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In Love With My Teacher

I realize that everything I write will seem extremely insipid and cliched, but that doesn't make my thoughts any less sincere or true.

Let's just get the facts out there: I'm sixteen, and my teacher is about 15 years older than me. I've honestly never felt this way about anyone before. He's absolutely perfect, I love everything about him - his unfathomable intelligence, his sweetness, silliness (he really is a boy at heart), liveliness, and overall loveliness. He's ridiculously smart but not patronizing; his mischievous, sweet smile has the ability to melt my heart, his eyes are so keenly searching and inquisitive yet at the same time wholly empathetic. Everything about him is just absolutely endearing. I can just watch him do the most mundane actions, such as write on the chalkboard, and see a million beautiful things about his posture, his stance, his excitement, his pauses in the lecture, his words, his sighs, everything.

I purposefully try to go where I know I will find him. I ask him questions when I already understand the answer just to be near him and to hear him speak and to gaze into his exquisitely blue eyes. I can't focus when he's near me. Whenever we make eye contact I feel like we are communicating tacitly, exchanging our feelings.

The good thing is that my grade in his class is really high, since I want to impress him and all that.

The bad thing is that I can't stop thinking about him, ever. I am utterly obsessed. And I know that my dream of our being together can never come into fruition: even if I did ever reveal to him my feelings (which I will probably never do, especially not before I graduate), I know he is too morally upright and principled to ever take advantage of me or to encourage my affections.

Thus the dilemma. What should I do? What can I do? My feelings for him are exacerbated by the fact that I see him everyday; I am continually taunted by what I cannot have.

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I am a boy,and I'm falling love with my male biology teacher!!!I'm 17 and he is 42 and I know tghi is so so crazy byt I don't know what to do with my feelings! I have tried so much to be his friend or best student and finally I am!but,every step I take, I think I want something more,something bigger,being just normal friends don't satisfy me....I know this is crazy.... I feel like a fool.... But....all of me loves all of him.... His posture... Smile...hands..eyes...his glamorous voice....Oh my gosh he thinks I'm so smart and he has such a respect to it....but no feelingsmore....this is the thing hurts me most.I cacan't stop wishing that I was a girl instead of boy,Then at least I could officially love him....not like this....I'm always ashamed of my feelings and my self....

Omgg I literally feel the same ....!!! I'm 16 and I love my LS teacher who is 15 years older than me..however, I feel shy to talk to him when he is near me... But I really love him... What should I do?

I have the Exact feeling with my art teacher....EXACT. about the posture, and everything. but one day i said her that i lov u,she asked me that u are not of my age and she not accepted but i still love her

Oh gosh I was the only one but reading this helps me a lot. I have a gym teacher who i think i'm starting to like I think about him so much and i cant get him off my mind. I hated him at first but then all of a sudden its all changing. no matter how many times I say that i hate him I still end up thinking about him and today when he smiled I started smiling out of nowhere. Why is this happening to me. i know that nothing can happen so why? I don't want to think about him. he just got married like a two years ago and he belongs to someone else. i am really confused and sad.

You have described most of my stories and basically all of us are having the same situations. I'm 16 years old and my teacher is 11 years older than me. He was my teacher last year and he's not my teacher anymore this year. We had a personal teaching lesson last year, so he was my personal teacher. And by this year, he's not my personal teacher anymore. He's a science teacher and he's so special to me. I don't know why I'm saying this but the thought that me and him will be together is so overwhelming and sad at the same time. By just smiling or saying hi to me, he can make my whole day. He's really helpful and he always laugh at my jokes. His face will turn red every time he smiles. I don't know why am I so attracted to him. My friend thought that I hated him. But no. I like him. It has been a year from now and I have been thinking about this and about confessing to him after graduating. But I don't think it will make things better.

But I still have one lesson per week with him which will take 30 minutes and it's not a personal lesson. And it's hard for me to erase my feelings towards him because he's always there in my school. He's always there. He always jokes with me and he always notices things. I really don't know why I'm doing this to myself. I know that I'm just hurting myself because he will never like me.

