I Tryed Everything to Show Her My Love.

Im probely just some hopeless romantic teenager, but ive been like that for over 2 years now for one person. Sence the day i meat her i have always had a crush on her. I have known her for over 2 years, its been at least 5. But it was a little over 2 years ago when i told her how i felt about her. And at that time she said she felt the same. Well later she told me she only said she really loved me because she was thinking of someone else. I brought that up here recently to her and she said she was confused at the time, and i dont know what to make out of that. Even after she told me that we stayed friends and ive always been there for her and i will always be there for her. I even lied to her twice her recently about how i feel about her so she could be happy in the relachionship she was in even tho i thought he was a *******. Which he turend out to be. Even after she crushed my heart when she told me she was thinking of someone else when she said she loved me, i still love her. Any sain person probely wouldnt but i dont know why i still do. I have never cryed over anyother relachionship but i have cryed many of nights over her and im not afrade to admit it. But honestly after all of that how can i even hold the littlest bit of hope that she still might have the smallest amount of feeling for me. I dont no, but i will hold on that that hope untill the day i die.
takeawildguess takeawildguess
18-21, M
1 Response Apr 1, 2007

you are such a great guy..i really admire you..keep being an honest person....you will win her heart or you will meet your true love one day...believe me....m a girl and m looking for a patient guy who can find the key to open my tough heart......so if you truely love a gril, u have to show all your commitment...