Story of My Life

This always happens to me. I can't explain why....and it's not necessarily always with someone unattainable. That's what kills me...someone close, who I share everything with, yet we don't share the one thing that I most long to experience...

I've been in love with this girl for almost a year. It's driving me nuts, and I can't stand it. I almost don't even  want to be her friend anymore because I'm sick of hearing about who she likes and her crushes, etc.

Now she's dating this guy and the way she talks about him makes me want to die. I won't, of course...I'll somehow find a way to deal. But's gone on for too long...I might have to accept it and completely cut off all relations with her. I can't take this.

silentlullaby silentlullaby
1 Response May 20, 2008

Does she know u love her? I have been there I think u need distance yourself.