He's the only greatest thing that will ever happened to me.

Same with me.Exactly .
My name is YKS ,from the country Myanmar.My love is my English teacher who is 16 years older than me.I m 15 years old .I came through many situations ,good and bad ones .I never had such kind of feeling called love before.Some time,i m very sad n tired. because of him .He is very polite,gentle n stable .I m just jealous about his female pupils n his first love(although i don't know about her well)His one word makes me depressed or happy.I m like a fool.EverydayI m suffering from many sorts of feelings .But there is the fact we can't lie.i.e,he cares me a lot n i m an exception for him who gets his forgiveness(he doesn't mind me though i don't study his lessons,like this situation,he beats or scolds his students ,but he hasn't done it to me,so some time i wanna get his anger haha).However,i m intelligent n so he considers me as his best student n guesses me to get highest marks in my final exam.These days,he forces me too much about that.So,i m trying for his wish .

I have the Exact feeling with my art teacher....EXACT. about the posture, and everything. The other day he caught me staring at him, and instead of being creeped out, he winked!!!!!!

I think with the age difference and this is only my opinion , you should wait until you are of legal age and mature , for several reasons one you love him , idolize him , so you don't want to see him loose what he's worked hard to achieve rt??! ??? And it could be just your very first real crush ,,,, myself , I married an older an at age of 17 he was 36 ,, as I grew older so did my interest in life , I went back to school made my own living ,& realized that I really had changed from being a school girl to a young woman by the time I was 25 ,,,, I will always love him , but I wanted and missed out on alot of things bc I was married at a young age , my friends they hung out , I had to stay home it was all good at first but as years went by I realized , I had cut myself short , and maybe even him , long story short ,,, all things come in time ,& instead of rushing into things just kinda float along and see how it goes , people are cruel ,& can do and say things about the 2 of u that u never dreamed of !! For me I got sugar daddy all the time , and for the truth , I signed a prenup after we were married! Plus it was not any good by the time I divorced him ! Bc we had a child ,& 2 I was 17 my dad signed for me to get married , the legal age was 18 then but needless to say I took nothing but my child and clothing and photos when I left ,,, but again people don't see that they see age diff ,,, I hope this helps u think some ,, if not I'm sorry , I just thought I'd share my experience and thoughts :@) good luck best wishes

My story is a bit hectic I got an educators number from the care taker at the school I'm currently attending I'm in matric and 18 years old, at that time there were no feelings towards this particular educator it was a joke to me so I decided to send a text to the number and he replyed frequently each time I sent a text a reply came back at that time I was not sure if it were the educator or someone else because the messages were pretty personal and (open) so we carried on texting each until I had some idea that it was the same person so I reveled my name and surname in a text message after that the messages came back shorter so he told me in a reply to keep this a secret and I did just that, he taught me in grade 10 I was sixteen years at that time, so he gave me a call the same day and told me that I should visit him so we could discuss these messages so I went to school the next day and after speaking to each other we kissed not once but quite a few times that's when I started having feeling towards him there after it all turned out ugly cause the principal had found out about us and we had to attend a hearing were we had to testify against each other and I did just that . over all of the above mentioned I'm 18 and he is 56 I'm so in love with him that three years has past but I can't forget him, I got his house address, tried to explain to him how much I care and love him I wish he could understand( life is so unfair) please help

I literally read all of your stories. They were all very interesting and you guys spoke my feelings for my teacher, except for those ones who got laid
I must be the most recent comment as of now -2013 June 17

