourite perfume and a lock of her hair i took from her comb :S i miss her and i am so glad you guys feel the same way about your teachers! thaks :'D

I'm 16 and I'm hopelessly in love with a 29 year old English teacher. I know there's no way we can be together but the little daydreams I have of him drive me insane. I always cling to that thread of hope that he might fall for me one day, but I know in the back of my mind he never would. Everything about him is perfect, his eyes, voice, figure, stance, everything! I know it's foolish to dwell on it, but I can't let him go. He's everything to me. I don't know what I would do without him being around me. I love him, but that's why I never do anything untoward; his happiness is more to me than ruining his life for my own selfishness.

omg, i am in the exact same position, i didn't know so many people went through this! i am so grateful! you might as well have read my diary, omg. But don't worry, mines worse, im a fifteen year old GIRL and im in love with my English teacher.....who is also a STRAIGHT girl :( sometimes, i really can't handel it, and i just sit on the floor and cry

When I first started at secondary school, my physics teacher was the one who truly scared me. I'd always been a little goody two shoes but because I laughed a little at the back of his classroom he threatened me with a detention. I was barely 11 so I think you can see where I'm coming from...<br />
Anyway, within a few weeks he ceased to scare me and every time I went for my physics classes I would find myself crying with laughter, once he got to know my class he was just so funny and lovely! It didn't mean anything to me though at first... <br />
The day I realised that there was something else there was when I was doodling on my notebook, I remember him coming up behind me and asking me what I was doing, his head was barely a few inches from mine ( I know that sounds inappropriate but it wasn't, he was simply trying to save my humiliation). Being 11, I had never really been attracted to anyone before, not properly, so you could have imagined just how scared I was when I felt my entire body heat up, from head to toe, my heart rate double and the goose bumps as I felt his breath on my neck... It scared me to be honest, I thought something weird was happening to me, but then I realised and all I could think was "you have GOT to be kidding me!!!"<br />
I'm not being mean, I'm simply going to state the truth. My physics teacher is NOT physically attractive, most would probably call him a little ugly (Lord forgive me), he carries a bit of extra weight and he's only in his mid twenties but he does look far older.... That's what made me so worried, my reaction wasn't exactly normal, at the age of 11 I was being turned on by a man 12 years older than me who wasn't even good looking. I thought it would pass though, I mean, it had to surely.<br />
Oh how naive I was. That first realization was in October 2007, it's now May 2012 and nothing has changed... actually it has, I am now entirely infatuated and irrevocably in love with this man! I'm sixteen years old, I've had seven failed boyfriends in the last two and a half years and I know I'm too young for little romances to mean much but I went through with them in the hope that I would snap back to my senses and FINALLY get over this man. I did so many stupid things to myself. One week after my fourteenth birthday I self harmed over him, and have been self harming on and off ever since, although I'm trying not to more recently. When he found out I was so ashamed that I vowed to stop, but it was difficult.<br />
I've basically stalked this man for 4 1/2 years, but not in a sinister way, I've tried to develop a friendship with him and to my delight I've succeeded!! When I turned 12 I was fed up just staring at him nervously and having gained a little confidence around him, i thought that I would go to see him after class and ask him for help with maths. I do additional mathematics and though I'm a straight A* student I find maths a little harder so I thought I'd ask him.. He's always helped me with anything I may ask of him, he's a leader at my youth group and he helped me find my faith which I have today. I had an abusive relationship last year with a boy who was considerably older than me (I was only just fifteen and he was nearly eighteen). Why?? Because I wanted to feel what it was like to be with someone older. It didn't work but I did end up losing my virginity in a drunken stupor. I could have filed charges for statuary rape but I thought against it, I had gotten myself into this mess and I would dig myself back out of it.<br />
Of course, when all these bad things happened, he could tell there was something wrong. He was the only one of my teachers who could see the dried blood on my uniform and the only one who knew that I had been crying at lunchtimes. I lost so many friends due to my unstoppable misery and he was always there to comfort me and help me in any way possible... He really is perfect.<br />
He cares, I didn't go running to him, he came to me, he helped me find God which has helped me SO MUCH, he's a regular volunteer, he's unbelievably intelligent and started teaching at my school when he was only 23 the year before I joined. Now he's head of department and on the list to be a senior teacher while still 28. He's lovely to everyone, he's witty, good fun and yeah, he might not be hot but looks aren't everything and I don't care what he looks like because of how perfect he is really. More recently, I've been rejecting boys who ask me out because I feel like I'm cheating them when I love someone else. I don't know if this is real love because I'm young and possibly a little silly, I don't know, but its lasted almost 5 years and only strengthened.<br />
I have his number on my mobile "for emergencies" and I've been tempted to text him so many times but I refrained because I respect him and his rules. I've never been in trouble with him, I've made sacrifices for him that he doesn't even know about ( my technology teacher once threw a fit at him because he apparently took the welding irons to fix an A level practical without permission. I told the technology teacher that it was me and got detention for 3 weeks for him). Maybe it is love, maybe it isn't. I don;t want to love him!! I want to be like my friends who have flings and fall for boys their own age but I honestly can't (believe me, I've tried). <br />
I'll be leaving my final year in 2 years time and I've promised myself that I'll tell him everything whether he wants to hear it or not. He has a right to know and to be honest, rumours have been flying about me and him for years (I spend way too much time in his office) so I think he may already know. It matters not, I'm going to tell him, but I'm not stupid enough to do it just yet, I'm waiting till I've graduated. I know he won't feel the same and as a Christian he will feel that he'd be taking advantage of me but I have to try.<br />
My advice is to tell him if you want, but wait till you're old enough. That's important. No normal man would want anything to do with a young girl, but when you're an adult he can make a serious decision. If I don't get my way, and if I don't fall for him, I'm coming back after university... I'm pretty desperate.<br />
Good luck and I hope you find this useful, just don't do anything as stupid as what I did :)

I understand completely!<br />
I am also 16 years old and completely head over heels for one of the teachers at my school... but he is 26 years older than me and I know that sounds crazy, but i cant help it. He is married with kids and it really hurts to know that i can never be with him, so much so it makes me feel sick with sadness.<br />
He is a music teacher, so unlike most teachers i just about always see him outside of school at performances or on camps... we are even going overseas together next year with the school.<br />
i cant even begin to describe to you how amazing he is.<br />
But he is perfect in every way. He is funny, so incredibly smart and wise and he knows everything and his personality, his looks (which are so incredibly fine for a 43 year old), just everything about him... i want to be with him all the time and talk to him every day... he is just soothing and amazing...<br />
the best part of my day is when i see him...<br />
but it is also the worst because its like bringing the dream so close and then ripping it away.<br />
next year i will be in year 12... and that is the last year of seeing him every day and being around him...<br />
<br />
i am constantly thinking about him (and i mean CONSTANTLY) and just.. argh! words cant even describe.<br />
he is just perfect, and i hope to find a guy like him one day.<br />
like, an exact replica. <br />

Even though I'm about to take major, serious exams, I can't quite concentrate on my revision because of this one man. He has taught me for two years now, and it's funny how at first you don't really pay much attention to the one man you now obsess over daily. He was just this teacher, older and unreachable. But the moment those first nagging thoughts entered my mind, I just couldn't stop myself. It was like I wanted someone that didn't exist in my world; we were so many years apart, and so different. I've seen his stunning wife and adorable kids. Despite knowing, acknowledging, completely accepting this, I still let myself wonder and dream and smile.<br />
<br />
When I found out he was leaving the school this year, I felt as if I was being cheated on something I had always taken for granted. I want to say goodbye, properly, but the last words I want to say to him will always be em<x>bedded in my mind and my dreams. I don't love him; I don't think so. I like another boy in my year. I haven't cried about him or talked to friends about him. He's just been a sweet, hurting secret that I've kept for a year and a half, and that has grown like merciless stain on my emotions.<br />
<br />
I've already accepted that he's gone; I had my last class with him today. If anyone's feeling lovesick or hurt, just know that this is life and it's all gonna pass. I'm still in high-school, and it hurts; I left him sitting at his computer, a small 'thank you' on the tip of my tongue. But I just know that I'll be so much happier with another guy. My teacher is beautiful, yes, but it can never, ever happen. Just be glad and proud that you're mature for not starting something so right and yet disastrous at the same time. If you have the strength to do this, you deserve someone a hundred times better than the man of your affections. And he'll be unknowingly grateful of you.<br />
<br />
I'm hoping that's the case, anyway. I'm going to let him go now.

