She Did Work

in lingerie department store and I went there often pretending I need new bra or panties so I can see her again.
I did get crush on her, she was so pretty and her body so small but beautifull.
I feel I in love with her but how can I tell her, I can not.
Last time I went shopping there I asked her to help me to fit bra on me, she did come with me inside fitting room, she help me to fit bra and accidentaly she touch my breast and I felt so aroused and I felt I wanted to start kissing her but I didnt.
When I got back home I *********** imagining I kissing her and she kiss my breasts..
Now I afraid to go back because I afraid I make fool of myself in front of her and her work friends there.
I want to tell her I love her and I lesbian but I can not say it, I afraid she rejecting me
diancantik diancantik
26-30, F
3 Responses May 12, 2012

then treat her with a spa. pretending you have this spa voucher for two. and you don't know who to go with. keep us posted

Yes, good idea, I maybe will invite her to spa

Maybe I will.<br />
I feel strong for her but I afraid she not welcome my advances

U should try your luck! Ask her out for lunch or drinks and get her number. Who knows.