I've Never Come So Close to Hating Someone...

We dated for two years, and she was my everything. My love, my fiance, my baby. She was my angel. But then what happens? It starts with, "You're calling too much..." and "I don't want to talk right now...", and eventually it ended with, "It's over." And just to add insult to injury, she left me for a guy. A GUY!!!! ******* bastard fuckhole. No, you know what? I feel bad for him, because now he's with an over-emotional, hot-tempered, back-stabbing, lying ***** that can never truly love anyone but herself.

Good luck to you, man, you're gonna need it.

*Just to clear some things up, I'm a female. Yes, I'm a lesbian and I was in a lesbian relationship. That's why it hurts a bit more knowing that she left me for a guy. It's like... I turned her straight or something.

Pan Pan
1 Response Apr 6, 2007

right now, that ***** deserves nothing more than for you to be angry at her. If you did nothing wrong then take solice in the fact that she is all the bad things you expereinced and you are better off without her but don't let it destroy your humanity. Be the good man, and don't get back with her if she comes running. swallow yourself up in a hobby that had nothing to do with her (something new if you need to) and let time heal you. it's cliched but true.