My Heart, His Foot Stool

Something in my heart and body will not let him go. I've tried everything except having sex randomly and drugs to cure this romantic infection. Even though it is quite obvious he will never feel the same about me, its just my hear just does not get it.  I tried making a friendship again after a dramatic end of a emotional roller coaster ride. Things started off basic then he starts throwing compliments that made old feelings return. In order to protect myself I had to ask if they were friendly kind compliments or hints of something more. But never the less it was just his old games again, kind friendly compliments. I would love to maintain some sort of relationship with him but I can't. I think its best if I keep to myself and avoid him at all cost... I'm sorry
DaJerniFloz DaJerniFloz
18-21, F
May 15, 2012