Am Still Brokenhearted

I loved & still love someone that does not love me let alone have any feelings for me. He played me like a puppet. It has been almost a year now, & i am still depressed. I have a child with this person. He has nothing to do with his child. Only when he feels like it which is like once a month. Lucky to even be that much. He is in a serious relationship at the moment, but still see's other girls this i know for a fact. The person he is in a serious relationship with is also pregnant at the moment. Which broke my heart when he text and told me while laughing because at the end of the text it read "LOL". I dont know how to forget him, or how to get over him. I wish i did not have these feelings. But i do and i cant get rid of them. I think about him everyday, every second of the day. I cry because i cant help but imagine how happy he is and what hes doing with his happy life. Im so depressed, and i hate feeling like this.
shybutkind shybutkind
26-30, F
1 Response May 9, 2012

My heart goes out to you. The hardest thing is having so much anger towards someone and yet feeling affection. The person I liked that broke my heart and she is in a relationship now and happy, while I'm still alone. Seems very unfair. The key is to endure I suppose and try to use all the negativity towards someone and use it towards positive ends.