Better To Have Loved Than To Have Lost?

I agree with having loved but losing equally sucks as well. If not more. At this point, knowing a lot of other people have undergone heartbreak, still doesn't ease my pain or make me feel any better than what has happened.

Ever found a soulmate? Only to lose them later?....Yeah. That happened and let me tell you, it's devastating. And I'm not talking about any soulmate but THE SOULMATE.

I felt things I had never felt before, it was an amazing, scary but lovely experience within itself. I had a sort of telepathic, psychic connection. I didn't even know him and I loved him. I could just FEEL him and even when we were together, I couldn't tell where I started and he ended. I just felt LOVE and I felt like ONE. I was happy, more than I've ever been I guess and it was all just because I had these unexplainable feelings. You may say I'm crazy and I would say so too, only thing is you'd have to experience it and be in my shoes to understand. It's more than just another lover or someone you care for deeply. It surpasses time and feels so right?

Yeah, only downfall and craziest thing about it, is I didn't KNOW him. Like really. I met him randomly when I was with someone else and only got together with him to help ease the pain of a prior relationship. It was purely physical for months, close to a year. And let me tell you, as bad as this sounds, I am not one to cling or hold on. I usually don't even let myself get emotionally involved, I am good at just going with the flow. I can say I had never been in love until now. And it isn't first time love either. Thing is, I can only speak for myself because he wasn't ready. Or so I've been told ( yes, I've asked) We WERE soulmates. I always wondered why we stayed together for so long and kept coming back to each other, I always wondered why I didn't just leave and never look back.

He found someone who I guess he loves. He never opened up to me or was too scared. I guess we weren't on the same path and not meant on this path, cuz if we would have been, we'd be together. I had no choice but to leave him, I knew "in my heart of hearts" he wasn't invested in me as I had really wanted and truly deserve. He had a lot of learning and like that whitney song goes "If I should stay, I'd be only in your way. So I'll go but I'll think of you every step of the way."...

Although I really don't want to, I wish him the best and hope time heals me. Maybe someday, we'll get it right, in another lifetime maybe?
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2 Responses May 5, 2012

This sounds so much like me. I feel relieved to read your post. I agree knowing that others have gone through it doesnt make it any better. My ex tried to tell me Im making too much of a big deal out of our break up. He said hes been through it and never acted like that...HUH ????

Maybe it just hasn't hit him hard enough; I've been through them too and none of them have been this bad. I usually accepted it and moved on. I'm glad it had some benefit to you.

all i can say is i can completely relate myself with u .....we never get over people.. there is no such thing called "get over" doesnt exits...we love them through out our lifes...we jst learn to handle it..take care of urself.

thank you.