I Shall Always Remember You.... But I Won't Miss You.

we don't see each other anymore... we don't talk anymore.. i don't even remember when was d last time we laughed together, or u shared ur problem n i consoled u... i don't remember it... but, i do remember you... i remember all those little moments we had which r now sweet memories.. that's all that's left. but there r also d bitter memories- given by d same you.
when i think of you, it all flashes back... from d pleasant start to d unexpected end.
d pain tells me to forget u, to burn all dose gifts u gave, to burn every picture of u, n move on.. but i cant.
how can u burn a piece of your heart? how can u delete a part of your life? how can u throw away a memory from your brain?
it cant b done.
i guess when i had said "we r inseparable" i literally meant it.
u can't erase something that's engraved on a stone... u might turn ur head around n try not to look at it... but it will still b there.. n it will always stay there as it was...forever.
n so will u; in my memories.. all the good ones and the bad ones... which will always remind me of how wonderful we were.. n how u changed, n how u blew it all away... i'l always remember u, to remind me of d mistake that i made by choosing u, to remind me of all that time i wasted on u blindly believing in d illusion of love.
i don't want to love anyone else... I've loved once... n dat will b d last.
i'll always miss d girl i loved... but i wont miss you. coz you, are not dat person now. she's gone.
i miss her.. not you.

yes i'll remember you... but i won't miss you.
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IIt is sad that people will not stay interested and try as hard to stay in something forever, than to think the grass is greener on the other side. I know my soon to be ex will never find anyone who loved him and will take care of him like I did, and he will beat himself up the rest of his life for it. He broke my trust, and he never invested in US. Money was far more important, he may have his money, but he will be regretful and lonely, and this is KARMA. I was the best thing that ever happened to that man, and I know it. My heart is broken by him, and I feel sorry for him, how sick is that?

what goes around, comes around.
one day he's gonna b heartbroken too, n he wont have no one by him. All he could do is sit n cry for all d mistakes that he had made, but even that wouldn't bring him back the person who once loved him with all their heart.

WOW..it seems like my story..!!

Wow That Reminds Me Of Me And My Ex:(

i read your experience.....i can understand how will one feel when any1 betrays or cheat you...i want to tell you that you will get and can face each and every situation becoz the situation you had gone through is the worst one.....but the one who break your heart...she will learn many things by her life only when her lyf take a turn...

ur right.. she's just naive.. she aint mature enough to understand the value of true love..
well, its not sunny al d d tym! n wen it'l get dark n lonely, she'll probably understand what she has lost... but sadly i wont b around by then.

I know exactly what u mean, haha I'm in the same boat, except that after several year we r talking again. Yet I'm married and yeah he is not the same. I really hope that time help me out with this pain. My heart can't take it anymore. It just so hard to move on when he is still in your heart. On the other side I truly love the idea he exist and that we talk even though nothing is the same. I miss so much just watch cartoons with him, being their listening to all his conversations. Hugging him just there.

thank u 4 understanding :)
wat m wondering though is, how can u get married to someone else when ur heart still loves him.. because me, i cant love again, n marriage is out of question... so m juz curious why did u get married.. n r u happy after d marriage?

You, why did I get married is kind a confusing story. I left the love of my life for a stupid reason I didn't give him the chance to show me how much he loved me, I was always afraid for him to break my heart. Lol stupid cause after so many years I can't forget him. Yeah I got mArried in the time I was very depressed that the person I married was a wonderful help in my life. If I'm happy well it has been very hard living with someone you don't love. But I guess I have survive just because he has stayed with me eventhough I have ask him to leave me alone. I guess I was lucky cause he took me when I was 5 month prego, yeah my son was not his but he took it as his. He always knew that so that was clear off. Six years past before an oops happen and I came out prego again my baby is 7 month and even though I know kids are not exactly the reason to continue married I'm stuck again. But believe me that as soon as I have a chance to leave my husband I will and not because I'm talking to the love of my life but because I really not happy. At the end I guess if in the future I see him{My love} I would really try to be with him again. Cause I miss him. deep in my heart I know he feels the same way. Obviously he makes sure to have his guard up.

Hey read this still not overmy ex boyfriend after 10 years there is someone calle never2late and that she married her first love 24 years after you have to read the story I think is lovely. I would love that it could happen to me.

I still remember this guy that i used to love but i dont miss him at all. You are not alone. Best wishes !

thanks :)