I'm going through the same thing - otherwise how would I have found this lovely post? :) Anyway, however much I love him, I keep telling myself not to act on it. It's important to realize that IF YOU DO ANYTHING HE WILL PAY THE CONSEQUENCES. In fact, just last year a teacher at my school got fired for having sexual relations with a students of hers under 18. However much you might want to act on this, DON'T. It's important to realize what's at stake here for your teacher. He could lose his job, his wife might divorce him, he could go to jail. There are so many things that need to be taken into account. If you love him, you would want the best for him, and the best for him is to stay ignorant to the fact that you love him.

Can't believe there's a lot people having same situation with me too :'(<br />
<br />
I'm falling in love with my male teacher since on February. He is older than me 10 years. He taught us sport last year then he teaches us commerce this year. He is really amazing, sunny and sporty. He loves to smile, tell jokes, do silly things etc... My heart melts when i see his sweet smile. To impress him, i wanna get good grade in commerce. Then i got second highest marks in commerce subject last exam. He knows it but he didn't say anything about that.<br />
<br />
Last month I ever told my friends that i like him. Then my friends secretly tell him that i like him. But he just laugh and being shy. Start from that day, i never tell anyone about my feeling toward him.<br />
<br />
Recently he keep looking at me only at class. I really hope we have the same feeling with each other too. I really wish that we can together although i know it's difficult :( I tried to forget him but it's hard because i can always meet him at school.<br />
<br />
It's not great to fall in love with a teacher. You can't tell anyone that you like him because people will think that you're stupid, laugh at you or ask you to give up and move on. No one will really agree your choice except for your best friends. People think this is a joke but only you think this is a FEELING. <br />
<br />
I don't want to tell him that i love him. I really afraid that he will reject me and scare of me.<br />
I'm in the pain, every moment.<br />
<br />
*Sorry for my bad english,

(A REAL STORY AND SOME ADVISE) Hey I also can relate granted this post has been here forever and I wonder if the person who wrote it ever actually read what was on here. Anyways since the rest of the girls who share these feeling wrote there story I might as well add mine because their thoughts and situations really helped me. I hope mine can help someone else. I heard his name when I got to high school and it stood out to me right away (never even met the guy) so naturally I ignored it, and life moved on. Ha-ha I had a class right next to his (I was also had the class with my boyfriend at the time) and one of my best friends was in his class next door. Our classes came together for some project and I remember being out in the hallway with my boyfriend and best friend then I saw him in the doorway, I knew who he was but this was the first time I had saw him... boom instant connection, at least on my end. This feeling was so alien to me so it didn’t stand out in my head as much, not to mention I had a boyfriend whom I "loved" I remember playing cards with my best friend and boyfriend in his class and just looking at him; trying to understand this strange feeling. I didn’t really see him much after that and time moved on. Turns out I failed the class I was in so I had to retake it, this time I got him as my teacher, when I saw it on my schedule I was excited and I didn’t know why but It was over that summer I kept in mind that he was going to be my teacher and maybe I could understand more of this connection. On the first day of class it was third period (we had four periods) it was crazy he was I don’t know special so when class was over I stayed late and started a conversation with him, after his assistant teacher left the room the conversation it began with I don’t know multi-dimensional space, or dreams, maybe Hinduism I don’t really remember but it turns out this conversation lasted all throughout my fourth period, his assistant teacher returned nearing the end of the school day he was surprised and he gave him a weird look. The next day he went to my fourth period teacher and well sort of lied for me, I finally understood why the connection was so strong (I can feel people’s energy). Time passed and my feelings only grew stronger each passing day I think his assistant teacher figured me out but didn’t bring it up to him. I got so sick and tired of feeling the way I did that I even went out with another student in the class ahhh and I just couldn’t let it go. All the while me and my teacher grew closer, I would go see him all the time, eventually the class ended and he wasn’t my teacher anymore; I was glad actually I still went to go see him and the conversations never grew less amazing in fact on the contrary they grew more complex. He gave me a book that was really special to him and he would give me little gifts here and there. Our relationship was special and different without question he would always tell me I have an old soul he said maybe even older than his. Time passed by and I didn’t go see him as often but I would always think and dream of him the feelings only grew stronger even though I saw other people it just never seemed to go away. I would put it in the back of my mind but nope it was still there. One day a little over a week ago actually I reveled to my teacher how I felt in a subtle way but like your special person he is smart and quote on quote "I have a theory" is what he said. (meaning it finally clicked) but since I was so indirect he was not totally sure until he asked if he was older I said yes, he asked if he went to this school, I said yes, he asked if he was a senior and I said no, he asked me if he was a student and I said no. I told him that I could never tell this person how I feel, he asked me why and I told him we would never be accepted and there was no way I would have a chance with him anyway, and he told me not to let that stop me because I will always wonder what could have been. And he’s right I’m glad he It turned out he was very understanding when he finally got the hint and I was more than pleased to find that he also shared my similar feelings... at first he was something I could never have but once it became possible everything changed and reality kicked in. When we talked my heart raced because he told me that it could happen... it was like a dream. He said granted we would have to wait for a while and it would have to be discrete but he told me that’s only if what’s I wanted there was no reason to rush into anything I wasn’t ready for. To other people maybe this sounds creepy or whatever but it was always a bond we shared between two old souls not just some silly school girl crush, this conversation was very recent but completely indirect I still have to go back and finish it because it kind of was cut short and we both know (indirectly of course) but me and him still have so much more to talk about I would like to know that we both are on the same page. The anticipation for our next conversation is completely killing me but yet I am so happy! I however am waiting a while before I go see him again because it really is something that we must think through it is that important to understand what you are getting yourself into so you know it’s what you really want. That is the most important thing there is because even though we both feel the same there are so many obstacles we would have to overcome to be together, a choice that is life changing for the both of us. Ahhh there are so many reasons why it’s wrong and if it does happen it will be a constant battle between us and the rest of the world because it would not be "right", my advice if he really is as special as you portray tell him how you feel maybe not right now but don’t let a beautiful connection just pass you by. We all have old and young souls just because there is a big age difference doesn’t mean that it’s always wrong just because that is how it is seen to everyone else. If you love someone and its real there is no reason why it’s wrong. But I am scared to see how our conversation goes but it’s everything I always wanted. If it makes you that happy please tell him.... I haven’t felt more amazing then when I talk to him. I’m thinking that now that he knows and the feeling is mutual we can be together but I know at what cost... make sure you know what you’re giving up to be with this person. because in truth being with someone older at such a young age has a huge cost because your letting go of so much being with this person but if you make each other happy and you both know what you’re getting into and are going to be there for each other no matter what then by all means be happy go for it as long as your BOTH sure that’s you want! I wish you the best.

Since it's still pretty lively here, I'll add to the collection. Once again, it's about an older man, a teacher of sorts, although his real profession was a general veterinary practitioner. First impression: incredibly attractive, incredibly funny, incredibly passionate. It wasn't a secret that he was handsome; he often boasted about his escapades with women. But, there were also times when he talked about his young daughter as if she was the most precious gem in the world. I, being the keener, often stayed later than my friends, and got to chat with him privately. We asked each other random and sometimes personal questions, like partner preferences and what not. I've always thought those times were really special. Over the several months I stayed in the vet clinic with him, I learned to admire his passion for work, for learning, for life. He had flaws, yes, but his values were so close to perfection. I knew that I had no chance - he was divorced, but still 24 years my senior, and with a child only ten years younger than myself. My friends joked that he could have been my father. They also accused my feelings of bias, as he was in a position of authority over me. I don't believe that. I may be young, inexperienced, and naive, but the strong desire to love, care for, humor, and argue with him was not merely a childish infatuation. When my term stay was close to ending, I made a attempt to close the gap by texting him. I only felt sheer horror and embarrassment when mistook me for a woman he met at some mall. When he realized, he stopped texting. Even now, I still think about him, how he's doing, how his daughter is doing. I stayed in contact with his colleague, so I can occasionally inquire about him, but that's not nearly enough. I can do nothing until I become an accomplished woman. I think only then, will I be his equal.

now what do i say about unrequited love...i have been holding this in my heart for too long friends know all about it and have been asking me to get over it...but only if it had been as easy as that.....he is my professor at college and has taught me in every semester during the three years of my college...if there is one friendship i have desired in life it is his...but it seems that is not to was my last day in college and probably i shall never get to see him again....well its a long long story..from first year to this day....i never thought of anyone else but him but it seems to be all over now....the saddest part is i realised that he was not really the person i thought him to be...i had pictured him to be the perfect man and when i discovered his many flaws during the course of my final year i was many sleepless nights have i spent crying my eyes out and hen appearing with swollen eyes the next day in class? but who saw?. never did i lose hope that he would probably change for the better....what are these emotions? i dont desire him but i want him to change into a good human being, the one that i had taken him to be...hope he finds happiness...and if God is merciful then the hope that i shall get to meet him again later in life shall remain in my heart forever...The Almighty is witness to my tears and prayers...if He wishes, He can perform miracles and that hope keeps me going...we never really know what turn out emotions take.....Dear Sir...i love you...may God always be with you.