When i was 7th grade in english i had a sub, Mr. I (im not going to post his name up)
Well he was only there for a bit from time to time. He was pretty hot. Lol.
Ermm now when I was 8th grade at like the second semester, my teacher mentioned that he will be teaching first and third period(i was in first period) because he is prepping to be a real english teacher for 7th-12th grade. At first I was like yay because he is really nice, kind, cute, and his voice is so soothing. I started liking him toward the end of the semester. He is wonderful, amazing, cute, hot, nice, down to earth, friendly, helpful, perfect, tall, and so much more I just can't describe. His girlfriend is so lucky but i wish he was my age or i was his. I like older guys because they are mature and understanding, unlike guys my age. I havent even fell for a guy my age yet.
But why would he go for a girl my age anyways? Ugh its sad. Life's sad.
I'm sad now because I have already promoted 8th grade and I only have his writings on my journal entries, my yearbook, and a picture of him from the internet..hehe.. Its sad that he is engaged and has a girlfriend.. It makes me feel sad haha. I forgot to mention that he's 16 years older than me, so he is 31 and i'm only 14 :/. I'm not sure if he knows I like him, maybe he does because I think we did some glances at each other and look away and i even sometimes dont do my work in purpose just to talk to him for a bit and hear his nice voice. The last day he subbed for our class was on a Friday the day after my magic mountain field trip. (Ok that pretty much gave away everything if he ever reads this.) Well i was really sad that last day. When i was given his yearbook to sign, the bell rang and i was the last to leave. I said,"can you sign my yearbook?" He said "sure at snack later on" thats all i could think of during second period. So i think i left my bag at my table where i always sat with my friends. I entered the hallway and was hoping for a glimpse at him. So i was nearing the end of the hallway and i saw him going to the teachers lounge. I pretended that i didnt see him as i was going to my first period classroom. I looked up and he saw me and smiled, and i smiled back. It was kinda awkward but it felt good seeing him. I gave him my yearbook and pen for him to sign then he went into the teachers lounge. It was a bit awkward waiting and my friend just asked me what i was doing. So we kinda talked for a bit and my teacher gave me my yearbook. I couldnt wait to go to the page he signed it. This is exactly what he wrote in it:
[my name]-
I wish you the best of luck in your academic future! You are a super sweetie and smartie, and I know you will go on to accomplish many great things! Thanks for being awesome!
Mr. I

Well.. Damn.. I was very in love with him calling me a super sweetie.. Oh my. I really hope he will be in my highschool next year and teach me too <3 it would be my most favorite class of the day hehe! Sometimes he is on my mind a lot. I felt like crying too when I couldn't find him on the last day.. Pretty sad. But i think he is just a crush.. Who knows.. If he will be my highschool teacher, then i probably wont stop liking him and id also overreact to every little cute or nice thing he did to me. My friend thinks hes hot too. I think some other people do too.. I love his smile.

But its sad to know.. Hes getting married on new years day in hawaii and also if i ever do anything to him it might land his *** in jail. Hopefully he will be my highschool teacher or at least be in my highschool. I would be really sad if hes not there.

I know sorry its really long but some advice that ive heard so far:
You should probably tell your teacher you like them after you graduate highschool because nothing bad will happen to both of you. If you dont you will feel like a sad person for many years and youll always tell yourself what ifs and things like that. What if your teacher likes you back? Lol who knows until you try :) who cares what people will think? Love y'all and goodluck.

Can i ask where in hawaii?? Lol ill be there for new years

I need help... I am 13 years old (obviously im way too young.) and i don't kow what love is like but i've had dreams of a very tall, gentle man with soft pale skin and dark hair (the male version of snow white teehee) and im "in love" with him. hes 30 and my friend says that my "crush" is marrying someone soon. Its too late. i know. but i cant get him out of my mind. IVE WRITTEN 12 SONGS ABOUT HIM AND MY BAND'S BEGINNING TO SUSPECT SOMETHING!! !! i already figured out what my goal in life is and that is merely to see him again and become a chemistry teacher (he is a newly 30 year old man whose a social studies teacher.) but how do i keep in contact with him. and more importantly, what on earth would i do? ive never regularly talked to him (only about music and such) and i dont have him as acedemic teacher. he is the STAGE TECH CREW supervisor and i would join but im in a rock band and im the only bassist and singer we've got. what should i do... im so utterly confused...

