Why Did He Leave Me

He was my best friend, he took me everywhere w/him. I thought our bond was so strong. He said i was his princess....why did my father leave me..i was only 12???
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... I do not have an answer for this...

did he leave ,leave you or did the good lord take him??

he left...has a new family now

Children have the ability to blame thenselves for any bad thing that happens. He was an adult and is responcible for his own actions.

Thank you for saying that, but the truth is that it is my fault :-(

I understand the pain. There is no easy answer except that we know the problem was with himself and not with you. Hearing this does not make the separation easier. However, it should limit you from blaming yourself and searching for an answer for which you will be shooting in the dark. The only one that can answer the question is him and shooting in the dark to determine your own answer will drive you crazy.<br />
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