I figure, if everyone else has, I might as well add my story.<br />
I am totally and utterly in love with my maths teacher! I've known him for almost 8 years now, and have loved him for around 1 1/2 of those. I'm now in year 10 and he hasn't been my teacher for the past two years, but he took me consistently from year 3-8 for an extension group. From about year 3-6 I admired him as a teacher and thought he was very interesting (I've always been mature for my age) and during years 7&8 I started to get a little crush on him.<br />
Then all of a sudden I didn't have him as a teacher anymore until one day in year 9 he took my class for a relief lesson and then I realised I was in love with him.<br />
He is the sole topic of all my thoughts and dreams, however, it's not effecting my marks in anyway because he is not my teacher this year, I am a pretty good student, and if it were going to effect them in anyway they would go up as I want to impress him academically.<br />
In my eyes he is absolutely perfect, he is so funny, charming, fiercely intelligent and very handsome.Because I don't have any classes with him I don't get to see him often so I always try to go places where he might be, just so I can see him if only for a fleeting moment. When I am around him I feel all shaky and like there are butterflies in my stomach.<br />
The other day my friend and I were late to assembly so had to sit at the back with the staff and as luck would have it I ended up sitting next to him! My heart was racing the whole time and I couldn't stop my hands from shaking. I know it sounds dreadfully cliche but when we touched I felt a jolt of electricity.<br />
The major hitch is that he is a good 35 years my senior (huge age gap, I know!), is married with 3 children (one older than me), and even if, heaven forbid, he felt the same way, is far too professional and noble to act on it!<br />
I know my situation is hopeless, but it's good to know I'm not alone! :)

don't tell me how long this have been posted, because i really want someone (or 80 people) that i can relate to. he is my english teacher. let's call him by mr. a. i just got him last month or something because i just got onto a higher level in my english. he is really nice and caring and i don't know if it is just me but i think he really tries hard to help his students. when i got to his class the first time, he could remember almost all the names of the new students that just joined his class. he even got my name right at the first guess. (YES!!) but i didn't feel anything for him at all. i couldn't see anything my sister (sarah) told me about him (she has his classes too) like he is funny and stuff. he just seem like a decent teacher (not like that cranky teacher next door). <br />
<br />
after two classes with him, we had parents' evening for year 9s (yes, i am a year 9) and sarah decided to tag along. we didn't meet mr. a, we met my old english teacher instead because she knows my grades better. as we went and meet all the other teachers that i had classes with, i shooed sarah to go and talk to her friends or something because she was being really annoying and the room wasn't that big and i have claustrophobia. so she went outside.<br />
<br />
when we came out and decided to go home, my dad went and looked for sarah while me and my mom went to get the car. when we got into the car, my dad was joking and teasing sarah for having a crush on mr a because she was bugging him just now. my dad said he is young and quite attractive so sarah must have been flirting, and gave a big laugh. sarah went all defensive and started saying things like he is WAAAYY too old and he's not hot anyway.<br />
<br />
so time went on like it always does, and i discovered (just like sarah said) that he is not that attractive if you really look at his details. but unknowingly, i fell for him. a crush, i said to myself. it will go away just like it always does. but oh no it didn't!! my feelings for him grew solid and it overpowered me sometimes. i pushed the feeling deep down inside my heart. i was afraid of it. afraid if anybody knows about it. i was being a super paranoid. i even imagined people reading my mind! imagine!!!!! god knows what i was thinking.<br />
<br />
funnily though, mr a wasn't at all the man of my dreams. i was dreaming of a wise and pious guy (what? WHAT!?) with a handsome face and olive skin-tone and dreamy blue eyes and all those type of things. but he wasn't any of em. smart, he was, but pale, and dim coloured eyes (i don't know the colour because i never look into his eyes, it's gonna kill me!), and not fit but not fat kinda person, and scottish (oh im not racist! i was just thinking of being with someone of my race! and my age!(kinda) and my religion!). the only part of him that suits my criteria was that him and i have a 10 year gap. i wanted to marry someone at the most 10 years gap. he is 23 going on 24 and i am 13 going on 14. <br />
<br />
i am going to move to upper academy next year (i think i am giving away too much info. oh well.) and i was thinking of telling him when im about to leave. but i am really afraid if he teaches in the upper too. some teachers do. all i know is that he is unmarried and wants to marry after he has gathered enough experience in life (which is teaching). will he wait for me??<br />
<br />
i always feel like telling him how he is the best teacher i've ever had (which is most probably a lie. i've had lots of good teachers.) and felt like hugging him when he is upset. (he's been teaching for only 2 years and some teachers are quite mean i tell you.) he doesn't show it when he is upset but i can see it in him. i anticipate his classes all the time and gets totally annoyed when kids interrupt it. i even forget about my attempt to lie to my mum about being sick just because it's his last class before term break. i always finish his homework on time and legs it whenever it's his class just to get there first. (we don't have time between classes.) whenever he looks at his students with his concerned face when we come into his class everyday, it sends shivers down my spine. not in a bad way, but in a... i don't know!! how should i know!!??<br />
<br />
he is usually very nice but these few days he ignores me all the time. i am his best student and he usually will pay attention to me more because he wants me to get to a higher level. he knows i can. but he didn't even notice me when i was raising my hand for hours (not literally). i was afraid sarah said something to him because i gave hints to her about it the night before. i usually find something to bug him about after almost every class. this time, i was really scared and waayy nervous than how i'm used to. i asked him if i did something wrong, and like always, he repeats my words, which made me melt. "did you do something wrong?" "yea, did i?" "why would you think that?" "because you were ignoring me.." and told him everything. well, almost everything. he said "oh, sometimes i don't notice stuff, what did you want to ask me?" i told him, and he told me the answer as we walked out his classroom. we said our goodbyes and when i was about to go down the stairs, he called out to me. i turned around and he said stay safe or something alike. (it was his last class with us before easter break.) i was melting inside and just said "uh-huh.." and legged it.<br />
<br />
he is sooooooooooooooooo...... *no words to describe, because i don't know why in the world am i loving him so much!!*<br />
<br />
p.s. my sister confessed that she likes him too because she begged me to let her know what i'm typing about for 2 hours and i'm a nice person so i did when she started to harass me with all those nice stuff she shared with me (oh my god) and she was whispering "fuuuuuck...." in my ear while i was continuing with my typing. i'm so grossed out right now. i really don't like talking about admiring the same person. EWWWW!!!!! get out of my face! i don't care if you liked him first!!! :P i love my sister. dilemma oh dilemma...

Hi, I'm 18 years old, and am utterly and completely head over hills for my lecturer. You see, I'm a girl and my lecturer is a woman.. It's been really hard on me. I am studying Tourism and am in my last year. When she walked into the class room 3 years ago I thought I was going to die of not being able to breath.. I can't get her out of my thoughts and really want to be with her. I sometimes feel that I want to just grab her and kiss her.. Sometimes I feel someone staring at me in class, then I look up and catch her gaze. She will look away immediately. She is turning 32 this year and I can't help to wonder what she is feeling.. I have heard that she has had a thing on with one of the girls (before I got to the college) but I don't know if it's true. She invited me on BBM when I got mine but I'm not the only one she has got on from the class. She always sends me nice messages and always speaks to me over BBM when she wants to find out something, but I just keep on wondering, why me? Why didn't she ask someone else who she has on WhatsApp.. Writing this gives me so many butterflies I don't know how I'm going to sleep.. I don't know what to do anymore.. I can't tell her how I feel. I look at her in class and wonder what she is thinking. I know this isn't a phase I'm going through. I know this is real.. I have been in love like this before, and got hurt. That's why I am so afraid. What if she laughs at me if I tell her. Sometimes I think she knows exactly what I feel. But then other times I doubt it. I'm a wreck.. I have insomnia of not knowing where I stand with her.. Maybe when this year is done I'll forget about her, but what if I don't? What do I do then??!! Thanks for reading and sorry for the soppy long post.

