I Stil Do.

Writers Note!!! The "Kristy" saga is over. We no longer have contact and that's fine with me. I have other concerns. This story will remain here so  you can know you're not alone.

2 people meet and friendship grows. They become close friends, share secrets and talk about everything. 2 years after they meet, they guy realises he's in love with the girl. He tells her, and sadly, she says her love is only platonic. He says it doesnt matter because love gives and doesnt expect to recieve. He said he'll support her every decision and always be there for her no matter what. At the moment, they are stil very close friends. That guy, is me.
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Let me tell you that you will meet and marry someone completely different that you dont even know at this point. Stats prove that 90% of people will marry in their lifetime - you have wonderful opportunities ahead my friend. As I have about 20 yrs on you I can speak from my age and looking on Facebook at the girls I once adored. Believe me I feel very little for them now. I met my wife when I was 27 just out of the blue and here we are 14 yrs on. Imagine your 40 yr old self coming into your room and talking to you - what would he tell you to do with your life and how to enjoy it. You cannot have the years back that pass but the future can be a great place full of hope and surprise. Just because you havent met Ms. Right does not mean that you wont. I had many friends that had g/f before me and sadly a lot of them (at least 5) are now single and in their 40's and probably envy me. I hope for you the best and a nice girl to share your life with. All the best.

Things have changed abit since posting here. But I'm stil lonely. I'll take your word for it though, cos only the stupid ignore the words of the wise, but it is a very awful feeling being lonely

Hey DGSteele - thanks for your reply. I find on this forum that many people don't take the time to reply or acknowledge. Thank you for being one of the ones that does. Pls keep us informed and we look forward to sharing the joy of your search and when u meet your soul mate. Cheers.

I feel so sorry for you guys. The pain of unrequited love is just awful. I hope you all find someone who loves you the way you need to be loved.

Thanks. I hope so too. Really.

This is the exact same thing that has happend to me over a week ago there is nothing worse feeling knowing she doesn't feel the same

While your going mad about her. It feels awful

I don't everything for her I have her a grand for her birthday but she just decides to lead me on and then rips my heart out

You're describing my exact situation... I made the decision a little while ago to be the best friend a guy can be, even to the extent where I give her the courage to ask out the person she likes because she doesn't love me back. It's the hardest thing I've ever done trying to ignore these feelings... Here if you feel the need to talk.

She's going through a depressive patch right now and I offered my help 24/7 but she studies 300kilometers away and only comes home every odd weekend. But yea.

It's always infuriating helping a person out and being there 24/7 for them... I get through it by remembering her smile!