My Bffs Dated Them!!!!!

I love him. His name is Ben S. We met at the beginning of 6 grade in choir when we had speaking parts together on a big performance. He was A " curious little elephants child". I was "bi-colored python rock snake". I 'saved' him from being eaten by a crocodile. That is apparently how the elephant got it's long nose. By being pulled and pulled by the alligator. He always looked at me with what I thought was affection when he said " thank you bi-colored python rock snake!" in a high voice. That's when I realized that I loved him. When I saw him or someone talked about him I always blushed. Alas he had a girlfriend who turned out to be one of my bffs at the time frOm which she never told me that they were dating. Her name is Monica. He has an identically twin brother Who is my locker neighbor. One of my other bffs Mika admitted to me that the twins asked her out and she said no to both of them. She didn't know I liked them at the time but I told her like the day after she told me they asked her out. 3 months later she dates Blane and Some 8 grader or 7 grader. The thing is she knew I liked them and that I was going to talk to one of them the next week. I disbursed that she was dating Blane till the next week right before I would talk to Blane. It made me so mad. We are still in 6 grade but it is now ending. And to think Mika just went in there and pluCked Blane like a feather when she new I liked him and Ben and that I wouldn't be at this school next year but I still wanted to have some memorieS of Ben or Blane. Now I had to watch Mika, Monica sitting next to Ben and Blane with Bens best frIend Cameron off to the side and one of Monicas friends off to the other side. They were sitting on a couch and some chairs But they kept giggling and talking quietly together. All this I watched in the library during lunch time.

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My name is Maria. I wantEd my name on here to be heavyhearted but it was taken.