"All That I Need, All That I Breathe, All That I Care For Is You!..."

This happened last saturday from the date of this writing. It was our team building. The fictional character was there. I was thinking our overnight in the beach would be fun. Everybody will be having fun. And so I was so excited. I packed my things, left my boarding house and went to the meeting place of the team.

 It was already 18:00 hours and we were still waiting for the other team members. The fictional character was already hungry. And so, again, went to a donut store to buy a something for the fictional character to eat. The fictional character was obviously hungry. A mere but pale reply of "im touched" was heard by the author of the fictional character.

And so the team arrived at the beach. Dinner was served.

After dinner, the guys went off to buy liquor. And after a couple of hours, the fictional character was drunk. So drunk that he can't stand on his feet. He was so smelly because of the chicken he ate with his bare hands. My team mates said that I should accompany him to the restroom. And so I offered to accompany him to the restroom since he (fictional character) is not even capable of walking.

But what the author of the fictional character got was a reaction on his face that would obviously mean "eeew, i dont want to go with this person, he might take lusftul advances on me". he was like detesting the author. he was like "stay away from me or else..". the author was almost going to melt down because of the reaction he got from the fictional character. the author felt like he was insulted. needless to say, the author was genuine, true and morally upright in his actions. the author has no intentions of taking advantage of the situation. the author simply cares a lot for his fictional character. the author does not want to see the fictional character in pain and in distress.

 And so the the fictional character and the author went to the restroom, the author was like a fool following a drunk person. the fictional character was shouting "act like a man, please" while pushing the author away. the author continued to assist the fictional character. tears are about to fell on the tears of the author. people are already staring at them.

The fictional character washed his hands and his face. The author wiped it with his towel.

Going back to their cottage, the author was still assisting the fictional character. The fictional character almost fell to a group of boys sitting on the sand. The author grabbed the fictional character. Luckily, the fictional character did not fall. After regaining his posture, the fictional character, shouted in his loud voice, "you're over acting!". their team mates heard it. insulted, exhausted, hurt and about to cry, the author felt as if he just heard someone else's voice, not of the fictional character.

Dawn came, the air was already bitter cold. The fictional character fell asleep. He did not have any blanket to protect him from the cold breeze of the sea. The author removed his sarong and placed it on the fictional character to keep him warm even though it would mean the author would be the one who'll suffer from the cold breeeze.

Morning came and the author prepared breakfast. All in the team ate, except for the fictional character. What is he trying to imply? Why is it that he did not eat the sandwhich? Is it because it was the author who made it?

The author went off the beach, stayed on the sand and involuntarily and tears fell down from his eyes.:(

agent19028 agent19028
18-21, M
Apr 1, 2007