-i am so releived its not just me, I'm inlove with this teacher, he is the most beautiful thing ever, I even have dreams about him & dreams of us together, I wish I could get over this obsession! When I see him my knees go weak and I get so nervous & start to get butterflies, I do any little thing to get his attention its stupid! There is about 10-15 years between us & I would do literally anything to have him!!

I know it was written ages ago but it makes me feel so relieved that I'm not the only one - which I thought I was.<br />
Here's my experience;<br />
I'm 15 and he's 25 and my history teacher. I've only known him around 2 - 2 and a half years but have been completely in love with him. It seems he can't do anything wrong! Everytime I see him I get flutters in my stomach, he's always stops to say hi and have a chat with me even if he is late for something. I feel like we are connected because everytime he looks or talks to me he makes direct eye contact which makes me fall even harder. Whenever I'm upset he is always there to comfort me and tell me the right things. I purposely arrive early to his lessons and be the last to leave just so we could have one of our chats and be alone. I always wait for my friends who have him for their lessons even if I don't have next lesson with them just so I get a little cheeky smile from him. I have told one of my friends how I feel but the others wouldn't understand they just think I am completely obsessed! My mum has told me that one of her friends married her teachers after she left school and since she told me that, it's all ive been thinking about. I know I can't do anything until I leave schoil but I can't help thinking it will be too late then. He's currently single but who knows what can happen:( I know this is not just a stupid little crush and I know he feels something too!<br />
<br />
I am just going to believe that whatever happens happens for a reason! Such a cliche but it's my motto ♥

Even though this was posted almost 5 years ago, I can relate to what you are saying. I have developed very strong feelings for my tutor. I am 17 and he is 23. Although I did not have feelings for the first few months, I have grown to love his incredible intelligence, obvious humor, and his outlook on people and life. I am completely unsure of his feelings towards me. I am sure that he likes me as a person and friend, but it could truly go either way when it comes to the romantic side of all of it. All I know for sure is how safe, comfortable and relaxed I feel with him and that I love everything about him.

I know this post is very old but I'd'like to share my "experience". <br /><br />
Well, I'm french but I'm not leaving in France. I'm gonna stay anonymous and I'm not gonna tell where I live. I met my french teacher in september, when I started school. He is almost 30 and I am 15. He is french and reminds me sooo much of France that I miss a lot. I'm the only french student in my school and the other students do not understand me. He is the only one that laughs with me on my jokes and vice versa. The problem is that I'm in a religious school. I don't want to get in trouble telling him I love him -because I LOVE HIM so much! He really is the only one that understands me. He is cute and gentleman. He is the kind of teacher that is arrogant with others but deep down he is nice and always smiles. I don't know how to tell him I love him because near him I'm sooo shy! I can't even look at him in the eye! Give me some advice please. Contact me inbox. Thanks for reading me, I hope you'll help.

Omg i couldn't believe it when i read this! I felt like i was the only one, because no one really understands the love i feel for my teacher! Well he's not my teacher anymore but he was last year. I didn't notice how i felt for him till he left and i just started missing him WAY TOO MUCH words can't describe it! He has a girlfriend and he's a teacher now at the high school i'm going to! so i have really been looking forward to seeing him in 9th grade! He has come to visit and last time he did it was so obvious that i love him, when i saw him i just couldn't believe he was there! He has made me feel things no one else has, i love him more than anything in this world! I would do absolutely ANYTHING to have him. He is just AMAZING! but anyways i love him A LOT! he is just beautiful in every way and i just can't help how happy i get when i see him! I just keep smiling and stuff and my friends even said i was glowing! He was my homeroom teacher last year and he's just reallyy fun! i know that i should like guys my age but right now i really can't look at any of them! And i also know nothing is ever going ti happen between me and him but i reallyyyyyy love him! I feel good now that i feel like other people would understand me! Oh yeah and he is 14 years older than me!

My SOSE teacher is wonderful in every way, you have written my thoughts exactly to the end point. The way he smiles and how your heart starts beating faster. How is eyes sometimes turn to you in class and you start to feel sparks... I love him so and there is nothing I or anyone else in love with their teacher can do. We can gaze from afar, walk past his classroom every now and then, and be in awe while he talks in class... I wonder if he will ever love, if knew the real me, if he just got closer to me I know he would love me. If he understand my true feelings, if I could just tell him and I would be granted his feelings in return. But that is just a dream, a mere dream... But if we all dream and have hope for the future, our dream may come true. Maybe it can't come true, but we shall move forward.

Oh my god! I'm so relieved after reading this. I've fallen in love with my teacher. He's just amazing, we have had the most interesting conversations and I just sparkle when I'm with him. I thought it was weird and nobody shared my pain but reading all these stories made me feel so much better. It's very apparent that he has feelings for me too, even a few of my classmates think he has a thing for me, I haven't spoken to anyone about it because I'm worried people will think it's just a schoolgirl crush but it just can't be the feelings are too deep. We flirt all the time and he's always shown more of an interest in me than anyone else and he goes out of his way to make eye contact with me whenever we see each other. He has left the school now though, he came up to me especially to tell me and he emphasised that he was going to miss me, when he told me I wanted to cry and just kiss him cuz he's so gorgeous and he smells so good but I knew that I couldn't. His reasoning wasn't particulary clear and I think it may of been partly me as the reasin he left because we both knew there was summat there it was hard to miss and I spect he didn't like falling for a student. But now I'm heartbroken my body craves for him. I don't think I can stand going to school next term and not getting to see that ruggedly sexy face. I've added and messaged him on facebook casually but if I was part the reason he left I don't think he'd want to contact me because he obviously doesn't want feelings for me because he doesn't want to be known as a paedophile I spect but I don't think I can live without him, it's all a cliche but that doesn't make my feelings less and it doesn't stop the pain.

I love how this was posted like 4 years ago and people are still frequently posting. Anyway I thought I’d just add to all this and tell my story. <br />
<br />
Well... I’m 13 1/2 now and he is probably about 36/7. He was my teacher last year. The year before last year (my first year in secondary school) I always knew who he was and thought he was cute and everything and then when I first went into his class last year I really liked him (just as a teacher) and thought he was really nice. <br />
<br />
but after a few weeks I started to get really nervous around him and got scared whenever I saw him I couldn't figure out why and I’d had a few thoughts about thinking maybe I like him but I just threw them aside thinking I was just being stupid. I remember whenever he was near me at all or talking to me I would be shaking and everything and I'd avoid him as much as I could and when I did have to talk to him Id talk really really quietly even when I tried to be louder.<br />
<br />
I convinced my self I hated him yet I couldn't ever figure out why I did. once when I was having a laugh with my friend we saw him (I'll call him Mr. P) and another teacher (I'll call him Mr. F) walking by but either just in earshot or just out of ear shot and I shouted (my friends name) fancy’s Mr. F then she said eww no I don’t (my name) fancy’s Mr. P and I was so embarrassed and I went red and everything but I didn’t know why because I thought I hated him and I was so scared he’d heard my friend. <br />
<br />
Anyway for the whole of the year I dreaded that subject because I was just soo nervous around him and I could never look him in the eye. All year I was having dreams about him some were about him telling me I was useless and rubbish and I was so upset for ages after that but all through the year he was just popping up in my dreams or the dream being completely about him and one was him confessing that he loved me.<br />
<br />
Then on parents evening I was so surprised at how well he knew me because I thought he didn’t know anything about me but I could tell from then on we had a connection and he could just see right through me. <br />
<br />
This year I don’t have him but was still really scared just passing him in the corridor until one day id had another dream about him and I couldn’t stop talking about him to my friend when I suddenly realised that I love him! And that id loved him all along. And now I just cant stop thinking about him at all my friend knows and she helps me stalk him in school and we always go the long way round to class just to see him and every time I see him part of me is really tense and scared then the other part of me just feels so relaxed in his presence.<br />
<br />
It’s weird because he is definitely not one of the good looking teachers in my school and I’m positive that no other pupil in my school has ever liked him because they all think he’s really unattractive. But I just see all the good things in him like his cheeky smile and when his beautiful blue eyes crinkle when he smiles and his passion for the subject he teaches and he’s one of those teachers who really cares about our futures and I love his voice and his laugh and he’s funny and kind and cute and nice and just everything.<br />
<br />
I don’t ever want to get over him because just loving him like this makes me happy all the time but I want him to be with me all the time and at the moment it’s the half term holidays and I miss him so much especially seeing as though he’s in Italy while I’m in England I can just feel an emptiness in my heart because of how far away he his. I believe this is real love because I’ve never loved someone this much in my entire life before.

