Loving Someone I Don't Know

I met this guy on Facebook. I read all his status and all he writes in his timeline is all about love. I fell in love with his words and he's my ideal man. The problem is: i haven't met him, seen him, he's too far away, and i don't know really if i'm falling in love with him. We chatted a little bit and i felt excited and the whole time i was smiling. Every time i read all of his writing, i have this weird feeling stirring inside of me. If i am really falling in love, i just want to ask why? Why did i fall in love with a guy over the internet? Back then i used to brag about how i hate guys who courts girls through texts, emails, chat and anything that is through the internet. But, why now? Why am i feeling this? what do i do?
sheerota sheerota
13-15, F
2 Responses May 6, 2012

Don't fall for the trick...it gets EVERYONE! One way or another! Believe me it happened to me and selfish I did it to others! It's just a game! #truthwouldsetyoufree!

Happens to me .<br />
Only time can say what is going to happen