I feel you. But the age difference in my situation is about forty years. I don't love him for his looks, though he does appeal to me, personally. It's his intelligence and stability I'm attracted to. I find it impossible to have a satisfying relationship with a teenage boy. I want someone who already has life figured out. I've been utterly obsessed with my 9th- 10th English teacher for three-four years now(I'm a senior, and eighteen years old). I spend my time in class thinking of what I'm going to say to him at the end of the day; I meet him at three everyday and he talks to me about art and music, the occasional complaint about his hag of a wife. He taught me to paint and to have a deeper appreciation for literature and nature. He also tells me how beautiful I am and asks me what I am to do when I graduate and am unable to talk to him everyday... He tells jokes with me about sending him adult oriented pictures, so he can remember me when I move away (you would have to understand our relationship, he isn't being a jerk). we have everything in common, our timing is just off, impeccably. He is beautiful. I was born in the wrong place at the wrong time, and it's highly unfortunate, because had I not been, I could be inevitably happy. I can never be with him, they say it never hurts to try, but in all honesty it does.
Of course I would never act on these emotions. There is too much risk involved, and you have to realize that before letting your feelings get the best of you. In an ideal world, age and social status would not matter, but our world is corrupt and full of small minded people who can't accept what's real.

that is exactly what i feel, i think you should get closer to him

Thank you, someone that has the same situation as me, I have A HUGE CRUSH on my 30 year old band Teacher, he's cute, but not very very attractive, But, it's his boyish quality that actually sets him apart, He's really good at teaching, and he's the very person that actually makes school fun, Sometimes, when I get really bored, I go to him at lunch and ask him questions that i already know the answer of, just to spend time with him, one time my bestfriend discovered this by me accidentally writing in my note book his first name with my name with hearts all around it, I had to pretend that Troy was just a character in my fanfiction story, everytime I see him I will just blush like crazy, he has a core class that I really want to be in, but that's the grade that's directly above me, he's I think single and he has this one thing that I don't know what it is, but, I'm falling head over the heels for him. He has inspired me to be a band teacher and also I want to go to a high school that can make me a co-op student so I can be a co-op student there at my school.

Im in kind of the same situation as you I really fancy my teacher and everything he does is amazing. I would say you have it slightly easier than me because his wife is also a teacher in my school and she is pregnant at the moment and i am finding it hard to deal with. The advice i would give you is to find distractions such as people you like on television because it does help and when i'm in his lesson i know i have him for the whole hour but then i go to hers and it's just a constant reminder that i can never have him.

I've been keeping this a secret for quite a while now, it has probably been about 2 years since I fell for my art teacher. I am 15 and I suppose he's about 27, I heard he has a girlfriend and is planning on an engagement soon, which breaks my heart terribly. Schools about to end in a couple of weeks, and I will truly miss the sight of him. I never intend to confess or let him know because I acknowledge that deep down he had never seen me more than just a student...I liked him because he was the only teacher that saw potential in me, I felt that he really cared for me. He tells me that he gets really worried whenever I was absent from school and that brings an instant smile to my face. Recently he went out of his way to help me pass my art assignment and honestly just when I thought I couldn't fall any deeper. I was told by someone else in my class that he was constantly asking for my whereabouts because he was so worried that I wouldn't pass and even asked if they knew my number.

I'm at the point where I could stare at him for hours if I could. But the thing is I'm not confident enough to look at him in the eyes and engage an genuine conversation with him, which saddens me. He isn't the most attractive teacher out there but there is definitely his sense of humour and intelligence that attracted me in the first place. He's such a dork too, adorable I say. I secretly hope that he will be my teacher next year, I know that the longer this drags on the more pain it would be forced on my self, But everyday knowing that I would get to see him for at least an hour makes me happy and have something to look forward to.

I am 15 years old and I wish I could stop thinking about my history teacher, I do. But some days, I don't know if I like him, or love him. But the connection I feel for him is strong, I just wish he would like me as a person, it would make me feel better. Since I do know, he is a teacher and I am a student. He is also married, 32, and way to respectful and wise to try and take advantage of me. I sometimes feel like he is another father figure to me, but then I get butterflies and a surge of happiness whenever I see him. Love works in mysterious ways, and I hope we can all work it out.