Everyone is saying exactly how I used to feel towards a teacher. He was one of my middle school teachers and was perfect. I think I may have made it obvious so he pretty much ignored me. I am in high school now and think about him sometimes, but I found a flaw in him and that helped me get over him. He is not perfect to me anymore, and whenever I do think about him, I think how he is perfect... and then remember his flaw. So that is how i basically got over him. <br />
Although I got over my one teacher, I now like another teacher... it is weird because the teacher is a girl... and I cannot find a flaw... I think there is something wrong with me 0.o

i know this was posted 4 years ago, but i've recently (about a year ago) fell in love with my teacher. i don't know if i can call it 'love', cause i'm only 16. 'Like' is totally an understatement though! The things you've posted are so spot-on, it's almost as if i wrote it myself! (it's like we share the same mind or smth! haha) Difference is that he's 2.5 times my age.... :-/ it's a HUGE age gap, i am aware, but no one has ever made me feel like this before! How he makes me feel is just..... indescribable. Just seeing him for that short moment can totally make my day. And i try very VERY hard to excel in his class :-) Problem is, i'll be graduating this year, and i don't know if i'll be able to take the pain leaving him. I've tried many different ways of forgetting him (i.e flirting with other guys, forcing myself to fall for someone else, picking out his flaws), but it all just seems too perfect to forget and move on! I've only told one of my schoolmates and my sis. But i don't think they'll ever be able to understand how i feel. (my sis thinks it's crazy!) Sigh... if only he were younger! Please give me some advice! I'll appreciate it a lot!!

Think about this...<br />
I wish I had known then what I knew now. Today I am 30 years old. I have a great family, loving boyfriend, am an accomplished doctor, and on the outside it looks like I have the most perfect life. 15 years ago, I could have written each and every one of your stories. I was in high school. I feel in love my teacher. I had him for class in 8 th grade all the way through my senior year. He was many years my senior but yet he seemed perfect for me. He was so smart, so sexy, so mysterious, always made me feel extra special in class and I found myself just like most of you running to his classroom after school to spend extra time with him. I'd buy him cards and little gifts. I'd do everything in my power to be near him, please him academically, just be close to him. We developed a very close friendship over the years i knew him at school. He understood me. He made me feel mature. He made me feel safe and like as long as he was my mentor and biggest fan i could achieve anything. And, withnhis help, i did get into an excellent college. I graduated early so my parents actually hired him to be a private tutor for me over the summers. Of course, this was wonderful to me. I got to get to know him more and spend more private time with him.<br />
He was always pretty flirtatious with me. He'd write me letters and cards and always call me on holidays etc. I thought it was so sweet. Even though he was married I had these girlish visions of us as a couple dating. He would speak of his wife and their lack of a loving marriage. He'd even take off his wedding rung when we were together. <br />
We stayed friends throughout college even, talking on the phone, meeting for lunch when I was home from breaks, going on walks...I ended up transferring from my out of state college and back to my home state and this of course increased our contact and time together even more. Looking back <br />
--- boy oh boy, I should have run as farthest from him as I could have. He had emotionally blocked me from dating boys my own age...normal men. He emotionally drew me in to a sick, dependent relationship. I was utterly in love with him and he was married. He was a pervert in actuality. No normal man his age should be interested in a girl my age at the time. <br />
I continued up until the age of 18 to be friends with this man. I thought I loved him until one day while we were together he touched me inappropriately. Yes, I had told him it was ok. Yes, I had led him on for years by now. Luckily I never slept with him, but on several occasions he did feel me up. Having not had anynexperience with men because I never dated because I was so in love with him, thought at first that this behavior was normal. Then one night when I went home after another one of our dates or whatever you want to call it, I felt really really sick to my stomach. I started to panic. All of a sudden I saw that this man was not my friend, not my boyfriend, nothing but a sick fantasy. I ended it with him. 16 years later I have never contacted him. He sent me a card once and called me at my medical office 2 years ago but I have never responded. There was nothing more to say. I had put myself in a bad situation because I thought it was love....just like all of you. To this day, I still struggle with the thoughts of being felt up by this man. This wasn't love. It was the farthest thing from it. The whole thing was sick and when I stumbled across all of your posts about wanting to pursue a future with your married teachers, it made me have to write this. If I can only save one of you from all the years of pain that i have endured because of my situation it will be well worth it. <br />
Girls and guys out there who are reading this, please think of this. Any teacher who nurtures a relationship with you that goes beyond the normal role of teacher- student is sick in the head.They are child predators. Possibly child molesters. Heed my advice and dont get any more involved. Please. Please.

It literally feels like I wrote that post. You have described everything exactly as they were (and still are) for me with the teacher I love. His amazingly blue eyes, his sense of humor, his love of his job. God I wish I could get over this obsession....but I just cannot.

My high school English teacher told us of how she met her husband. He was a teacher at her high school. : )<br />
<br />
Follow your heart. Follow him on facebook, don't lose contact with him. After you have graduated (and you are old enough to consent in your state).....ask him out for a burger or something.

I know EXACTLY how you feel. I'm completely in love with my former geography teacher I had last semester. I'm guessing he's around 38-40 and I'm only 20 but I have an absolutely undying and irrational love for him. I have ever since the first time I walked in that class. I couldn’t tell you one specific thing that drew me to him, it was just an immediate thing. He was always really nice to me as well. He gave me an A+ (I didn't do much to deserve that) and I noticed he would always help me out on tests and stuff more than other people in class. I know he had a soft spot for me too. I would always catch him looking at me or even looking at my chest sometimes lol. I just like him so much all around, as a teacher and more which is the scary part. We emailed back and forth on Christmas and stuff but then it all changed. I don't know why but I'm pretty sure he knows I like him and for some reason now he started to avoid me. I have no classes with him and I'm a part time student and he's also a part time teacher so I barely ever see him in the school. I emailed him asking him something (school related) and he ignored my email, when before he's always emailed me back. It hurts a lot because I truly care for this man. I know he's probably trying to avoid me so I don't fall for him even more or maybe so he won't fall for me but it broke my heart. I know nothing can happen between us but I just want to be on friendly terms with him again, he's a wonderful person and I miss him so so much, its unbelievable. I wish I had realized how much I liked him back then when I actually got to see him, maybe I would have said something to him. I just pray that he's well and that God watches over him.

I am the same, obsessed with this cute teacher

I realize this story was written quite some time ago, but my similar situation is frustrating me so I felt I needed to just lay all my feelings out on the table. I am a 16 year old girl, and I am in love with my dance teacher. She's 30 and married. I love everything about her. She has absolutely no flaws. She has a warm, comforting smile, and baby blue eyes. She has an amazing, fit body. She has a very positive, caring personality. One time when we were talking, I was telling her how I fear I won't become a musician, and she told me that I can be whatever I want to be and everything else. I started crying because she was the first person to say all of this to me that I actually believed it. I don't have a very high self-esteem, but every time I talk to her, I feel like life is worth living. We have a lot in common, but she doesn't know it. We like some of the same movies and music, and we both love positivity and doing nice things for people. I hate the fact that I only get to see her for an hour a day, and it kills me when we don't talk a lot each day. I wrote a song about her and it lays the feelings on pretty thick. I am planning on showing it to her. Not to express to her how I feel, but simply just to get her opinion. Once, I felt that I was in love with one of my best friends, but this love for my teacher is so much stronger, that I realized I was actually never in love with my friend. I went through depression last year, and she knows about it. So I do everything in my power to get her attention. I try to have a meltdown in front of her, I try making her overhear conversations with my friends so that she knows some of my thoughts and opinions, or just to show her we have something in common. I go to drastic measures so that she will notice me. I have never felt this way about anyone in my life, and know that I will never feel anything stronger. I am going to try getting her class next year for my senior year. But after I graduate and leave, I have no clue. I am so scared. :'(

u feel the same way i do he is absolutly perfect.he is a sub at my school and my soccer coach. And i think he is very attractive. i love the way he smiles, the way he laughs, the way he teases the boys soccer team the way teases my team and makes fun of us sometimes. he is only 10 years older than me. i love him i find myself hoping he will sub that day so i can see him. i take extra care picking out my outfits. whenever i see him laugh or smile i cant help but do the same he notices me but doesnt know of my feelings. i wish he did though i think about him all the time i find myself not paying attention in class because i daydream about him now i know what love is. i never felt this way before i just wished i could act with him the way the other girls do they are always all over him and saying funny things to him but i know they dont feel the way i do i think he notices that i act differently around my friends than with him. i am very quiet with him but when i pass him in the halls with my friends im loud and bubbly i think he notices that and wonders why but still is oblivious i cannot express the way i feel i have not found one flaw with him because i just cant he is perfect to me why does love always have to be so hard </3

Wow, like all the others stated above...I haven't been the only one! :) Just relieved a lot of stress for me! :)


But, is there any solution for THIS????

