It Was Really Dumb...

I loved someone that didn't love me.  I didn't want to believe that he didn't feel for me what I did for him.  We were intimate friends and it all went burst when I discovered my feelings were more than platonic.  He hurt me when he told me he loved me and made me think that he was in love with me only to find out he was not.  He hurt me when he called and said he'd found someone new and wished that I would wish him the best - knowing full well that I would... It was really dumb of me to think that it didn't matter when it really did.  It was also dumb of me to let him off so easily. 

delighted26 delighted26
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2 Responses Dec 1, 2006

Dont be so hard on yrself. Been there....ive felt just like you....i blamed myself....but eventually it turned to anger at myself for being taken in my this man....then anger at him for treating me badly. Once i got to that point....i found my self esteem again and ws able to tell him exactly what i thought of him. I felt better for doing day u will get there.

I understand exactly what you mean. People should just be upfront. It hurts way more to be led on and then to later find out what someone really feels for you... I'm sorry that happened to you.