So Sad

i had a boyfriend for 7 months and 1 day i txt him "i love you"... he replied back "i'm not sure anymore"

how did his love for me just die like that? i'm still in love with him... he wants to be friends so i'm going to try that... i think so far we're doing ok with that.

unrequited love sucks

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Yeah I too, think you shouldn't be friends

I am in the same situation as you are in,., but being friends with him just makes it more difficult for you to move on,., i have that same problem with my ex. I'll be writing a story about that soon and you can read it,., I'm trying too hard to be friends with him, but the more I do that, the more I get drawn to him again and it takes a lo of time for me to move on and stop loving him,.,

I agree I tried to for 3 weeks and it hurt like hell I eventually told him it was too painful and that I couldn't just pop round for coffee to his place 1. because I couldn't bare the fact that he wouldn't kiss me the same way or make love again with me where we always had and it might be with someone and I would never come round unless he asked . I have never heard from him since that was 2 days ago and he knew my father was very ill. So thought he may have even asked how he was but nope nothing trust me you are going to give yourself a lot of pain if you continue as friends because you will always be wanting more

Don't be friends with him. At least not right now. I have stayed friends with some of my ex boyfriends but I only ended having my heart broken again since I never got over them.

the worst thing is loving someone who use to love you<br />
listen to this song on you tube its called<br />
who am i to say by hope.