I'm beyond happy i found this, it makes me feel like there's hope. Okay, so my story starts in December of freshman year. My best friend had him for an algebra one teacher and got extra help in his room a lot. I just started to tag along. I'd heard of him a lot before because 90% of the people in my grade had him. I unfortunately didn't have him because i was in sophomore math. I started to go there everyday after school. We didn't talk much, i didn't think much of it. I don't remember when i started talking to him more , but i did. My english class was across the hall, i started coming over to his room to "sharpen my pencil" (an excuse to come talk to him). At that point I don't think it was because i liked him, i just liked talking to him. I started coming early in the morning and going to his room. We talked ,but not about much. I just started wanting to be with him as much as possible, I didn't think about it at the time. There was one day when i had a substitute in my english class and after completing my work i asked if i could go there for extra math help (which i didn't really need). We were talking and i don't even remember what i was talking about but i was crying. The way he dealt with it just captured my heart. He was awkward and didn't know what to do, but he was trying his best to make me feel okay. I think that was the first time that i realized he meant something to me. We continued to talk and he honestly became one of my best friends. When i was upset, he did cute/funny things to cheer me up. He joked around, when his jokes were stupid to other people they were the funniest thing in the world to me. I found myself talking about him all the time, and had to stop myself a lot. The end of the school year came and we continued the same until the last day of school. We said goodbye to each other and didn't think too much about it. That summer i missed him so much. I was miserable. I remember thinking to myself 'you need to stop, you can't be in love with him'. I found myself crying over him, trying to imagine i was with him and just missing him more than anything. My only relief was when he was in my dreams, which only happened 2 or 3 times. When he was in my dreams, i would wake up and cry because it wasn't real life. I couldn't wait for school to start, so i could see him again.School finally started and on the first day I had to wait until the end of the day to see him. When i saw him i got butterflies in my stomach, i was so happy. I had to leave school for a week or so because of medical issues. But when i got back i changed my schedule to be in his class, even though it was below my skill level. I'm happy i get an 75 minutes with him everyday. I feel so obsessive, like if other girls are flirty i get so angry and jealous. I would never tell anyone about this. I live in a small town and if anyone ever found out about a 16 year old girl liking a 27 year old man , I'd never hear the end of it. I wish he was gorgeous so i could say i just like him because of his looks, but there's no way that's true. I know it is mean to say, but he is chubby, geeky and not my type at all. He still lives with his parents and is a total geek. I know he'd never like me back. He's talked about how creepy he thinks it is when teachers have relationships with students. On top of it a group of girls in my grade decided to start a rumor that he was a pedo. He loves his job and i know he would never risk losing it. The fact that we will never be together depresses me to an extreme extent. I cry almost every night. Not always about him but some nights i just wish he was there next to me so bad. After reading these I've decided to tell him that i love him on the last day of senior year. I know he would never love me back but i think that he should know. I hope everybody figures things out. (: ps. sorry for my bad grammar.

Wow! Your story is so moving! :')
Will you be sharing what happens after you tell him you love him?

I have a very similar cliche experiance. I got put into a welding class this year to replace math. I was very nervous going in from the start, as i have never thought of working with metals or machines. I soon felt very different, as welding became my favorite class of the day. I had the sweetest man in the world as a teacher. I pointed out to him that I skipped his class less than any others, and he said he already noticed. we always had really fun, deep conversations afterschool. I feel like we must have been friends in a past life. he makes me feel like I can do anything. I am now graduated, and only have fond memories of some sweet and romantic moments. i mis his gentle voice, and his sense of humor. I never realized until the day I graduated how much I really looked forward to seeing him everyday. I have a wonderful boyfriend now, but I can't seem to get over my feelings for this teacher. I hope one day I can appriciate him for what he is, my teacher. and less of a hot sexy sex god that i just want to ****. lol