Hey Hii...<br />
Guys i am a first year student and fall in love with my computer lecturer. i dont knw how is it done and why is it done but i know one thing I REALLY LOVE HER from the depth of my heart and can do anything for her..<br />
TRUELY...!!!<br />
But, my problem is not ended here...<br />
<br />
she is a married women and that hurts me somewhere.. hmm yeah its hurt,,<br />
and i really cant stop thiking about her, everytime she is floating in my mind. I know it would not happend but i cant stop myself..<br />
<br />
Uuuuhhh.... and you knw what guys i asked her for her contact number and she said NO three times with a sweet smile....hahahah funny bt it still hurts yar..<br />
i tried a loadzzz to forget her and even i promised myself not to se her anymore in any condition.. and i mean it . But, its not work... <br />
<br />
guys please please help me. i dont wanna loose her in anyway.. please help me...!!<br />
<br />
thanx BYEE...

wow, i almost cried at some of these comments. <br />
<br />
i'm nearly 17, my teacher turned 29 yesterday. only recently i've admitted to myself that i love him. hell, i adore him, i'm besotted with him, he's truly captivated me. i've been into boys before, but it hasn't compared to this, not even close. <br />
<br />
he's like a completely different essense of human, i've never related to somebody so much. everyone loves him because he's funny, friendly, so charming, nice, shocking, cool & cheeky. but in addition he's so intelligent, & he's deep, &, most importantly, i feel he can bring out the best in me. i love his taste in a lot of things, he's introduced me to a subject that has become my complete favourite & he's developed my music taste substantially.<br />
<br />
he's a massive part of my life, it dampens my spirits to think that i'm a negligable part of his. he always talks about women & people he fancies, i ignore how much that hurts. everything i do is in the hope that he approves, i want to make him go wild for me. i leave school in over a year but i'm still scared of leaving him. & i wonder what the hell i'm going to say to him, how i'm going to leave things, if i'll ever see him again. our future...<br />
<br />
i've taken a greater interest in his subject & purposely keep my folders in his room for a reason to see him. i always think about what we'll talk about next. he CONSTANTLY occupies my mind. he stands out to me physically: he's not tall, but muscley, very buff, making me feel more feminine. his eyes are up with the nicest i've ever seen: green contrasting with his dark hair. he has small hands, a round head and a mole - you know what? to me, those imperfections are perfect. i adore his tattoos, & go wild for his pectoral muscles. & as gorgeous as i find him, his personality is so much more - it's a whole package really... i notice all his little characteristics, everything he does resonates something i can't explain, something that just leaves me smitten. <br />
<br />
i love when he comments on something about me; if he compliments me, i never forget it. some of our conversations leave me smiling like a *** until the next one. i always worry about how sincere he is, & if what he says is genuine, 'cos he's nice to everyone you see. i want to be special.<br />
<br />
i only like being with him when we're alone though, or with his friend. otherwise, i feel like he doesn't like me. when we're with a class i keep thinking he's being snotty with me. i hate it, i'd love his lessons but i feel unimportant and not special to him in them. but being alone with him leaves me worrying about how i come across. i don't want to come across as obsessed, because i don't just fancy him like i used to, it's become someting serious. my friends tease me, & even other teachers comment on it. i regret making it obvious & telling people when i first like him, because now it's grown beyond my control. i just deny it now: say i don't anymore. i've only admitted this to my 2 best friends, & the odd thing is, 1 of those best friends actually feels the same way about him. which makes it more frustrating.<br />
<br />
he's affected me alot, & he's so amazing. yes he can be arragont, we can argue, he can **** me off & annoy me & make me sad & jealous & a lot of the time he isn't so endearing. yet at the same time, i feel we have an affinity, & even though he doesn't feel the same, i ******* love him. how do i know? i leave him little notes. i tactically try to see him. his face is in my mind. i share music with him. i've never wanted to impress someone so much in my life. i feel myself with him. when it's just us 2, nothing else matters. he is the greatest person i ever met. when i hear songs, watch movie, read stories about love... it is only him on my mind, & it's so fitting.<br />
<br />
all i want in life is to feel this way for someone who returns the feeling.<br />
<br />
it was very comforting reading these similar experiences xxxx

Don't give up on your feelings! I completely understand how you all feel, from the age of 14 i was in love with my teacher and i failed his class on purpose so that i had to spend more time with him. He treated me differently than everyone else, i really believe that, i was more mature than my peers. When i graduated i knew i would never see him again but we talk on facebook now and again. There was another teacher tho, who had the most amazing eyes and smile, i was too afraid to ever speak to him but a few weeks ago i met him in a club, i was so shocked that he remembered me! Now we're dating and i'm really happy but i will never forget the love i had for my other teacher. So be optimistic!

I'm in love with a teacher at my school he is a science teacher, he is amazing!! my friends no that i love him but i dont think they no just how i feel i dont think that they think i am being serious. He knows that i fancy him because my friends told him, i could kill them for that!!! but the hardest thing is is not being able to tell him how you feel to his face. I often wonder if i told him that i love him then what would he say in return?? I no that its wrong but i cant help how i feel about him i even no what area he lives in im like a stalker, at school every day i go and find him at break just so i can stare at him, i no everything about him, His smile makes me smile, i love his hair, i love everything about him. I'm 14 and he is 33 married and has a child but i dont care u can't just stop loving someone just like that. I no that it's never going to happen but i love him so much. When i see him walking in front of me and all i want to do is run up to him and give him a BIG hug but i no that i can't because its inappropriate, but one day i will. Im in year10 at the moment when i leave school im going to tell him how i feel and im going to hug him i dont care what anyone else says.

I'm an English teacher and I know one of my student has feelings for me. I was 37 she was 18 but nothing could happen, even though I was in love with her. I respected her because she was a smart girl and her not telling me showed she cared about me. Girls, you can't choose who you fall in love with. Teachers are human beings and some girls act so mature that sometimes we can forget how old you are. I never acted on my feelings because I had a responsibility to teach. I'm a married man and of course I love my wife, she's the mother of my children but Stephanie (ex student) was and is the love of my life. What I find strange to this day is that not once did we see eachother outside of the school building. I didn't know what she was like at home, only at school. Yet somehow I knew everything about her by looking into her eyes. If it really was love then it won't go away. You can love more than one person but when you're so in love with someone that feeling is intense. Its not obsession, its every thought of that person that makes you happy and sad at the same time. She emailed me the day she left school telling me how she felt. this was 3 years ago. We're not together but one day I'll find her or she'll find me and we'll make new happy memories.<br />
<br />

I am going through the same feeling right now!!! I am a junior and my teacher's easily in his early thirties, he's not married.... and I have fallen in love with him, true love. And I can't get him out of my mind or heart for even one second. One day in class, we were doing a visual text analysis which had a superstar actor holding out the product, as if trying to give it to the audience. So I made that comment, and he agreed by saying, "Yeah, it looks like he came just to give you that." So I jokingly replied, "See, I told you I was special," and he laughed and said "You are special."<br />
I really don't know what to make out of that statement, he might have just said it jokingly or in context of a teacher - student relationship or more likely asserting the fact that everybody's special....but that meant a lot more to me! I know this relationship will never happen, and that I won't even express my love for him ever, due to societal norms, but it's just a really nice feeling and assurance that the person who means the world to you does like you back as well! I only wish I could understand what he meant by that statement....

