Worst Guy Alive

everything was going great when we first met. we talked for twelve hours on our first date. he took me to diner and we went back to my house to continue talking. it was a great night and it came to an end so i took him home.from that day on it seemed amazing. little did i know i was wrong... i got pregnant by him again cuz i loved him and i thought we could have a life together.instead this whole time he had other girls and men he was madly in love with. i have a beautiful baby girl and i dont regret that. i do regret having her with him. i recently found out that he is a crossdresser, a bi sexual, and a child molester!!!!!!!!!!! afterall of this i still love him the way i did a year ago.
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1 Response May 8, 2012

Some guys are just, ugh. I have a friend like that. Multiple girls. But the fact is you, as you said, have a lovely baby girl. Sometimes you land up loving someone regardless of what they do. I know from personal experience.