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Why She Doesn,t Understand

Life Becomes very uguly when your happiness depends upon someones doing, most of the time you will get unwanted tensions,but the unwamted happiness which u got in atio of 1 in 100 times makes it oshum,
I had told her every thing,i ma=ean that i like her,but she wants to be only friend.i dont know why??
though i am not so good looking for her.but noewm what can i do, i am not in controle of myself
mepratik mepratik 18-21, M 2 Responses May 19, 2012

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But what if you start questioming from your self....<br />
you know what to do ,but you dont do it...<br />
i really like her,but she wana to be friend with me..

I feel for you. You have to let your happiness come from yourself and not ba<x>se it on other people. Trust me, I know how hard this can be. You need time to get yourself together and figure out what you want and let go of this person who hurt you.