Will I Ever Get A Chance?

I don't care who reads my stories, or who thinks I am crazy.  I know I'm not.  My feelings are so strong for him.  I cannot help it.  I have never wanted to meet another person more in my life.  The one I cherish and adore.  The one with the simple smile and the kind eyes.  The one whose voice wakes up my spirit with joy and happiness.  When I'm having a bad day I just see his face, and it may not take away the pain or problems, but at least temporarily I wear a grin.  I can only imagine being in his presence. He seems so cool and down to earth.  Maybe he is, maybe he is not.  I love him, but only on my own. He's in another relationship now.  My best friend tells me not to stress it because he had other girlfriends before I was even aware of his existence. My best friend is absolutely right.  Maybe there is still a chance for my dreams.  I thought once I discovered him that I had at once found my soul mate.  But it was only a one-sided romance.  Who knows what life has in store.  I hope I can still be graced with his presence. I simply love him more than I can even comprehend myself.  I just feel this connection between us. Or one that could exist instantly. I pray with all my heart that I can at least meet the one who has lit up my world for months now.
minnieadams minnieadams
26-30, F
Apr 20, 2012