This seems to happen a lot. But of course I am the same way. I've liked a few teachers over the years but one of them has always stuck in my mind. I don't know how to shut this obsessive behavior off but I have had an extreme love for this one teacher who was not my own for about 7 years now. I met him in grade 7. It was really strange though because my body reacted before my mind could and what I mean by that is before I really liked him, when ever he was around i'd get all shaky and sweaty and my heart would feel like it was going to burst from my chest. I don't know how this happens. He is quite a bit older than I am and on the chunkier side of things. By about October he already knew who I was since my friend told him that I liked him so he actually embraced that and was amused by it so he'd bug me about it and purposfully say a flirty sounding hello or sneak up behind me to either try and pinch my ars or scare me. He had an odd sense of humor as well. After he knew that I was getting really obsessed and into him he stopped doing that so I feel stupid now. What does all that mean?...because I sure don't know what that means

omg!!!!! well it also happen to me i love my teacher i meet him when i was in 6th grade i love him with all my heart . i want to talk to him but i was to shy something i have a feeling that he like me or something . my friend tell him that i think he cute he didn't say anything . the next say i was waking in my gym ( he my gym teacher , he so hot) he always make fun of me in a good way . he make me happy everyday i love him so much i wish i can be with him all day . one time my friend push me to him i was so shy he so soft i wiah i can hugs with forever

i agree with you 100% im madly inlove with a teacher hes amazing and i just want to be around him 24/7

I know this story was posted long ago, but I know how you feel. I wouldn't say im in love with her. but I have This teacher. And She's Amazing as well as married. But her golden blonde hair I just want to wrap around my arm and wear it forever. She's so kind and understanding. And Her voice , her heavenly godgiven voice, don't even get me started. She got me writing a book, and she helps me every step of the way. I do not know ,nor do I care what her age is. I know where the line is though, we will never be togther. I like her so much i don't want to be togther with her. She'll lose her job as well as everything she's worked so hard for. Her husband is the luckiest man on the planet. Thats all I can bear to say about her. Except i really can't wait untill school starts.

God, I thought I was the only one.<br />
I thought I was an idiot, a stupid teenager with raging hormones who has no idea what love is.<br />
But I love him. It feels good to say it.<br />
My teacher is about 15 years older than me, and far from perfect. He's geeky, awkwardly tall and lanky and he snorts sometimes when he laughs too much. He hasn't got the best teeth, or the waviest hair. And he's not particularly very nice or kind. He's a bit selfish and sometimes he gets lost in his own thoughts. He's bites his nails and doesn't really care about others. He's not as nice as you guy's teachers are. But he has the most amazing blue eyes I've ever dared to gaze upon, his accent is adorable, and his laugh (snort included) is the reason I crack so many jokes in his class. I look forward to his class everyday. He's the funniest, most interesting person I've ever met. <br />
When he smiles at me he gives me butterflies. When he talks to me, I feel relaxed and calm. I forget everything else when he's in the room.<br />
I've known him for a long time, and we talk. But it feels very wrong to want him so much. I realize I sound like a stalker because I know so much about him, and I'm embarrassed to try and get to know him better. Other students openly flirt with him and hug him (he's hot, okay), and he laughs and jokes around, but I'm too scared to even look him straight in the eyes when we talk. I have to keep my eyes somewhere else or I'll start to stare.<br />
Honestly, as wonderful as he is and as great as me makes me feel, I wish I could stop loving him. I wish I could just forget about him. I've had crushes before, and they are all very temporary, but I can't get this guy out of my head. I want to forget him, because I know we could never be something. I hope that this is just an infatuation and that it will go away, because I can't handle feeling like this forever.

omg you just expressed exactly what im going through and i feel quite satisfied as im not the only person in the world who is in love with a teacher (which i thought i was)this is posted quite a feew years before so i dunno if you are still in love with him..but i just had to read this because im going through the same situation and i couldnt agree with you more....its such a pain to leave his classroom when the bell goes...he is soo cute..i feel very sad that i i can never get him...i love he way he talks,speaks,jokes and everything about him..iam 19 but i dont know how old is he i think hes about 26 or 27 ....iam always kinda shy to talk to him but inside i feel like talking to him the whole day....he is always the one who talks to me...i try to be calm but inside i get soooo happy and dream about it all day....i love when we coincidently wear same colour of clothes....i feel extremely happy if he jokes around with me or talks to me but i feel so bad if there is a day when we dont get to talk much....just by looking at face makes my day..i dunno if iam going to ever forget him....he talks to me in a different way than he does to all the other makes me feel so special....i wish he would like me back too...

im like inlove with my teacher that its crazy and its getting so hard to deal with i grad school in two days and im going to miss him so much, i come home after school and cry about it cause i like him so much and im not gonna see him again and it sometimes makes me depressed . How can i ask him to keep intouch over the summer? cause i would love that .

I can completely relate to your post and understand where you are coming from; but from my experiences, all I can say is that time will heal. I'v liked my teacher for near enough 4 years now and can not see anything beyond him, I'v been in and out of relationships to try and forget about him but it just leads to comparisons between the two which is utterly insain and not fair on my boyfriend (now my ex). There are various different things people say such as "get over yourself", "Move on" etc... but I find that I have no rights to say that to you or anyone else because, "love is blind" right?<br />
All I can suggest is that you perhaps talk it through with a mutural friend between you and the teacher or talk to the teacher himself. Express what you feel for him, you will have a sence of accomplishment. On the other hand if you are sceptical about talking it through, then you could just wait. Wait until time has healed your love wounds, once you have moved on from education and he is not your teacher anymore, it would be much more easier to open up your options and either look for different people or infact (if possible considering the circumstances) date him.<br />
Anyway, I hope I'v helped a little.

Im going threw the exact same thing as you I love my teacher who is ten years my senior and god dammit I love him hes my world and the only thing thats ever on my mind and im going to tell him....

I have never been in love with a teacher, but I am here to offer advice for anyone who is in love with their teacher. Don't listen to people who tell you to give up or suppress your feelings. I think once you turn 18, you should confess, because 18 is the legal age, so your teacher can't get in trouble. Sure there are people who will talk badly about it, but WHO CARES? What matters is you're with the person you love, right? Other people are just judgmental, bored, or jealous. Do what you want to make yourself happy. Also, if you don't confess you'll possibly end up like that one person still in love with that teacher 10 years later. Do you want to be regretting not confessing for the rest of your life? Do you want to wonder "what if" and fantasize for the rest of your life? By confessing you can FINALLY get that definite answer you need to move on with your life. Whether you move on with the man/woman you love, or whether you must move onto another person. Of course it will hurt if you're rejected, but it'll hurt even more to never know. Go for it! =]<br />
<br />
Also this is for chibineko, if he really is a nice person he will not be angry with you for confessing. I confessed my feelings for someone I loved and he didn't feel the same, but he was really nice about it and didn't treat me any different. So just go for it. I don't think you should kiss him right away, just be honest about your feelings. Don't come out and tell him you love him though. Just tell him that you like him and would like to give it a chance at being more than friends.<br />
<br />
And I wish everyone luck!

hi there, I read all of your stories, so I think now it's my turn. I m in love of a teacher of my school, well not anymore mine since i graduated last year and i still feel nuts..i mean i waited a lot but nothing happenes...well there were special moments between us and he made lots of time happier and full of energy, he made me being so into photogrphy and now i'm still in touch with him, but i m still I confess my feelings with the risk of ruin all our relationship...i m so scared he would be angry with me oor ignore me,,,i still care so much..i d like to be brave and kiss him, but im not.. help!!

You're not alone. I'm in love with a teacher 15 years older than me, but the kicker is, everyone seems to think he reciprocates the feelings. He hasn't done anything sexual, but he's been really obvious with his feelings espcially since I've been suicidal in his presence and constantly struggle with major depression and anxiety disorders. He's been a huge part of my life for 4 years now, I know he would never do anything to hurt me, and I can't help thinking that he's who I'm meant to be with. <br />
What I'm saying is; don't give up hope. You never know how he feels and even though it sucks now, if it's meant to be it will all work out. (Cliche, sorry!)

