Unrequited Love, Story of My Life

Everyone I've ever 'loved' hasn't loved me.  I've been romantically attracted to many girls over the last decade or so but none of them have ever shown any signs that they have any feeling for me.  Perhaps it's my lack of ability to notice others are attracted to me.  I doubt it.  Perhaps my low self esteem is either driving others away or causing me to automatically ignore others?  I know not.  All I know is I'm 25 and never had any form of emotional connection with anyone.

There was this girl I went to school with.  We were good friends.  We had (and still have) a lot in common.  I couldn't tell her how I felt.  She found out though and said she didn't see me as more than a friend.

A couple of years ago, I met this girl in a pub, the daughter of some people I knew in there.  I was completely obsessed with her.  Her parents tried to set me up with her (as she had a habit of going out with bad guys and I the opposite) and they kept saying she really liked me.  I never got much conversation out of her myself although I'm not exactly talkative either but I believed them and kept building on the hope and how perfect she was in my eyes.  For a few weeks, my every waking moment was spent thinking about her.  I just wanted to be with her.  It was agony but then one night, the truth became apparent - she never loved me anyway.  It was as if my whole world had been imploded.  I have got over her now and indeed had a crush on other girls since but nothing as intense as that.  How fabulous it must feel to be so in love with somebody  and know they feel the same but alas I don't think I will ever experience  true love.  What would any girl want with me? 

Meanwhile, there's a lovely girl at my workplace, she's sweet and a really nice person but I recently found out she's seeing someone.  Taken, story of my life.
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I know the feeling. Not nice at all. Have you done some soul searching to know yourself a bit better? Check out the "Nice Guy Syndrome" on the net. It may give you some insights about your internal romantic image.

i know to well this story of love but not loved.<br />
i have had this myself for many years, ive really liked someone but they either take the mick and then go or they just dont see me in the love sense.<br />
i have had a crush on a guy for over 20yrs, hes 11 yrs older than me and he was married before but now hes single.<br />
i used to be friends with him his family and his ex wife an her family as we all lived in the same neighbourhood. well to cut it abit short he moved away and got divorced i was single and still spoke to his mom, he asked for me to ring him and so we got intouch after bout 4 yrs of not seeing one another.<br />
he seemed like he wanted to start a long distance relationship, he played me about so many times, and i even moved away from family and friends to live close to him.<br />
we did pick up again and we saw each other but he always says he cant love no one and doesnt want a full on relationship.<br />
so i understand that even though i have put up barriers for most of my life cuz men have treated me bad, i still yet am to experience the real meaning of love.