Let me simply say this. The fact that he is fifteen years older than you is not a show stopper. There are many people who have appeared in this place who are separated by fifteen years or more in their relationships. The stickler in this, as you are probably well aware, is that he is your teacher and you are the student. Any involvement at this point could prove disasterous for his career, and it wouldn't do you a lot of good in the end either. The thing to do is to simply finish out school. Once you've graduated, the issue becomes a non-issue. If something then develops, then fine. If not, that's life. But I would submit, as someone who feels like he's older than dirt, the age gap can become an issue in the later years, but I don't want to douse your fire at this point. Just approach things with some patience and some wisdom, and who knows what might happen? Just my thoughts. Bye now. :)

i'm the same i fancy a teacher shes amazing but i'm girl which makes me a lesbo!! i really like her dunno what to do i'm not telling her cos i dont want her to find out cos it will crap mine and her friendly relationship together. i feel the same way with all the words u put about 'HIM' but i fancy my support staff member! x

i'm realyy happy tht its nt jst me who has those feelings for a sir!
its the same with me nw i'm 14 nd i really like a teacher who's in my school. Well, he nvr thaught me but he teaches french to my frnds. He ws new to my school nd my frds got tht sir to teach them French, my frnds usually used to tell me abt him. One day i nd 1of my frnd ws outside when he passed by us, my frnd smply pulled me so tht she could show him to me, the first tym i saw him..he ws nice. Nd later i used to see him everyday nd gradually i strtd to like him then i strtd to LOVE him. He's wayy cute. Nd when ever the school ends i usually see him nd he always turns back to see me

Somebody made a comment before to not let the teacher get to you. Becasue since he is older, it would be huge consequences if your district found out how far you wanted it to go.

It's great we're all supportive here, because I too am painting a colorful page of feelings for this one older teacher, and it hasn't been the first.

Call me gross, but in fourth grade, I was in love with [approximatly] 40 year old. I look back, and i'm like "Oh my dear, what was I thinking."

Now, im in highschool, and it's my foreign languages teacher. I don't know, but something about this man just triggers a pulse in my brain of happiness (Dopamine) every time I see him. The intelligence maybe?

I have two answers for this kind of love.
1.) It's because we are daring teenagers, and we want more out of life. Maybe it's becasue teens our age, (15-17) are stupid and idiotic. Mature men, teachers, are the people we see almost every day that are mature, honest, intelligent, and better than any guy our age.
2.) We could also be looking for love. My excuse was attraction and desperation for my teacher in fourth grade. In fact, I saw that same teacher (the one I liked in 4th grade who WAS about 40) and hes the same. Tall, lean, old, its aganizing to not say hi. But anyways, it's desperation for your heart. Everyones heart needs to love, so when we see a lovely figure (a teacher) we love it, and go for it.

well I've read all your stories now and I'm amazed that people feel the same way as I do! so I think it's time to share my story now......

I just turned 14 a few weeks ago and I'm in grade 8. I'm falling for my English teacher. there is a big age difference but I don't care. but... I think he likes me back. he always tries to catch my eyes and always tries to stand near me. He teases me and jokes around with me. There have been rumours that he went out with someone after they graduated. I don't know what to do. I've liked him for some time now and just realised that I actually love him.

I just want to say to everyone out there:
IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT WHO YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH. you can't help love and who you fall for. Yes they might be alot older than you, yes they might be a teacher or the same sex as you, so what? it's called love...