Love,love,love.It's hard when you're in love with a teacher.I'm 15 and I still have feelings for my music teacher(his 30 now).I'm in love with him from the 7th grade.Everything was so beautiful.His classes was the most relaxing hours and he always treated me different.His best friend,the geography teacher,knows that I'm in love with him but I don't know if he told him.During the classes,we were laughing and sometimes making fun of the stupid popular girls.We were some kind of friends.Those was such a beautiful times.<br />
Now,I'm 9th grade and in the bigining of this scholar year I found out that hi is not longer teaching on our school.I was crushed.I couldn't believe it.Tears starts flowing on my face and I couldn't say a word.The worse of all is that he didn't told me anything.I felt so empty.I talked with the geography teacher about him and he told me that he couldn't say anything but he gave me the e-mail of my music teacher.I spoke with him,I asked him if he's coming back but he didn't told me very much.He said that now is in Scotland,he only need a break,and meybe will come back next year.I felt him so distant.I asked him what's going on and he told me that we has to go.That's all.Not even something certain.<br />
I'm waiting to see if he will be back in September.I really hope he will.But if he don't,what am I supposed to do?He left me lonley,he took a part of me with him when he left.<br />
<br />
<br />
PS Sorry for my english,I'm from Romania :)

I am also in similar thing my choir teacher i almost 16 in a few days he turnred 25 at the start of this month and about to give really big piece of advice if you really love him you will want is best for him and as much as this pains me deeply to say this you are not what best i am sorry even you could be together in romantic way after gradution there would till be rumors at another school in my area a teacher who occasionally teaches college classes married a former student 5 years ago she is great I have ment her only 9 younger then him and people still spread rrumors about hes always hitting students gives better grades to prettier girls, etc. It would be wrong him to want be with you before gradution because he still your teacher and if tries anything and mean anything beyond basic flirting you need to tell someone rgh anyway I know what like to want so badly it hurts but it can't be my teacher s funny quitely intgillent, a great person, who I some much to, and to be honest is quite hot in own nerdy way. has great eyes, innconet as a 5 year old a alot time, is very passionate about music, and is excatly the typeof man I want to marry someday, hope you can meet someone as great your I fact sure you will just hang n their with all of us who a blessed and cursed to love what can not have

I can understand how you feel too as i still have feelings for my teacher even though i have not seen him for over 13 years and have no idea where he is. Back when i was in his class even now my feelings are practically identical to yours. I have tried everything is can think of to get over him but nothing works. I know at my age i should know better than to feel this way but i cant help it.

I certainly understand everything you are saying! I'm 15, and I'm attracted to a teacher that's not even MY teacher. I just love her, and I'm a female. <br />
I want her so bad and I want to let her know my feelings but it's so hard. I'm trying to be careful. I think she has mutual feelings towards me though because sometimes we both look at each other the same way.<br />
I can't believe all of us are going through the same problem :/<br />
Even though it's been a while since someone has posted, I understand all of you, especially the person that did this post.<br />
<br />
Everything is going to be okay guys (:<br />
I'm just so glad I could share this with other people going through the same thing!

Im also going threw something very similar hes 10 years older and like you i find him utterly perfect . but hes dating another teacher . I think i love him but i no we can never be together . My advice is to keep a journall vent out all your feelings dont try and hide them they will only make things so much worse

Im sooo glad im not the only one after reading all these posts! I have really liked my music teacher for the past like 1 1/2 years..... i really started liking him last when i started having my lessons....i couldnt fit them in during the school day so i just had them after was a cold day and he had to go up town and thats where i had to go so he offered me a was sooo awesome....but i feel soo much closer to him because during the lesson he would tell me a lot about himself(like he is married, but i knew tht from the beginning). but i had a lesson last week and he offered to take me up town and of course i cant turn down a ride. but i got to hang out w/ him all summer because i was in a small summer marching band and he was the director for it....but we were able to fit the whole drum corp and our equipment in the back of his truck....good times..... but anyways, i feel like he gives me special attention and really makes sure tht i succeed. I have sooo much in common w/ him tho it is just unreal.....the reasons i like him might be: 1, hes cute 2,his beautiful blue eyes(i always give eye contact w/ all my teacher but he makes it a point to get my eye contact) 3, i luv anyone who can play music 4, we have a lot in common and 5, the time ive had w/ him is unreal! But i think tht i like him now most of all is because he is all i have to heart has been crushed quite a few time having my bff date the guy i liked. but i had my first bf this year and i deff. didnt have as much of a liking to my teacher. but my relationship only lasted 2 weeks....couple months ago i was almost crying in his classroom cause i was telling my firend something tht happened to me(we go to his room every morning) and he wasnt in there but i had a couple tears come out and he walked in the room...i turned my head but he somehow found a way to find my face and chear me up, funny thing was, we totally had matching outfits tht day!.....i wish i could tell him, but i would nv want to put him in tht position.. i really have no idea if he knows i like him or not.....i have no idea if anyone else suspects it to..... i had a wake up call this summer tho....we got done marching and me, my friend, and my teacher stayed after to sort through friend went to get all of us lunch so it was just me and him in the room....i stayed in the main room and he stayed in his office....but when my friend came back, i had to go let him in down stairs and he was arguing w/ his mom.....i was like wat just happened and he was like ' my mom thinks tht (my name) and (teacher) shouldnt be left alone together in a school with no one around' it just kinda made me mad tht a parent doesnt trust our teacher but then it told me maybe i spent to much time w/ him.....but idk..... he is everything i want but everything i cant have.....he said tht once i graduate he will tell me more about him, and show me videos of plays hes been in, and add him on facebook.....but tht isnt for a couple of years......all i no is tht 1 thing has taught me is to never give up on our sorry tht this is long but i needed to vent all of this out.....i think im just goin to slow down and just gradually stop trying to think about him and everything tht could be......i think if i forget about him then i would be better off....but sky's the limit and u will never no wat God has to offer....

@ xxjodiexx.....I feel really sorry for you it must be hard for you to forget avout her I understand you! love always have to be so complicadet we always have to fall for the wrong person and it always have to be someone you can t have but I wish that you ll be fine and can get over her even it is hard.....<br />
I m 20 years old and I m in love with my teacher for 2 years now or even more we really are close we always talk to each other after class he seys things like gosh your so cut and we laugh alot together <br />
and always have that eye contact sometimes I think he feels the same about me the way he s looking at me and his smile I love it and he smells also so good =)<br />
There is something between us I can feel it I just wish something woul also happend between us I alwasy think about to tell him how I feel but I can t that would be wrong or not? is it okey to love him so much then I only think about him all the time when I m at work or with my friends andeven when I wake up every morning I can t stand it anymore so what should I do?<br />
p.s sorry for my bad english and grammer I a swess soo yeah xD

No one is perfect intil you fall in love.

This is incredible and extremely relieving to read these comments. Being in-love with a teacher has made me feel like i'm the weirdest person alive and that everything I feel is wrong, but it's not.<br />
<br />
I'm 16 and fell in love with my teacher when I was 13. I couldn't believe the feeling that came over me when I walked into their class. As a 13 year old I had no idea what these feelings were but now I do, surely, 3 years on. I think about her everyday of my life. There is not a day that she doesn't cross my mind. I go to the most boring events at school just knowing that she will also be there which will give me the chance to see her.<br />
<br />
I feel like we had a connection from day one. Not sexual or anything, we just got/get along VERY well. We were always cracking each other up (she hasn't been my teacher for a year now). She understood my sense of humour and I understood hers. <br />
<br />
She is the MOST beautiful person I have ever seen. Her somewhat husky voice and her bright blue eyes brighten my day. She is someone that I could watch for hours and never get bored, Even if she was just walking behind me, my heart would be beating out of my chest. Whenever i'm around her my cheeks go rosy red and my heart begins to beat very fast. I can no longer make eye contact with her or talk to her because I know i'll start to stutter.<br />
<br />
I guess it's a somewhat good thing that she is leaving my school but it won't stop me loving her. Although i'll never see her again she will ALWAYS be in my heart and I will continue to think about her daily and to cherish those precious moments I spent with her. <br />
<br />
I feel alone, when i'm surrounded by friends because of her. I put on a mask around everyone. I am only myself when I am crying myself to sleep or having dreams of us being together.<br />
<br />
I love her, without a doubt<br />
<3<br />
<br />
And thank you for posting thisc:)