Hears What I Did

I have another story on here exsplaing everything that this one will be about. But i said i was in love with someone who dosent love me the same way, and it could never happen anyway. But i wrote a note to her exsplaning everthing but im probely not going to give it to her unless i get really drunk one day, if she finds it some how, or if i just give it to her (which i doute i will). But i wrote it all down just as a way to get it out, so im not just holding it in or typeing it on here for someone to read it on a screan. Im not trying to talk bad about this site, because i really like this sit. But its just diffrent. Just to put it in real words on regular paper.
takeawildguess takeawildguess
18-21, M
Apr 7, 2007