I'm so happy to not be alone in this, everyones stories are just like mine but I think this man might be older than all the ones spoken about here. This man is in his early 50's but believe me you. He surely didn't look like it. You would mistaken him to be in his 40's like I did. My story is still in progress but i'm going to break down what's happened so far.
This teacher I have known since the beginning of my sophomore year and it is now my junior year. He is my German teacher. He is really from Germany he came to America along time ago. He has gorgeous blue eyes, short blonde hair and he always dresses professionally, (always wearing suits, Im not going to complain he always looked extremely handsome in them) hes a very very attractive man, I believe him to be single. He doesn't have a ring on his finger and never mentioned a relationship before. Students ask him alot and I believe He said no. Anyway, I've developed feelings a month or so after I met him, hes so down to earth and he has always given me great advice about things in life, we have had some conversations of our own but nothing major. This year, everytime I see him he would smile at me and wave. He is my last period of the day which is great for me. Every morning I take the long way to pass by his classroom, he always stands outside the door holding it open like a gentlemen and says hello to certain students who would greet him. He would see me and he would instantly get a big smile on his face and wave at me. I would walk past him and say hello and be on my way. He also is in my lunch period with other teachers to watch over the lunches if fights were to start. And he would instantly have his eyes glued to me as soon as I walked in and we would make direct eye contact as I made my way to my table to sit, smiling and waving at me...we have a connection I can feel it, I'm completely in love with this man, on several occasions he has given me his jacket to wear in class because I was always cold, he always smelled amazing, everytime he smiled at me I would go weak in the knees, I would get butterflies in my stomach..if I heard his voice I would get a chill up my spin in excitement, his jackets were huge on me but I didn't mind at all, I just loved sitting there and smelling it, he smelled amazing! a few weeks ago, I was bored and so I wrote a 'love' letter for him, it
was perfect but I never planned on giving
it to him.. But I realized it was missing, I
kept it in my German folder with my work
and notes, I suspected that it got mixed
up in my work and I turned it into him on
accident..since then I have been very
distant and afraid that he would talk to
me about it and reject me.. I haven't gotten a smile her wave from him at all in the past couple days , I'm talked to a friend who told me hes probably just flattered, she used to be close with him so she knows some things about him, I was very upset on Friday after school because I couldn't take the distance anymore. But after I talked with my friend I'm much more confident. She thinks he might actually have a thing for me. When I walk through the halls he always seems to be looking around, searching for someone until he sees me and makes direct eye contact, as if asking for me to go talk to him. I gives me butterflies but I still avoided. He does flirt with me though. I'm going to flirt abit more coming Monday. I decided to let the letter incident go and continue to flirt with him. I will soon update if can on what happens in the next 2 weeks.

Wow! I'm so glad a lot of other people feel the same way I do!
I had a teacher last year... He was truly amazing. Every student loves him, because of his extrordanary ability to teach the material in a way that is comprehensible. At the first of the year, I was a little intimidated by him, so I never went out of my way to see him or make conversation. But after a couple of weeks, I got pretty comfortable around him, and we started becoming friends. As I look back on those days, I realize that nothing could compare to our seeming meaningless conversations. Something about him is different than anyone else. He isn't extremely attractive, but he is super smart and so easy to talk to. I started to actually develop feelings for him around the mid year point. I tried to convince myself it was nothing but a dumb crush and that everyone feels the same way that I do, but it didn't work. As the year went on, we just got closer. At the end of the year, I got him a present and surprisingly, he got me one too. (something he didn't do for anyone else).
Summer was horrible! We emailed quite a bit, but I couldn't bare to not see him. He made me really enjoy school. So this year, I came back and even though I have new teachers, I visit him most everyday. We always have things to talk about. Usually things relating to math, but sometimes we talk about things more personal like family or friends. This is my last year in the building, so I won't see him. I'm dreading leaving him. I never want to say goodbye. We have a relationship unlike anything I know, or will ever know. I have seen him sad, happy, mad, excited, depressed, pretty much anything you can think of. I look past his imperfections because I love him. I know we could never ever be together, and that doesn't bother me. I actually hate if any 'sexual' topics are brought up in relation to him, because I think of him more like a father. I say that, but then I get butterflies when I see him, and I feel so in love with him. He is so different than anyone I know. He's so imperfectly perfect.
He is married. I've met his wife and we are friends. I would never ever ever think of doing anything to jeapordize his career or marriage or anything. My main problem is getting over him and moving on, because I know I won't see him and I can't just live my life depressed.

Here's also one that is hopelessly fallen in love with her teacher. I'm nearly seventeen and he's about 13-15 years older than me and he only has a girlfriend, no children thank god. I really don't know what to do since this is the first time that I'm in love this deeply with someone. Oh, why it has to be my history teacher? I don't even know how I ended up falling for him. It just happened few weeks ago and since then I have had just pictures of him in my head and it's so annoying when the same pictures just keep coming back: his lovely blue eyes, his cute smile, his cute way of walking... <br />
<br />
It's very creepy how I stalk him around school. I always go in front of his class while it's break because I just want to see him. We don't talk much but when he looks at me while passing by I feel like the time stops and my heart starts racing. And afterwards that moment keeps coming back over and over in my head until something even better happens. And I even can hear when he's coming just by listening to his steps. My ears haven't mistaken him for another person ever. And my eyes are constantly searching him from the corridors and I do it without thinking!<br />
<br />
And when I'm home I just want to go back to school because he's there. It was like a pure torture when he was away couple of days and we had a replacement. I was still looking for him even when I knew that he wouldn't be there and that during those few days my eyes wouldn't find him. That nearly killed me. I missed him so much and I was just thinking about him and our past interactions. They kept replaying in my head torturing me without mercy. And when I finally saw him after he had returned I was so happy and restless for the next couple hours. I wasn't capable of listening the teaching nor was I able to concentrate properly. It was very hard not to stand up and run in front of his class. I nearly couldn't sit still. I was constantly doing something with my legs or hands or I was looking at the clock. It was very very tough. Luckily I had two of his classes afternoon so I got to stare at his perfect body, his cute smile and amazing eyes and listen to his soft voice.<br />
<br />
This is really something that I haven't felt for anyone. I have had couple of crushes but they are nothing compared to this love. I'm wise enough not to tell him at least while I'm in school but who knows what happens when I have to leave him. I don't even know what he feels for me (probably not anything romantic) but still I can't stop loving him. I don't even know if I want to because this is kinda nice to be in love like this. Of course I'm aware of the fact that I can never have him and that I just get hurt in the end but still...

I can relate totally to all of your stories. I fell in love with my teacher when I was 14. He was 17 years older than me. I was a nightmare and was totally screwed up over him because I wanted him so badly. He knew how I felt about him and things were quite awkward at school for a time, as I made my feelings quite obvious towards him. He has always been there in my heart and my mind as my first love and I will never deny how I felt about him all of those years ago, for so many years. 14 years ago I married someone else, but this guy was always there in the back of my mind. Apparently he came looking for me the summer I got married, but when he heard that I was getting married he stayed away. I have since split with my husband 3 years ago. Nobody every seemed to compare with how I felt about my first love. <br />
All of the stories I have read on here I can empathise with as I could never see a way forward or how I was ever going to get over this man. But unlike all of you 16 year olds on here, I am now 38 and I have been in a relationship with this man (the teacher) for almost 2 years now! Yes, I got my man eventually and we are very much in love. So there....a happy ending! My philosophy in life is...if you want something bad enough...go out and get it!! But wait until you have left school first, you don't want to be the reason why he is locked up!

well maybe its not love and its just that his really hot...of cousre you cant go tell him you in love with him thats crazy **** but maybe talk to him about things and dont try to get to comfortable with him his a teacher but just be normal.the fact your grades are already high i know for a fact you probaly his favourite student in the class right now!!!:)

I am 15 almost 16 and madly in love with a teacher at my school. problem is he is 47 and is married with 8 kids and is a religion teacher at my catholic school. we are super close and we talk about all kinds of personal stuff. he tells me everything and i tell him eerything. i spend an hour with him everyday after school and we talk whenever we see each other in the halls. also he makes me promise to go see him the day before holidays and the first day after them. he even turned down a job offer because i got upset that he was leaving. <br />
<br />
if he wasnt a teacher id be positive hes into me but because he is i doubt he likes me like that. hes just being nice. <br />
<br />
but i love hi and want him so bad